We People are not made for ours Everyday life to endure in constant toil. Especially not to keep our energy level at a happy and productive level with all sorts of remedies.

power year

Do not give the people fun brakes any chance

The same song every year: From Christmas flu and winter depression, we drag ourselves into spring tiredness. To cure our summer weariness in the vacation home. Before the autumn depression continues jaggedly and sullenly.

Even today it must be possible to find a way of life that can do without everyday drugs, weight problems and psychological problems. And there are! This is how you cleverly skip these popular fun brakes.

5 concrete tips for getting started properly

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First, you'll learn how sleep, exercise, and food act as performance drivers or as performance killers act can. Then let's see the essence of Performance, zest for life and well-being.

Because there are five in all Measures for your body that will let you discover your true power. Try to do these five things at once over the next few weeks:

1. Sleep at the right time and enough

Go to bed when you are tired and get up when you are awake.
Sounds simple, completely logical and therefore practically impossible. "Then I would have to sleep 12 hours and go to bed at 18 pm!" I am then often countered. Yes, exactly! Then you can sleep in a new way of life on the weekend and at the beginning of the week you get by with less sleep.

Under one condition: go to your feeling sleep and not when the evening movie is off. Even though this means that you will be around 19 clock. No matter! This is your time. If you fight against this inner clock for years and decades, then you will get sick sometime. For who sleeps enough, lives more. As simple as that.

Hintergrund: Clocks and alarm clocks only became popular with industrialization at the end of the 19th century. Because only since then did people suddenly have to be on time. How about the Health and living conditions during this time, we know - pure exploitation! For over six million years, almost all of our ancestors lived to the rhythm of light, going to sleep when the sun went down and getting up when it rose.

2. Move properly and enough

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Get out with you! Move in nature. You do not need to pay more. It gives you everything a member of the human species needs: fresh air, temperature and weather stimuli, uneven ground, changing movements and varying intensity of movement, natural stimuli that are proven to be deeper and healthier than any other environment.

And: let your high-performance body run! Whatever sport. No matter. The main thing is that you keep getting sweaty and out of breath. Yes, that's what your body, mind and soul need.

Hintergrund: The vast majority of your 300.000 ancestors have been more inconvenient and more regular than you. Day by day over the floor and stone. It is only since 100 years that we are as big as our chasing ancestors. But the fitness and resilience of our early ancestors remains unmatched even by top athletes.

3. Eat and drink the right thing and enough of it

Vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts. High quality meat and fish in moderation. Milk and cereals rather less. No blubber bubble drinks. Good water in quantities and high-quality soft drinks in moderation - enjoyed with all senses.

But you can't buy fitness. As simple as we might hope for the food. It's not for nothing that the right food market is booming. Eating is the easiest and most immediately enjoyable action. We don't need to know much and we can't and we don't have to bother ourselves at all. But remember, it is just as important to eat with pleasure and joy and without a guilty conscience. Take the time to prepare and eat. Cook with love. Do not overeat and only eat while eating. No TV or Internet. No arguments or part-time work. This is at least as important as what you eat.

And one more thing: How were your foodstuffs produced? Because everything you leave in your body is not just for you as an energy supplier. But will be building blocks for your body cells. Your food will be right to you.

Hintergrund: Again, it is the centuries of evolution that control our digestive system and our hormone release, which are responsible for performance, mood and health. It has been proven that the few millennia of arable farming and the few years of industrial food processing have not yet made our genetics compatible.

4. Enjoy your leisure time properly and enough of it

We usually experience the most valuable hours when we come to ourselves. If we consciously perceive ourselves. This is where our stomach speaks most clearly to us. We should listen to him, because the much-vaunted gut feeling is nothing else than ourselves. Our deepest self, which does not care about the opinions of others or what is currently "in". It is possible for anyone to hear it at any time, to believe it is extremely uncomfortable for most people, and to follow it is only feasible for very few.

But at some point we confront ourselves with the unlived dreams. Then an inconvenient circumstance that is insurmountable today is guaranteed to appear relative light to eliminate. Do this: Think back to a major challenge in your life and assess the situation from today's perspective. Pretty easy actually, isn't it? And now put yourself in the way you felt then, immediately before or during the challenge: Hard to master, right?

And exactly so it will be with all the challenges in your life. In leisure-time we recognize where we advance our comfort as a protective ground to avoid what we actually want to experience.

Hintergrund: Again, almost all of our ancestors until about 70 years ago: winter was the time to recover from our annual work. Our organism automatically switches to “recovery mode” due to the light conditions. However busy our time may be. That is in us and we can use this valuable time for the particularly effective regeneration and insight. Because only who knows where he is really drawn to can make plans and iron and develop energies that make this happen.

5. Get into your power - properly and extensively

Take short, quiet moments during the day. Collect yourself. Become yourself clearwhat you want and give yourself permission and the power to do it. Ask You don't know where the power will come from. It will be there as soon as you use it. Sounds strange and illogical, but it is true. Try it. You have far more Energy and strength than you often think.

In general, spend as much time as possible in nature. You may not be able to do this every day and every week. Take it easy and use the year as a whole as a benchmark. You should spend enough time in nature over the year. With friends who Family and also alone. Because it is precisely in nature alone that you can reach areas of your strength that are denied to you in everyday life.

Hintergrund: Almost all of our ancestors lived nowhere else than in nature. And literally. We know it not only from a number of studies. But from all primitive peoples and our Celtic and Germanic ancestors, how important a close one Contact to nature. So we get health almost automatically, Motivation, joie de vivre, balance and thus Success.

Try it. You will be amazed.

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