Sometimes you are confronted in or after a job interview with the most incredible excuses and objections. What you should know and how you react to it can be found here.

job interview

Interview - part two

Many Candidate make the mistake job interviews completely underestimated - especially when there is a second interview and the first went well. Even if the decision-maker in the first applicationConversation has given his basic "go", nothing at all has been decided in the end. It only gets down to business in the second interview.

Then everyone involved slept another night over the conversation - or two. Of course, you also have your role in Company thought about. And confront you with the unexpected Criticism. In individual cases it can look like this, for example:

Situation completely underestimated

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You are supposed to be a Concept develop for a campaign. Ironically, for a zero-eight-fifteen shower gel! Within a few hours! You are completely off the track. You read the input the assistant gives you, but do not take in a word of it. Everything that you had prepared, desired salary, negotiation strategy - everything for the cat?

A very classic case of “situation completely underestimated”. No wonder, after all, as a job seeker you are currently swimming on a wave of success. Anyone who has managed to convince in the sales talk and make a second appointment can first pat themselves on the shoulder.

Cope with objections

But then stop? bad Idea. Because the second conversation is not the "little brother" of the first conversation, in which "only" it is clarified which company car you get. On the contrary: This is where it really gets down to business.

Because after the initial euphoria comes concerns. If you are not prepared for the objections, act these razor sharp. In reality they are pretty blunt - no risk of injury for you. You just have to know how to use it.

There is a message behind each “No”

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A touch harder is a “No”, so a classic rejection. And now? You don't have to simply accept that either, you can parry it skilfully. Essentially, behind every "no" there is a statement, a statement message about how you tick. As long as you don't look behind the statements, the "no" of your counterpart is like a wet bar of soap.

To advance, you must Anxiety overcome before a no. Imagine a football game and it's all about gaining possession of the ball. And just outplaying the opponent. Maybe that will also help job seekers to overcome the fear of objections verlieren. Because apparently this is a huge hurdle for many: the fear of a no. to alienate someone. to be rejected.

This is the only way to react correctly to the NO. Yes clearFirst of all, nobody likes rejection. But sometimes we also hear a no when there is none. Maybe my counterpart's no is not a no at all. It depends on the perception. This is something that job seekers should absolutely internalize: what looks like a no might well be a maybe. Or even a yes - just well camouflaged. Objections are part of the game. They are an invitation for you to respond

7 Typical objections and the best reactions

In order to dispel an objection, you need to know what is behind this “bullshit”. Because your counterpart doesn't just pick up on these phrases and standard announcements. Protective claims are often used to keep your conversation partner away from work. Here are 7 typical objections that you may face - and how you will respond:

  1. "I have no time.": Total nonsense. Everyone has 24 hours a day time, no one just 23. To be precise, your conversation partner does not want to take the time, because your concern does not seem important to him. This is exactly the starting point for a successful conversation.
  2. “Only with a university degree. Only with certificate. ”: A certificate creditor! Here is just a lot of understanding for the need for security and for an employee who is an absolute professional - that is you.
  3. "Contact the Human Resources Department.": There is a responsible department for each task. And for each request only one solution. So someone thinks that is absolutely necessary to adhere to the internal rules. From his point of view, you want to circumvent the rules - clearly that your concern first provokes natural skepticism!
  4. “This is only possible online. Please use the form on our website. ”: Puh, a very modern, who believes, just because the possibilities of digitization exist, they must also use. Thank God you are a bit more modern.
  5. "Send me your resume.": Someone wants you out of the line quickly to be able to devote his ultrawichte tasks. Very dutiful - but you do not stop him at all, but make life easier for him later, as an employee.
  6. “You are already the fifth to call today.”: Someone is visibly annoyed. He may have exaggerated in number, but still feels bothered by the "intruders". So far, there has probably been no one among the callers who has promised him real added value. It is different with you.
  7. “That would be unfair to the other applicants.”: Probably an agency or company where "diversity" and "equal treatment" are part of the guideline. Everyone is terrified of discriminating against someone and therefore being held accountable later. If you have someone on the phone for whom absolute equal treatment is essential, you will probably bite on granite. But maybe it's just an objection to get you out of line. Ask for.

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