Many Employees are with her Executive dissatisfied. But job frustration up to and including termination does not have to be; because sometimes it's just enough to help Measuresto break out of the usual framework and take the lead yourself: 10 tips.

Leadership of Down

The silent suffering under Chefallüren

The boss is freaking out again, because the pencil lay across the desk instead of lengthwise. Or he makes decisions that no one can understand.

Surprisingly many workers suffer in Germany under such bossy attitudes, often quietly and secretly. But many of them also shy away from conflicts: they continue to suffer quietly and secretly, are frustrated, do service according to regulations - right through to inner and outer dismissal.

Why conflicts are unnecessary

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But nerve-wracking arguments don't have to be - because with some rhetorical ones Tricks you can skillfully lead the boss from below. It's called Cheffing Method, the Dr. Cornelia Topf in a series of articles  - and she has the talent.

Well, maybe you don't have to go as far as that one Company, in which the employees have long since developed a workaround to bypass their indecisive but despotic boss when it comes to important decisions - because otherwise the whole shop would have collapsed long ago.

It is about human knowledge

Rather, chieffing is about knowledge of human nature, honest interest and skill Ask.

For example, if the boss says: "And please do it today," then the first impulse to whine loudly and speak against the motto is: "Oh, no, how am I supposed to do it?"

10 typical situations for cheking

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Most of them know exactly that the manager cannot, will not and must not accept this objection. No, keep calm and lead the boss skilfully. 10 typical situations and how to best react to them.

  1. The boss stresst: The boss wants you to do something for him urgently? Ask: “Which of the old tasks are less important than the new one?”
  2. The boss wants too much: You should do that, that and that too? Ask: “Which tasks can I put on hold for now!”
  3. Always agree first: If the boss wants something: always agree, acknowledge, call. For example: “This is an ambitious project. That will certainly bring us far ahead! ”
  4. To honor the wish of the boss: The boss wants you to do something senseless? Appreciate the request and then offer another solution: “It would be great if the IT system worked that way. But a small update may be more suitable for your task. ”
  5. To understand criticism of the boss as a suggestion: The boss gruffly criticizes you? Stay friendly, understand his criticism as a suggestion: “An interesting idea. I don't have a solution for that now, but I'll sit down with my colleagues and see if we can do it. ”
  6. Just do not complain! Avoid going too far with your arguments. So not: "How am I supposed to do it now?"
  7. Negotiate correctly: This also applies to negotiations with the boss, eg about the salary: Only do not hastily make counter-proposals. Better find out what the boss wants.
  8. Only no self-sabotage: A frequent rhetorical self-sabotage, to which every boss reacts negatively, is irritating remarks such as: “It can't be done!”, “It's too expensive!”, “Can't you offer me better conditions?”
  9. Just do not talk dead: Do not try to convince the boss with better arguments. Pressure generates counterpressure!
  10. Finding similarities: Search specifically for similarities. What is your boss's interest, what does he really want? Come meet him accordingly.

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