The right Work-life-Balance between job and private life is the dream of many People – and yet often difficult to achieve.

Friends colleagues, enemies bosses: work-life balance - combining job and private life?

Why is work-life balance so important?

The compatibility of Job and personal life has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion in recent years, and with good reason. In coping with the demands of our busy lives, it can light it happens that we get caught up in our professional commitments and our personal lives, ours Family and neglecting our social relationships. The consequences of an unbalanced life can be serious: Burnout, stress and negative effects on our mental and physical health.

But why is work-life balance so important? The short answer is that it allows us to lead more fulfilling and contented lives. When we prioritize both our professional and personal lives, we can create a sense of Harmony and achieve balance that enriches our lives, improves our productivity, and improves our overall well-being increases.

Is work-life balance really that easy?

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In today's fast paced World it's more important than ever to find a healthy work-life balance. The Term “Work-life balance” refers to the balance between work and personal life. It's important to live a fulfilling life, both inside and outside of work. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important to your overall well-being and critical to your professional success. The Combination Balancing work and personal life can be challenging, but balancing the two is necessary.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, it has become increasingly difficult to separate work and personal life. Smartphones and laptops make it easy to stay connected to work, even outside of work hours. This constant connection can lead to burnout and stress, which affects both your work and personal life negative can affect. It is therefore important Measures to take to achieve a healthy work-life balance. But is work-life balance really that simple?

Work: An elementary part of life

But most employees spend at least eight hours a day with their colleagues Workplace. Do you still want to spend your free time with your colleagues? In fact, work colleagues often meet outside of the office and friendships are often formed. The following applies: Professional life is one thing, private life is another. Many people wish they had both sides successfully can combine. Others may or may not prefer to see the reason for the breakup.

In principle, of course, everyone has to do this for themselves decide, but the following generally applies: It is not easy to shape professional success and personal development at the same time. If you can no longer enjoy your private life, you no longer have a private life. If you're not happy with yourself, that's not right either. So it's time to think about a new job or try to get a second one. After all, a lot of life is spent at work. It's no secret that work is often part of life.

Job and private life: are both possible at the same time?

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But what about private life? The boundary between work life and private life is shifting more and more. Many people still have after-hours jobs on the couch or rest their arms in public. The possibilities of the digital age make this development possible. Therefore, many people believe that it is very difficult to have a job and a personal life at the same time. Quite a few only think about their job when they work and no longer concentrate on the rest of their lives. Others try Problem avoid being friends or married to the same person. For many, it seems better to give up everything in order to achieve as much as possible at work. But is that really the best way? Life should mean more than just a job.

Workers who split their time between two jobs often wonder if it's better to separate personal and professional friendships and relationships. A survey by the Online-Karriereportals Monster that 40 percent of those surveyed do something with their colleagues from time to time. Monster is always conducting surveys on local and global websites Company on workplace issues Career through. Here 4.214 employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were questioned. However, these surveys are not representative, they spiegeln the Opinions of Monster users.

Over 40 percent refuse to do anything with colleagues

You should in Head when you read the following results: More than a quarter of the survey participants get along so well with their own colleagues that they count them among their circle of friends. On the other hand, a third strictly separate work and private life and spend no free time with work colleagues.

International comparisons were also made: joint ventures with colleagues in a group also take place more frequently in neighboring countries: half of all Swiss people surveyed spend their free time with their colleagues from time to time, compared to 42 percent of Austrians. In a national comparison, Austria is ahead when it comes to friendship with colleagues: almost a third of the Austrians surveyed see their work colleagues as friends. For the Swiss it is almost a quarter. And unlike in Germany, Austrian and Swiss employees separate work and private life less strictly: only 26 percent of Swiss and 28 percent of Austrians do not attach importance to spending their free time with their colleagues.

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