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Norbert Nick, Head of Consulting, Training and Outsourcing at Fiducia and GAD IT AG, Karlsruhe tells how fintech employees are retained for a long time and how career changers for artificial ones Intelligence enthusiastic.

Norbert Nick is a business economist (VWA) and a trained data electronics technician. After many years of experience in the service business for banks, he is now Head of Consulting, Training and Outsourcing at Fiducia and GAD IT AG in Karlsruhe. His main areas of work are process management in banks, optimization of production processes, mapping and control of sales processes in the bank application system, efficient use of IT systems, outsourcing offers for the optimal use of IT systems and IT Implementation the digitization of the banking business. Fiducia and GAD IT AG develops, among other things, complete software for banks and has almost 4.500 employees.

Mr. Nick, you advise banks on the introduction and / or optimal use of IT systems. What about digitalization in the industry?

The banking industry in particular is under immense pressure on earnings due to the current low interest rate policy. Simplifying and accelerating processes through digitization is a lever here Costs save and keep going with high quality customers to be active.

Especially in the banks, we often notice that they have even more know-how in dealing with digital Solutions need to achieve rapid change.

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Why is skepticism so great?

Digitization challenges existing processes. And it is not one of these trends that will disappear from simply. This awareness awakens so slowly in the minds.

Nevertheless, many do Company difficult with it since it's around change from established processes, even from entire business models. This is a complex and sometimes painful process. The topic of digitization in banks is actually old hat.

You have to explain that!

For banks, digitization has long been a topic - an account has been around since the beginning of computerization, and that was almost a 50 years ago with the punch card, a digital product. The technical possibilities that banks have nowadays are new: the former, for example, was a bank consultant and filled out a paper form, today the first customer contact is often digital. In short, all processes around the banking services are increasingly becoming digital implementation.

The Internet and the opportunities offered there require a high degree of digital Expertise. A consultation on the computer or tablet is much better than on paper, the processes can be mapped efficiently and fully digitally in the systems. That means quality and speed, and this is how banks delight their customers. And this is exactly where we come in with our team of consultants to make the banks fit for the current requirements with a good eye for them Future.

How big is your advisor team?

We have 160 Adviser with different qualifications, all of them specialists in banking-related topics and at the same time outstanding Background to the IT tools.

They pass on their knowledge to the bank employees, optimize the processes with IT, digitize them and to qualify the bank employees in dealing with the systems. The Objective in doing so: to help banks fast Delivering solutions for digitization.

Overall, there are three different areas of responsibility in which we advise:

What are your requirements for future consultants?

In the area of ​​consulting, training and outsourcing, we are looking for employees with good bank knowledge or a business studies, ideally both, and a basic knowledge in dealing with IT systems.

The majority of our consultants have accumulated bank training and practice experience in banking business. Some are also graduates of economics or business informatics. But not only: we have, for example, a psychologist with a high IT affinity, who oversees the internet appearances of banks. Our consultants are very heterogeneous.

Do employees complete a special training or a training period?

The prospective consultants acquire further detailed knowledge during their induction period of six to nine months, sometimes even up to a year. That depends on the qualification of the employee and the target Tasks .

For this we have a Concept developed, which offers the new colleagues information, support and personal care, but also relies on personal responsibility. In this way, the consultants are introduced to the task and qualified to carry out their own projects.

What is the fluctuation in your advisor team?

We have a fluctuation rate of 5-7%, which is very little for the consulting area. This shows us that our employees appreciate that we take care of them. Because we not only form, but also offer them a long-term perspective right from the start and discuss with them how their career should look for the next five to eight years.

Dazu draw up we create a development plan together. According to her Power and skills, they develop from simple topics to complex projects and take responsibility for the development of new service offerings.

Many people sort so-called non-professional applicants alike. Are you open to cross-border?

But yes. We look less at the degrees than at the People: It always depends on the Curriculum vitae, the career and the specialist knowledge of an applicant. For further qualification and induction as well as professional development in the position feel we are responsible together with the employee.

Even when Age we make no distinctions: many of ours Candidate are in their early 20s and have just completed their banking apprenticeship. But we also hire 50-year-olds because, contrary to all prejudices, older employees often have good IT knowledge.

Because that's not a question of Vocational Training or age, but personal openness: it always depends on how much someone is interested in a topic. If someone is really passionate about the cause, we benefit from it as an employer.

Speaking of personal openness: What soft skills do you expect from your employees?

For us it is important that the basic qualification as well as the Motivation fits - and that the personal skills match the position. In their projects, for example, the consultants always deal with executives in the banks.

Often the board members are involved in the projects, at least in the steering committee of customer projects. For this reason, communication and presentation skills are further key qualifications for this task. As many consultants are also project managers, leadership is important. And they must have the strong desire to make changes.

Finally, a high willingness to travel is necessary because the jobs 60-80% include travel activity.

Do you train yourself?

Depending on the subject area, we are interested in applicants who come directly from the Uni come and are very interested in the financial sector - we are looking for employees, especially in the reporting system, who will then receive the IT knowledge required for advice from us.

In addition, together with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Karlsruhe, we offer two dual courses of study, namely business informatics with a focus Sales and consulting as well as business administration service management with a focus on consulting and services. We regularly advertise the relevant training positions.

How many advice centers do you offer?

There are currently around 15 job profiles in the advertisement. We orient our growth in customer demand for our services, and this is still far above the number of employees we currently have on board. That's why we're expanding here in the future.

What is the demand for the corresponding places? And from which areas do the interested parties come?

Last year we hired 29 applicants. 2017, the numbers will look similar.

Do you recruit more traditionally or do you also use Active Sourcing?

We use them Online-Stepstone and Xing job exchanges. In addition, we also place classic ads in banking magazines or a cooperative job exchange in the banking sector. So far we have hardly any experience with active sourcing.

What is the selection process?

We hold two interviews and set a specialist task to ensure that the applicants are a good fit for us as a company.

In this Job is it important how the employees in the Conversation argue more direct Ask parry, present oneself or act on the flipchart.

A word about Fintech companies: Where do you see similarities and differences?

Fintech companies sometimes have good, new ones ideas and often offer solutions for individual areas of banking. Whenever possible, we also work with fintechs, for example with VR-Scan2Bank. This is an application with which invoices can be scanned with the smartphone camera and the account data can be transferred directly to the transfer form. Actually, we prefer to work on new ideas and innovative solutions ourselves, which we offer to our customers and bank customers Hand can give.

A current example is the trend topic artificial intelligence. For this we are working on “Sarabi”, which could become an all-round assistant in many situations (not only banking but also ordering bread from the baker and paying immediately).

How do you see the future in the banking sector?

Overall, we have seen an immense increase in digital solutions for bank customers in recent years, such as online banking or the use of banking apps. IT has found its way into all areas of the bank.

The cooperative banks enjoy great things in Germany Trust, we transfer that into the digital space. For example, with special security precautions in digital banking, or the option of using digital channels with your bank Contact take and seek advice. Digitization in the banking industry is a MUST today.

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