Companies such as Accenture, Adobe, Google, Microsoft are among the 6% list of Fortune 500 Companyswho have abandoned common management tools. They no longer have time tracking, nor do they have annual performance appraisal interviews.

Performance review

Paradigm change in performance management

This step shows the massive paradigm shift in Guide and management, away from hierarchical control thinking towards Esteem the person. Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme describes this as an “art of leadership”, which does not lie in measuring and evaluating, i.e. in performance control, but in mindful leadership selection and promoting the right person. If you trust that you have found the “right employee”, then you give them freedom, authority and delegation Innovation. If you believe in this person, you need a continuous dialogue based on partnership to lead Trust and appreciation and is therefore based on just a few, very simple questions.

So far, in large corporations, each manager has often spent an average of more than 200 working hours just for preparation and follow-up, such as carrying out annual employee interviews and evaluations. According to a study by the CEB HR Consulting companies with around 10 employees spend around $000 million annually just on measuring the performance of their employees, including modern performance management Technology.

Previous performance management systems miss the target

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Numerous studies have found that the result of such a time-consuming and costly process is far too small: even top performers who were rated positively were rather demotivated and frustrated by the annual employee appraisals, especially since the timely direct and high-quality dialogue with the supervisor was the result could not be redeemed. Especially since 95% of managers were dissatisfied with this type of employee evaluation and 90% of HR managers were not accurate Information received from it, how they thereby the performance management System could improve.

The Objective, to promote and motivate employees better individually, was therefore missed. In addition, Brian Kropp, HR Practice Lead at CEB, emphasizes that previous performance management systems have primarily rewarded "narcissistic" employees who knew how to present themselves very well, while other, especially introverted team members who were very for Organization and results used, rather fell through the cracks.

A “new” leadership culture is emerging

All in all, a development that means a clear jolt in the mindset of what a new leadership culture means. A departure from the typical performance rankings that our old quantitative performance mantra - faster, higher, further - served: greedy for short-term profit, career-oriented, thus adaptive, administrative and numerical.

In March of this year, Deloitte said goodbye to the classic ranking system, like Microsoft did two years ago. Positioning, Status-, power and hierarchy thinking have become obsolete. At Microsoft, many of the Projects-and process managers "more powerful", more influential than top line managers in other companies. Hierarchical titles have no meaning, offer no security for Success. Criteria such as the span and depth of management no longer count, but solely the responsibility for a relevant project. Those who are still attached to status and authority, those who are not ready change to shape and constantly learn, is open to cooperation and transparency, is out of place. The myth of a steep corporate career as the sole means of success is no longer valid.

What is the new performance mantra?

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However, leadership in itself does not become easier as a result. Management is only effective and legitimate when it takes place in an open dialogue based on partnership eye level, Sinn enables self-responsibility and promotes efficient Cooperation moderated. The basis for this is trust and appreciation, trust in the willingness to perform and self-motivation, in the result orientation of the individual.

The new performance mantra is qualitative: more conscious, intelligent and sustainable, and thus more challenging for the individual responsibility and self-management of each individual.

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