Apprentices usually begin their career with a mini-salary. But there are waysto improve the tight budget. We present the best.

Financial planner for vocational training: solving money problems despite the low salary

Money problems inevitable: why starting a career is also financially difficult

Whether strict trainers, learning stress or commuting: starting a career is not easy and demands a lot from trainees. Also the Finance prepare Problems, because that Money despite minimum wages in many regions of Germany is not enough to live on.

For many career starters, the money just isn't enough. In particular, those who cannot stay at home with their parents are confronted with financial hurdles. Debt capital and grants are often the only ones Solutionwhen it comes to bridging them. But what to earn Apprentices in their first year of training in Germany actually start training?

Tight budget despite increasing training allowance

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The simple answer: On average, it's 585 euros per month - soon it will even be 620 euros. But this amount does not apply to everyone. Depending on the collective agreement, some trainees are paid more. The painters and varnishers (m/f/d) serve as an example, who can look forward to 740 euros. Professions that are regulated by state law, such as speech therapists (m/f/d) and educators (m/f/d), are excluded from the increase in training allowance.

Then there are the rising ones Costs: Where the rental price spiral knows no end, there is a lack of cash. In addition, many have an academic Vocational Training make, which provides no payment. But those who are dependent on a car due to the distance between their place of residence and the training center also benefit financially fast to their limits. The skyrocketing fuel prices are doing the rest.

Loans as a quick cash injection?

The quickest and easiest way to get money is through borrowing from banks. However, trainees often have poor credit opportunities due to their low income. The risk of default is too great for the banks.

An Alternatives can be loans that are taken out through credit brokers. The promise is: The loans are granted regardless of the purpose and thus help to reduce bureaucracy to a minimum through digital processing. These offers include, for example, the trainee loan via auxmoney. It should be ready for payment within 24 hours and is applied for completely online. The effective annual interest rate and thus the loan costs can be found on the website Company . view

Be careful when choosing a loan

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Nevertheless, if you hire a credit broker, you should carefully check the terms of the contract, repayment terms, terms, transparency and the seriousness of the company so as not to fall flat on your face. You can also consult the experience reports of previous borrowers as well as test and press reports from financial magazines.

If a private loan does not appeal to you, you may be able to use an education loan from the Federal Office of Administration (BVA). However, this is linked to an educational loan procedure. This means that applications will only be approved if applicants are in the final phase of their education (e.g. master’s degree).

Official grants – BAB and housing benefit

Since every loan must be repaid, it is worth looking at other forms of fundraising. Incidentally, we also have a contribution to the Top 5 of student financing written. A recommended solution is the vocational training allowance (BAB). This is paid by the Federal Employment Agency if trainees learn a recognized training occupation and are in dual initial training. The essential facts:

Apprentices can use the BAB calculator from the Federal Employment Agency to calculate their expected vocational training allowance.

Housing benefit – for trainees the exception rather than the rule

All career starters who are not entitled to BAB should find out more about the housing benefit from the responsible administrative offices in the municipality, city or district. In some cases, you may be entitled to housing benefit if you have completed an apprenticeship without an official recognition is made. The individual amount depends on the monthly Income, the amount of the rent and the number of people living in the corresponding apartment.

The housing benefit was also increased from January 1, 2022. Since then, the rent subsidy has also been adjusted every two years to reflect the development of income and rent. Like the BAB, the housing benefit can be calculated online in advance. The responsible housing benefit authority calculates how high the subsidy actually is. The latter provides comprehensive on-site advice to those entitled to housing benefit about their entitlement.

Claim training costs for tax purposes

An additional cash injection can bring an income tax return. Like the United Income Tax Aid e. V. explained online, trainees can claim their training costs according to the current tax law.

Special expenses can be deducted up to 6.000 euros per year and advertising expenses can even be deducted without limit. The income tax assistance association explains when which variant applies in the tax tip about training costs.

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