If a child is interested in a Job stated, it used to be the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they took up this profession. This is usually no longer the case today. But far too often parents have a say in career choices.

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The influence of parents on career choice

Parents have a great influence on how their children are raised. You can teach your children, give them advice, or even force them to do certain things. When parents in the Future her child invest, this can be both positive and negative affect their child's life.

A positive example is when parents encourage their child to quit school rather than dropping out. Another example is when parents spend time with their children instead of working all day. It is difficult, however, when parents want to impose their own ideas on their children.

When parents exert pressure instead of allowing development

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It is not uncommon for senior high school students to be pressured by parents and teachers to go to college, even if they feel that their true passion is going in an entirely different direction. This can leave students feeling like they have missed a valuable opportunity to explore their passions.

With some People leads this pressure from Family and Society zu Stress and depression. Others drop out because they don't want to do what others think is best for them.

In Parents' Footsteps: The Weight of Family Tradition

And then there's that group of adults who Choicewhat they want to do professionally is simply accepted. This happens when parents not only influence their children's decisions, but also expect their children to follow in their footsteps. For example, because there is already one Companys there is that the children should continue or a certain family tradition.

And even if the parents don't specifically ask for it, it's not always possible to stop the children from doing so. Parents always have an indirect influence on their children's professional careers, for example through theirs Education and their values, which they pass on to the next generation.

How parents can support their children in choosing a career

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The fact is, sometimes parents get in the way of their children's career choices. Maybe they want them to go down a certain path, or they may push their child to become something they don't want. But sometimes parents can actually help their kids, and it all starts with a simple one Conversation. Conversely, children who trust the life experience of their parents can turn the career opportunities offered to them into successes.

In order to do this, it is important for the parents to find out what interests the child, have them ask for advice or simply listen to what they want. Only then can parents play an important role in influencing their children's careers.

Children's Psychology: The Problem of Unrealistic Expectations

As a child, you always want to please your parents. After all, they are usually the ones who support you when no one else is around. They are the ones who teach you how to walk and talk. And they are the ones who give you their own values ​​and beliefs when it comes to Education, career choice and life in general.

But what if the parents' expectations are not realistic? What if this makes children feel that their potential is not being seen or that they feel compelled to make certain decisions?

Career choice: what parents and children can do better

Parents should understand how best to help their children not to follow in their footsteps but to make their own career choices. This also includes reflecting on your own desires and Set. Parents may also want a child to follow in their footsteps because they failed to achieve certain goals themselves.

Children, on the other hand, should Courage have the freedom to go their own way, even if this leads to short-term or possibly long-term conflicts with the parents. Like Pietro Zanni from Ferra in Italy, who first followed his father's example and then decided quite differently. Today he is significantly happier with his choice.

Too young to make the right career choice

"If jung is and opt for a profession decide you're actually still too young to know what you want," says Pietro. It was precisely for this reason that he first started studying law studieren. "My father is a lawyer," he says, shrugging.

He never liked the subject, but he pursued it for a few semesters. But then it broke off. In 1998 he got the Ideato open a bed and breakfast. With the Money From his parents he bought a cassero from the 15th century in the Jewish quarter of Ferrara - a design that was typical of the historic city center of Ferrara up to the 19th century.

Thanks to the Internet on my own two feet

He lovingly renovated the house himself for a year, and in 2000 the Bed and Breakfast Le Stanze di Torcicoda was opened. His sister Valentina, who studied architecture, has also been helping him since 2011.

"Back then there were only a few BundB, now it's a real trend in Italy," she tells me. In order to stand out from the competition, the two are also increasingly relying on that Internet as a Marketing-Instrument. It is precisely because of numerous positive reviews that they have become known in the area.

Children have to gather their own experiences

In the end, children always have to gain their own experiences and no amount of advice from their parents, no matter how good, can save them from failure. Pietro also stated: “People always think that a BundB is an easy job. But if you don't have time and passion invest want, the guests will notice that,” says Pietro, who also draws on the side and has already sold a few pictures.

The BundB with four rooms is a full-time job for the siblings: "We almost never go on vacation," Pietro tells me. Still, he would never trade it in: “It's difficult for other people too. And you have to do something in life,” he explains his relaxed philosophy to me.

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