The quasi-religious motif of seduction, Debt and atonement is omnipresent in our daily work and life. We are often not aware of how this inhibits personal and social change. 10 ways to break out of the vicious cycle.

Seduction Guilt, Atonement & Change in the world of work: 9 tips against the vicious circle

Guilt and atonement as religious thought patterns are present everywhere

When I was younger, having been brought up more as an atheist, I believe that religion no longer plays a role in our country. Over time, I learned better. Religious motifs and patterns of thought still permeate our lives to a large extent today Everyday life – one thinks above all of the work ethic that is often demanded or the will to perform that stems from the Protestant work ethos. And the topic was also during the corona pandemic guilt always ubiquitous.

I would like to use a very banal example that affects all of us, but from politics and Economy otherwise treated rather neglected: the food. In fact, the topic is far more important to society as a whole than it appears from a political and economic perspective. It is not for nothing that self-acceptance and body positivity are so hyped as a counterweight to ideals of beauty that seem to be becoming ever more perfect. And especially with regard to nutrition, exercise and body shapes arise as well fast Feelings of guilt as with declining achievement motivation.

The ideology of seduction and guilt

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Of course, healthy nutrition is important and, I can only say from my own experience, it is extremely important positive Effects on body and psyche. Unfortunately have People, as with many other things, there are deep-seated clichés about nutrition in the world Head, which also dated Marketing be skillfully used. The aim here is to raise awareness and encourage people to think more carefully. There are, for example, many foods that are healthy apply, but are not that healthy. The Stiftung Warentest tested smoothies and the result regarding the absorption of sugar by the body is really exciting. In general, a big problem is that there is really a lot of food that contains sugar, which makes you unintentionally addicted.

But one should not pursue the topic too ideologically, after all, every person is different and everyone has their own needs, about which one to find out Honestly must entertain. With the almost religious motif of seduction, guilt and atonement, which the diet industry also does well, we won't get any further, the intrinsic one is much more important Motivation and the respective blockages of the individual to consider.

9 approaches against the vicious circle of guilt and atonement

And it's the same with labor productivity: Again, it's often about seductive distractions in the form of procrastination, you quickly feel guilty for not having done and achieved enough - and the atonement then comes in the form of even more work and Money to earn. How to escape from this vicious circle? The following steps help:

1. Beware of addiction!

Work and food have one thing in common: They can be addicting: A busy schedule keeps our adrenaline pumpingSpiegel quickly soar - and that's addictive. We feel needed us and have everything under control. If this high lasts for a long time, we eventually feel exhausted, overwhelmed and sick.

2. Away with the to-do lists

To-do lists and many Tasks only make us seem productive. Those who compulsively try to be productive even reduce their productivity. If we concentrate on just one thing and our whole Attention draw on it, meets us a natural Energythat gives us satisfaction. Thanks to this energy we reach our Objective without difficulty and do more in less time.

3. The journey is the goal: cheers for serendipity

Too much focus is only harmful because it prevents serendipity. When we have a to-do list in front of us with tasks to be done in a given time, we tend to focus on the goal rather than enjoying the steps that will get us there. Deadlines and time slots are partial necessary, clearNevertheless, one should try to enjoy the individual steps and details that the task entails instead of just thinking about the result.

But the problem is: It seems impossible to reconcile productivity and serendipity. While we concentrate on one task after the other, we have no nerve for the unplanned - no matter what it is, we perceive it as a disruption.

4. Keep track of what is really important

Enjoying the journey and seeing it as a goal also has another advantage: Paradoxically, if we focus too much, we quickly forget what is really important to us in life. Because everything around us seems unimportant. We only focus on our tasks. And have only one goal in mind Eyes. Complete the task as quickly as possible and on to the next one. We forget to catch our breath and to reflect.

This also implies the time aspect: We work better and more creatively when we are completely in the here and now, instead of trying to complete many tasks in a short time. Because then we are often distracted because we are already thinking about the next task instead of concentrating on the here and now and that damages our current work a lot.

5. A relaxed mind in a healthy body

creativity needs a relaxed mind in a comfortable atmosphere without major distractions and without the constant thought of what else to do. But if we are supposed to be productive, we usually don't have time to let our thoughts wander. We put one foot in front of the other and see neither left nor right.

6. Accept the loss of control: Nothing is as certain as uncertainty

Crisis situations such as the corona pandemic have shown that we cannot control many things at all. But why are we holding onto it so manically?

Probably because it gives us security: If we tick off the tasks on our list one by one, we feel good, we have everything under control Control. In reality, this kind of control is just an illusion. Chaos and disorder are just waiting to get us out of the Concept bring to. If our Satisfaction depends only on how productive we are, the unforeseen can quickly throw us off course. The better motto would be: Nothing is like that for sure like the insecurity.

7. Relationships suffer from guilt

Guilt and constant activism also undermine our personal relationships with others. Even though we often say friends and Family are the most important things in our lives, we spend a lot more time doing things that we think we have to do now.

Personal relationships are extremely important for our creativity, inspiration - and in the end also for our work success, because whatever we create in our work, we create in the end for other people and that will only work optimally if we use it from the beginning include the work process.

8. Turn off the guilt

The constant guilt gnaws at us like the little man in our head, constantly telling us what to do recognition received from our colleagues and superiors. If we do this voice hide and clear our heads for creative work will help us grow. And not only as a workhorse but also as an individual. As a suggestion, some things to ask yourself before jumping into your work:

  1. Instead of asking: "What do I have to do today?" ask "What am I going to create today?"
  2. Instead of saying, “Check out my to-do list”, ask yourself “What can I cross off the list to find more time for creative work?”
  3. Instead of complaining: "Why do I have to do this tiresome task" ask "How can I turn this task into something that will help me advance and maybe even give me pleasure?"

9. Get off the hamster wheel

Ultimately, it's about getting off the hamster wheel in which many people enslave themselves thanks to their guilty feelings. Because meaningful creative work is not just a question of productivity and stubborn processing. We also need creative freedom, then our work will be better.

The exit can already be achieved by small things, for example by saying “no” to the Executive, family, partner or other requirements of daily life. That sounds easy, but it also requires that you break through your mental blocks and become really independent. In case of doubt, a minimum of financial freedom is required in order to be genuinely independent. As a self-employed person, I only achieved this through my equity investments, for example.

Conclusion: Feelings of guilt prevent meaning and real further development

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Feelings of guilt and also the religiously and morally deeply rooted desire for atonement are understandable and human impulses. However, they are often simply unnecessary and even hinder good, meaningful results that we as human beings and also as Society advance.

On the other hand, if we exchange our productive work for creative activity, every moment of our work becomes Art. We will be absorbed in our work because creating something requires our full attention and ultimately has more impact for ourselves and other people than just stubbornly completing tasks. The necessary societal advancement that will help us Problems of Future to solve - it is only possible without these somewhat outdated religious blockers. This is where we should start, without guilt and with common sense.

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