Working from home has been common since the pioneer IBM in 1980. But now many are moving Company back again, z.B Yahoo. Annoying for many workers who return to work Office must. A big plus for our everyday communication.

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Home office: communication falls by the wayside

A short commute to work, no traffic jams or overcrowded buses/trains. And a Workplace at home, with a feel-good factor. The home office has klare Advantages. In the meantime, simply cooking lunch, picking up the children or doing something around the house is not an option Problem.

At least as long as the work doesn't suffer. To ensure that everything works, fixed guidelines and times are set at which you can be reached by colleagues. But there is one major disadvantage: the everyday Communication in the office falls by the wayside!

Lack of creativity in the home office

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In the long run, the small home office will work fast barren. There is simply a lack of togetherness, the exchange of ideas in the office and the happy environment that the Everyday life there only makes decisive - and above all the creativity promotes.

Not even the Skype conferences or everyday phone conversations can replace that.

Trust is good ...

Man is dependent on social contacts, on noticeable ones recognition and Esteem. This only strengthens the connection to the company.

But right now Executives find it difficult to keep track. Which Employees doing something at home? The basis of the home office is trust - but for many companies it is Control Just better.

The trend agility

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Agility is now synonymous with a team-based approach. More and more companies are relying on agile Team instead of loners in their offices. Of course, this works best when the employees are physically close together.

This is what makes interdisciplinary work and a simple exchange possible. So there is transparency for everyone and decisions can be made more quickly. With the immediately available Feedback work and results are also continuously improved.

The role of face-to-face communication

In addition to agility, communication within the company or between employees is obviously getting better. There is a clear difference between eMail, telephone or Skype calls and the “classic” personal one Conversation.

If we are facing our conversation partner, we are automatically much more spontaneous, emotional and careless. Alone, our language changes, depending on who we are talking about and in what position we are in relation to our counterpart.

Body language is crucial

Technical achievements are great and undoubtedly have their justification in everyday life. A big disadvantage of eMail-Contact or phone calls is the missing one body language. If the person we are talking to is in front of us, we can also see their gestures and facial expressions.

What can be understood in one way written in a mail may be completely different with the appropriate body language. It can give the crucial clue if we can trust the person or not. Alone, therefore, no eMail and no phone call can ever replace a personal conversation.

The end of the home office?

So will we have to say goodbye to the home office? Both this form of work and working in the office have their advantages and disadvantages. Some Tasks are solved more effectively in a team, others alone in the quiet home office. A good mix of both forms can create the perfect way of working to really work most efficiently.

Both employees and companies benefit when they treat their employees with the best Deselect and conscience itself decide to let.

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