Many customers are consciously looking for high-quality, well-priced products and expect from you Sellerto get them presented. But that will be difficult if the Employees not stand behind the high selling price themselves.

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Cheap is not equally good

Customers are often willing to pay more if they get an original and exclusive product in return. But the Presentation must also be appropriate.

If the seller only offers the more favorable variants, the customer will be frightened. It does not want to be fed with cheap standard.

7 tips for good sellers

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But how do you bring expensive services or products to men or women? Ms.? 7 tips for good salespeople:

  1. No fear of high prices: The sellers usually only say it well if they resort to the cheaper alternatives. You do not want to pull too much money out of your pocket and expect less resistance. But if you want to successfully sell high-priced products, you have to be behind the price even at 100 percent.
  2. Professional athlete as a role model: Salespeople can learn a lot from professional athletes. These are not only a good example of regular practice, but also for the strategy development before a big competition or tournament. Sellers, however, are unfortunately too often thrown into the cold water. Then there are new products in our assortment - and they have to be sold.
  3. Caught in the old rut: Many salespeople rely on their experience and say that they do not need to practice - that already works so. But numbers are like censors. And especially those who have been around for a very long time and believe that they can always shake off a good sales argument, unfortunately they often prove too often that they are trapped in their old trot - and ultimately only the same with the same reasoning and selling.
  4. Regular training: Like a sportsman, a salesperson can never be sluggish. Everyone who sells must regularly assemble, think and train how they can produce products in an optimal way and can object to their objections in order to conclude with a high probability at the end of the day.
  5. Employee competitions often no way out: It occurs to some executives that a sales contest could be instrumental in selling new high-priced products. Competitions such as “Whoever has sold x products within the month gets y” or “If we have sold x products together by date z, then we will do y” are common. Accompanied in practice during the sales competition by statements or Emails á la “Your branch is last in the ranking, when will you start?"
  6. Wrong competition doomed to failure: Most sales contests fail because it is not enough to announce them in the hope that employees are already making an effort to sell them out of sheer self-interest. In addition, all too often the winners are already at the beginning of a tender or the employees do not even know how they can win at all and rise prematurely mentally. In addition, the win bonus does not motivate to change behavior or nothing happens if you do not participate actively.
  7. Fair competition definitely profitable: Competitions alone rarely lead to a sales increase. However, competitions can contribute to more committed sales if they insist on the implementation of what they have learned in sales training - and there is a real chance for the participants to win.

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