When Candidate when they look for jobs in the job markets, they are often frustrated. Despite a growing number of vacancies, the selection in need of really good jobs. But that is mainly due to the nature of the positions.

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Jobs for which no one has been found!

The most searched are consultants with often 100% traveling, 2.500 such places there alone at Monster.de. Many positions are limited. Others have requirements that hardly anyone can meet. Dreamjobs are rare.

And for the reason: The jobs in the job boards are usually jobs for which no one else has found. In other words, these are jobs with small or larger stigma. Unlimited willingness to travel is one such, at least for anyone who has spent two years in hotels - but also poor pay, time limit or bad working environment.

5 important reasons for remaining items in job boards

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There are good reasons why many job exchanges only sell off the remainder of the job selection. We present the 5 most important reasons.

1. Unsatisfactory Compensation Packages

One of the main reasons why job boards often only offer jobs that nobody wants is unsatisfactory compensation packages. CompanyCompanies looking to recruit may not offer competitive salaries or benefits, which can make it difficult to attract top talent.

When job seekers review potential employment opportunities, they look not only at the type of work, but also at the compensation and benefits they will receive. If a company doesn't offer a competitive package, it can be difficult to find highly qualified Candidates to attract people who may have more attractive job options elsewhere. Employers must consider these factors and develop compensation packages that are consistent with industry standards and employee expectations Employees to attract the desired talent.

2. Unattractive job descriptions

In each Industry Job descriptions play a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent. However, many companies fail to recognize the importance of writing an attractive job description, and instead rely on generic, uninspiring language that doesn't resonate with potential candidates.

Unattractive job descriptions that are riddled with technical jargon or lack detail not only result in the right talent not being found, but also contribute to a host of others Problems in recruitment, such as B. longer waiting times and higher turnover rates. As a result, companies that continue to rely on these ineffective job descriptions often end up with a pool of unenthusiastic candidates who will leave the company at the first opportunity. It's important that companies recognize the importance of compelling job descriptions draw up, which capture the interest of top talent and highlight the unique aspects of each position to attract the right candidates.

3. Unclear career paths

One reason why job boards often offer jobs that are difficult to fill is the problem of unclear career paths. In some industries there is a lack of defined career paths, so that for Young Professionals it is more difficult to navigate the field and understand what opportunities for growth and advancement exist. This uncertainty can lead to a lack of interest in certain positions, leading to the position being advertised on job boards for a long time.

Employers need to work to create clearer career paths for their employees and ways to effectively match potential candidates. Not only will this attract talent, but it will also improve loyalty to the company and a stronger sense of professionalism Ascent support financially. It is important that employers prioritize creating a supportive and clear career development plan for employees as this can increase job satisfaction and ultimately benefit the company as a whole.

4. Uncompetitive Services

When it comes to job boards, the quality of those available can be Jobs be very different. A common problem is that they often offer uncompetitive services. Often perceived as poorly paid or undesirable, these jobs are often the result of a lack of demand and oversupply in the market. As a result, job boards may struggle to attract more desirable vacancies, leaving a surplus of unattractive options.

This can give the impression that job boards are just leftover offers sell, ultimately damaging their reputation and making them less attractive to job seekers. To combat this problem, job boards must work to partner with and attract more competitive employers. At the same time, they must provide support to improve the quality and attractiveness of the offers they offer.

5. Unattractive work environment

An unattractive work environment can have a significant impact on employee job satisfaction and Workplace make it less attractive. The quality of the job can affect productivity creativity and affect the general well-being of employees, and a negative Working environment can result in a high turnover rate. There are various reasons why an office space cannot be inviting, e.g. B. a lack of natural light or inadequate facilities.

An unattractive and discouraging work environment can create an aura of disinterest and displeasure, which often results in suboptimal work performance or a lack of enthusiasm for work tasks. When hiring new employees, employers should ensure that the work environment is attractive and provides the necessary facilities to promote productivity and well-being, as this is critical to the company's overall morale Significance at a hunt.

Generalist jobs go by the wayside

The fact that two-thirds of all jobs are never advertised has been known for years, including from a survey by the Institute for Labor Market Research (IAB). However, according to experts, this number will continue to increase. In addition, two tendencies are emerging: in addition to the unpopular jobs, more and more highly specialized jobs are ending up on job markets.

Generalistic jobs, which clearly represent the majority of the entire job offer, are found less and less in the form of an advertisement. Even smaller companies very rarely search with an advertisement. Instead, business owners and recruiters are activating recruiting managers instead of the Headhunter increasingly your own Network.

Recommendation marketing is always in fashion

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Michael Silberberger, managing director of the seminar provider Semigator AG in Berlin, provides an example of this. Instead of switching to job boards, he recently sent an email to his Xing contacts. In it he advertised open positions in sales, including a description of the good working environment. “There is a chance of getting suitable candidates this way clear higher than via a normal display,” says Silberberger from experience.

The logic behind it: Anyone who recommends someone from their network usually knows this person and not only has specialist knowledge, but also that Personality assess - and this is often the most important foundation outside of the specialist world. In addition, employees who have proven to be good employees usually have friends and acquaintances who are just as good. Last but not least, friends would often work much better together than strangers – even in the Team. For employers, this form of Job Search not only the cheapest, but also the most successful variant.

6 Job Search Tips

What does this mean for job seekers? Who is socially isolated and also that Internet avoids, gets more and more of a problem. Because the trend shown will continue to intensify.

  1. Anyone looking for a new job should always keep their eyes open in their own environment. Through business partners, customers, colleagues, you get more interesting jobs than through job boards.
  2. Bring your colleagues the idea to look around their own company and to ask about the possibilities of cooperation!
  3. Maintain and maintain good contacts, be it from the internship or an old job. Link to a social network and / or collect contacts in a spreadsheet or electronic address book.
  4. Inform your network when you are looking for a job: Personally on the phone the close contacts, on the Internet the more distant.
  5. Always communicate what you can and what you are looking for in your network - preferably verbally and in writing.
  6. The time in the upswing is always good for speculative applications! These should be designed so that the recipients immediately have a picture of what you can do and where they can be used. It is even better if you can apply “on the recommendation of”. Use the direct contacts in social networks as a bridge to a new contact.

The labor market as a complex ecosystem

In summary, the labor market is a complex ecosystem where supply and demand determine the availability and desirability of jobs. Even if job boards occasionally have "leftovers" or unwanted posts sell, that doesn't mean all job seekers should give up or take a mediocre job.

Instead, job seekers should focus on building their skills, networking, and exploring the job market to find and pursue opportunities that match their career goals and interests. The best way to avoid ending up with "leftovers" is to take an active role in your job search and career development.

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