Dreamstudienplatz selected, advertised - and rejected. This happens to many students in spe today. But it does not always mean that you have to bury your dream right away: sometimes a placement plea help.


Why can a trial plaint be useful?

With double the Abitur years and more and more professions that require a degree, the number of is increasing at the same time Candidate from semester to semester, so that many universities are tightening their admission requirements and application procedures in order to cope with the rush.

The numerus clausus often becomes the central application hurdle against which Commitment and talent does not arrive in many places. But there are also special entrance tests and individual requirements that differ depending on the university, which make things difficult for applicants.

The study plaintiff procedure and costs

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Who despite all the hurdles fast If you want to start your desired course of study, in many cases your only option is to file a lawsuit. If you inform yourself early enough, the judicial procedure offers a real chance of getting the desired place at the university, despite the rejection notice.

A study place suit is based on the fundamental right to free Career choice. Universities are obliged to make full use of the resources available to them. So as many study places as possible have to be offered.

What can the court do?

In order to determine the extent of the capacity of the higher education institutions, specific computations on the training capacity are carried out each year. These calculations are examined in a study place plaintiff.

If the court finds that the funds of the university permit the establishment of further study places, these places will be awarded to the applicants or raffled.

4 Tips on Study Placement

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Relaxed and carefree studieren, for many German university applicants today this is a dream that has moved far into the future.

While it has always been very difficult to get a place to study in medical subjects, it has been difficult to start studying in the humanities, especially since the introduction of the Bachelor's and Master's programs in the fields of human sciences.

1. How to complain best?

In order to sue his study place, one should turn to a specialized law firm as early as possible and explore its possibilities. This is because the universities have different deadlines for the submission of special applications to study places outside the fixed capacities.

The way food is Financing of the lawsuit should be clarified in advance. The Costs for a university place suit are based on various criteria, for example whether you are suing for a bachelor's or master's degree.

2. What are the chances of a placement plaintiff?

A procedure for a bachelor's place of study usually amounts to 1000 to 1500 Euro. A more accurate cost assessment and financing options, such as legal protection insurance, should be discussed in advance with the lawyer.

The odds up Success are strongly dependent on the desired subject and the selected university. In order to assess them precisely, comprehensive advice from the lawyers of the commissioned law firm is necessary.

3. Where does the lawsuit promise the most success?

Current information about ongoing procedures as well as collected data and empirical values ​​help decide, at which universities a lawsuit promises success.

Knowledge of the competent administrative courts also helps to assess how the procedure will proceed and how long the plaintiff will have to wait decision have to wait.

4. Inform yourself in time

Those who start early enough to obtain information about a potential study placement and seek advice from a law firm specializing in the procedure can usually assess costs and opportunities very well.

Thus, the study plaque offers many applicants a direct route to the wish study, passing through application hurdles such as NC and waiting semester.

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