The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the Future of Working world there is a lot of talk, but what is most important for employees in the current phase of upheaval is: What are the demands placed on them and how can they prepare for them. A concrete overview.

Requirements for employees in the job of the future: How to secure your position

How the world of work will change in the future

The future of work has not only changed significantly since Corona, because there are a large number of developments that are currently affecting the labor market. No wonder everyone is talking about the topic, so I have one on the “future of work” right now Lecture held at Deutsche Telekom AG, but that's not the point here.

I would like much more, as this topic is often out of the Executive– and managementPerspektive is seen, illuminate the employee perspective here. Because that Problemthat we have in Germany with digitization and the future of the working world is primarily of a structural nature.

The end of job security and normal employment relationships

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In short, the German labor market and the social security system are affected by the Regulate structured, which are mainly used for the manufacturing industry and industrial mass production. Ultimately, the education system is also geared towards this labor market.

However, developments such as globalization, tertiarization and digitization as well as new forms of production have a fairly direct impact on the real conditions of the labor market. As a result, the conditions and the Order of employment drastically.

New forms of employment and structures are emerging

A variety of forms of employment - part-time alongside full-time employment, self-employment alongside salaried employees - take the place of what was known in the past as normal employment.

The industrial sector has lost its dominant role. Only the thinking in the head as well as the social structures, above all our education and social security system, have not yet fully caught up, which can lead to some complications in the real design of everyday life.

7 tips on the demands placed on employees in the job of the future

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But what can individuals do to cope with the current situation? Here are 7 tips that, of course, do not apply to this comprehensive topic:

1. Cultivating digital relationships and informal communication

Many employees who previously only had social interaction in the Office knew, have now made acquaintance with the home office thanks to Corona. There are many advantages, but also some disadvantages. Show like this Studies on remote work situationsthat there are many People find difficult in virtual teams trust set up, also due to lack of time. There is also less social contact with colleagues and therefore the risk of informal contact Communication to be cut off.

Another aspect: The lack of real social contacts in the office can lead to isolation. A lack of feedback can unsettle us, especially when it comes to small everyday matters. I found it exciting in this context, like that American photo agency Shutterstock deals with this problem: There, small teams work together internationally over long distances. Above all, the product developers simulate a work office with corridor conversations by constantly being placed on their desks via tablets, virtually being together.

2. The demands on managers will change

But also the requirement Executives, no matter what hierarchical level, will grow. The big challenge will be to convey a virtual feeling of togetherness to geographically separated teams and also to correspond to work processes to organize.

The digital coffee break and virtual lunch are great ways to engage employees and build relationships—despite the ubiquity of email and instant messaging. Regular face-to-face meetings are and will remain important, because only face-to-face conversations enable employees to connect with one another on a more meaningful level Contact us to kick than this on digital ways is possible.

3. Job search Apply & rethink your career with networking and self-marketing

The classic application route via job search, Write to and job interview is changing gradually. Looking for a job or professional change you should take every conceivable route in advance to present yourself as thoroughly as possible. With a traditional letter of application it is not done. Also Online- Applications, video applications, digital pitches or social media presentations are part of it today.

In view of the high level of competition, it has become more difficult to be noticed and to get an interview. Fortunately, there are always ways for job seekers and change seekers to get their foot in the door, such as through personal or professional networks. One of the most effective Methods Networking is arranging an informational meeting with a company representative, HR manager or senior manager. At this Conversation It's not about getting a job, it's about useful and valuable information and insights into the job Company.

All of this shows that without a certain amount of self-presentation, or to put it more clearly, self-marketing, the Job Search not today. But this is exactly where I see certain discrepancies in the way of thinking between young and old: Older people are often financially sated and brought up to be humble, Boy People are still hungry, want to prove themselves and are often used to a higher level of self-marketing through social media. As a result, they are often perceived by their older colleagues as too self-portrayal and conflicts that do not lead to the goal for either party are inevitable.

4. Changes in status between self-employment, permanent employment and unemployment will become more normal

Interrupted employment histories with phases between permanent employment, unemployment and self-employment, which continually alternate, will be the rule rather than the exception in the future. Many of today's employees and self-employed people are forced to do so at some point in their careers Status switch. They go from permanent employment to self-employment or vice versa. Some experience this status change several times in their career. In other countries, there are already models with relaxed protection against dismissal and at the same time stronger reintegration agreements.

