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For your personal success information that you really need and sustained engagement with the Federal Ministry of Education as a partner: The state-sponsored publisher publishes AI-supported print/online Books, Magazine, eCourses & Job Offers out - with over 20 years of corporate publishing experience and customers like Samsung, DELL, Telekom or universities. behind it Simone Janson, German Top 10 blogger, referenced in ARD, FAZ, ZEIT, WELT, Wikipedia.

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We know that every individual and every company faces individual challenges. That's why we take the time to listen to our clients' needs and develop customized solutions that fit their unique circumstances. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions and take control of your brand message. Here you will find some press and customer comments about the publisher. More under References and Press.

[…] easy-to-implement tips on how to reach your goal with less effort makes life easier.

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She also runs the blog, which is one of the most widely read blogs on the subject of work, education and careers in Germany.


Your great Best of HR-Berufebilder blog has been with me for years.

Dr. Margrit Bielmeier, MB HR CONSULTING

Thanks for the great seminar. We loved it. They were optimally adapted to our needs and could open our eyes in many ways!

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High reach, target group-specific address: State-sponsored publisher, print and online for over 20 years, Events and celebrities like Barack Obama, customers including Samsung Telekom OTTO Dell medical associations universities, partners Federal Ministry of Education, AI solutions & Editions as desired or as tailor-made Corporate Publishing Solutions with social media accompaniment; Numbers, channels, reference examples in the Media-Kit..

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Studies show that (B)leisure trips are attractive for many because of the high leisure value and low costs, in order to relax and recharge their batteries with exciting activities, while companies can provide targeted incentives here. Our magazines, the Print and online im Distribution network with the 500+ publications of the publisher appear, present suitable offers and also reach their readers via trade fair partners such as the ITB, tourism associations or subscribers.

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500+ book titles on job and business with unique on-demand concept: readers can content as desired assemble yourself. The publishing house was state-supported and repeated in the Trade press received, the Federal Ministry of Education is a partner. It was preceded, among other things, by the FAZ praised in multiple languages Translated Top 10 Best Sellers”The 110% lie” and the title “Executive Health” with a foreword by Father Anselm Grün.

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The publisher offers books in German and English on careers and jobs for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the subject. Education, success, recruiting, management, finance, self-help at the shop – uniform for only €7,99.

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    Data protection in companies: Non-compliance does not protect against punishment!

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    Business start-up insolvency & restart for companies

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    New work & digital work: waking up German managers!

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Whether in the Magazine or in Social Media, with celebrities like Barack Obama or Gerhard Schröder: Your events will make a big impact and are guaranteed to find exactly the right target group. The event partners include Zukunft Personal, ITB and ZEIT-Verlag.