Jobs are always read from two perspectives: the Company– as well as applicant perspective. Since this form of text represents the interface between the two groups, it must be both correctly written and correctly read.
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The 2 sides of a job advertisement

Job advertisements always have two sides: companies summarize all the requirements of the job in them Candidate together and show what they have to offer as an employer; with the Objectiveto win the right candidate for you.

Applicants are given an important insight into the company, which makes it easier for them to find themselves as the most attractive employer.

Intersection of applicants and companies

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At the same time, the job advertisement allows the applicant to compare their personal qualifications and Power with the advertised position and thus the opportunity to find the right position. Because behind one and the same job title, completely different job profiles and working conditions can hide, depending on the company.

The job advertisement is thus used to determine the greatest possible intersection between the applicant and the employer, so that in the ideal case the appropriate counterparts can be found at the end. For this reason, it is essential for companies like Jobuchende to be able to write and read jobs correctly.

1. The job advertisement from the company's point of view

The job advertisement is one of the most important linchpins in a company's trainee marketing. An attractive job advertisement will always be clicked on - even if you provide students with additional images and videos. Surprisingly, the optics are less convincing than the content - information content and authenticity are the top priorities. In order to accommodate all important content on a small scale, the first offer itself Orientation the classic WAsk to:

Content is king

First of all, it is important that the job advertisement is visually appealing and clearly presented. Ie it needs a meaningful Combination of continuous text and list items. Job advertisements with mostly continuous text and no paragraphs are very difficult to read. The content of the text must be meaningful, with attractive descriptions of the company (values, philosophy...) and the training content.

Because not only professionals, but also students want information about salary, further training opportunities or possible incentives. And a personal address appeals to students better than an overly formal address: “You just graduated from high school?” is better than “We are expecting a high school diploma”. Also specific information Vocational Training should be mentioned: How high is the remuneration or what are the chances of being hired after the training?

The 6 most common mistakes to avoid

  1. too much flow text
  2. place too high demands on the applicant
  3. Use of internal terminology
  4. incorrectly chosen titles - for example without the term “training”
  5. Too short job advertisements - that is not meaningful and seems uninteresting
  6. Company services and services for the employee

2. The job advertisement from applicant view

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After a company has published the job advertisement, the "work" begins for all job seekers - because there are a few things to consider when reading a job advertisement. Straight Boy Applicants are condensed with the information and requirements fast overburdened.

This is because companies always describe their wish candidates and qualification profiles are quickly utopian. So, if you have a real interest in the company and the company, you should not be deterred by the requirements in the job posting.

The difference between “must” and “can”

The most important point in advance: None Candidate must match the above criteria 100 percent! An example: soft skills are often very subjective and can be learned and improved quickly in everyday working life. Applicants should therefore distinguish between important and unimportant requirements. This is possible if you are aware of the “must and can criteria”:

“Must criteria”

They are compulsory for an appointment, applicants should bring these requirements in any case. This usually includes graduation or professional skills. They are often described as follows:

Got to

“Can Criteria”

They are desires that companies make to their potential candidates. These are requirements that are beneficial to the position but do not necessarily have to exist, such as practical experience. Applicants recognize “optional criteria” for example by the following formulations:


Ultimately, it is important for applicants to realistically compare their strengths and abilities with the claims listed in the job advertisement. Anyone who meets the must-have requirements and in addition has one or the other optional criterion, should definitely use one Application try.

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