In Germany, this status change between self-employment, permanent employment and unemployment is unfortunately associated with high bureaucratic hurdles, both in terms of social security and the tax system. For civil servants, people in permanent employment are still the norm, especially small self-employed people with often precarious jobs are often not even on the radar of politicians and the corresponding legal regulations are correspondingly complicated.

In addition, unemployment in particular is often associated with a great deal of stigma: Most people have a negative image of the unemployed and think that they are on Costs make a lazy spring for the general public. There are many prejudices and misconceptions about this and the unemployed often struggle with self-doubt and want to show that they are a useful member of the community Society are and do something meaningful. With some people, this goes so far that all social contacts are broken off, which of course is counterproductive in every respect, just to hide the fact of unemployment. The image in people's heads must and will change here.

5. Consider the psychological consequences of declining job security, encourage flexibility and initiative

More fixed-term employment contracts, dwindling protection against dismissal, a lack of job security everywhere: the increasing flexibility of working conditions has psychological consequences for all of us. The constant danger that the Workplace breaks away, unsettles many employees. On the one hand, it helps here Strategies to develop in order to consolidate one's own position in the company, e.g. by continuing to educate oneself and building on one's own abilities I aufmerksam power.

But in addition, self-reflection and dealing with one's own fears are extremely important in order to be prepared for the future of the world of work. resilience is a good keyword here. This also includes the ability to change behavior patterns that one has previously clung to, or Set to let go completely or at least to modify intelligently instead of stubbornly clinging to them.

Also the question "What do I really need, what is important to me and what material values ​​can I do without?" you should Honestly respond. Because often it's not about Money, but about the associated needs such as recognition by other people or compensation for fears.

After all, flexibility is also advantageous when it frees you from rigid rules and structures and releases creative powers. Many workers are not at all clearthat they could also live completely differently: for example with more free time for their own needs, to develop new ones ideas or social Engagement. Employee flexibility and initiative should therefore be encouraged in the workplace instead of being punished with inflexible working hours, time cards and closed offices. New spaces also create space for new ideas from which everyone can benefit.

6. Self-organization and self-care are becoming more and more important

With freedom, however, comes the need for each individual to organize themselves accordingly. Self-management not only means being efficient to the max, but also creating targeted breaks and free time because the boss no longer tells us when we're done with work - especially when we're working from home. a healthy one Work-Life-Balance is important.

Because every day brings us new challenges that we have to learn to deal with. In some situations feel we feel very alone and find it difficult to think clearly. Self care helps: She is taking care of one's own needs. It's about taking care of himself and his Health to care and to listen to the needs of one's own psyche and one's own body. However, self-care also includes maintaining personal relationships. Take a look for yourself in this regard Hand.

The successful LinkedIn co-founder from Germany, for example, has exactly what this can look like Konstantin Guericke recognized: He's been holding his for years Meetings only when hiking and develops particularly good ideas. That's clever, because that Brain needs water (preferably still) and fresh air to think. Therefore it is eg useful, opening the window during breaks, or going for a walk around the block.

Self-care therefore also helps when important decisions or changes are pending. With a well-ventilated and rested brain, it simply makes better decisions, because as soon as the brain gets tired, it simply perceives decisions as particularly difficult - for me the most decisive argument for regular breaks from work. But decelerating is also important when it comes to simply taking new development steps: We often think we have to bring about a big change, thoughts toss and turn endlessly, producing unnecessary ones Stress, because the brain gets tired – that’s where it is Solution maybe sometimes very simple and possible in small steps, where one thing leads to another.

7. The education system must adapt to digital developments

We have an education system that dates back to the German imperial era and is anything but suitable for the requirements of the modern working world. Frontal teaching and bulimiaThings to Learn still characterize the schools creativity and independent thinking become after Opinion of some experts even considered a disease. Not least because of this, some people find it difficult to implement this when suddenly the new working world demands it: You just never learned it.

And it is already the case today that the training courses are clearly lagging behind the rapid technical developments. I remember a collegeProfessor, The me in a confidential conversation at an event that they didn't know what to teach the young people since there's a new one every few months Technology hip. Just think of the discussion between hydrogen and e-cars, which poses the question for many employers as to which specialists they should actually be looking for.

At the same time, however, many employers still wrongly expect fully trained specialists to work with them apply, something that will become less and less the case in reality. Here employers and employees are in demand, both of whom are in constant training and education Further Training invest must. In the course of numerous digital educational offers, something like this can also be very inexpensive and can be done autodidactically on your own.

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