Lothar Seiwert is considered Germany's Time management-Pope. Over the course of his career, however, he has had some turn-arounds and contradictions. 5 of his books at a glance.

Balance between work and leisure

The books on the subject

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Lothar Seiwert is the “time management pope” in Germany, a successful book author, a sought-after management consultant and speaker.

He always gives lots of tips in his books, just like we do a good one Balance between work and leisure, Performance and create quality of life.

Tips from the grand seigneur of time and task management

With his new book “Time to live”, the “grand seigneur of time and task management” addresses everyone who is moving away from the Everyday life driven and overwhelmed feel and who can no longer even find breaks in their free time.

In simple words, with self-checks and many small exercises, Lothar Seiwert teaches you a two-step program for better self-organization and more awareness.

Life leadership for everyone

The Objective: Burnout and avoiding its precursors, pushing more “I” into the foreground, pushing more “expectations from others” into the background.

With "Life-Leadership” Seiwert titles the first part of his book. What is meant is a consistent time management that helps you to separate the important from the unimportant and your lifetime useful to use.

Once inventory please!

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At the beginning, Seiwert asked for a short inventory: With the “Concept the hats of life ”(provide paper and pencil!) determine the number of your everyday roles, learn how to concentrate on the important ones, take off the unimportant ones and“ throw off mental ballast ”.

You will then learn how to relax your everyday work: set goals and priorities, get the day right to plan and identify the time killers - Seiwert explains all this in a relaxed, interactive manner and, thanks to the many cartoons, with one shot Humour at the right place.

The 5 building blocks of work-life balance

The second part for Work-Life-Balance is dedicated to the areas of life “work”, “body”, “Contact ”, “values” and “positive attitudes” that should be in balance.

At the beginning there is an expert interview. The chapters are concluded with handy tips for everyday life, which in total improve the quality of life considerably increase can. For example: “Keep weekends and holidays free from work as much as possible”.

Colorful Best-of

His book “101 Zeitnah” is also about appointments and life planning, but otherwise falls completely out of the series of his otherwise very detailed management guides.

The pocket-sized paperback is a colorfully illustrated “best-of” collection of tried and tested tips for self-organization.

One handy tip per page

Reading alone is an example of effective time management: There is a handy tip per page - 101 in total. Including very pragmatic advice such as “everything has its place”.

The tips that actually help you never have to look for scissors, hole punches or a ruler again are divided into ten categories: speed, Stress, Order, priorities, life balance, values ​​and visions, leisure, simplicity, self-determination and happiness.

There are also original tips that you for sure not found in any other business book. Are you often invited by colleagues to chat that robs you of valuable working time? Prevent it: “Put a flag next to your PC. If the flag is at half-mast, it means: “Do not disturb”.

The opportunity for demographic change

According to Seiwert, we don't need any before the fall of life either Anxiety to have! Scaremongering about demographic change, poverty in old age or the "Society of the frail” the grand seigneur of time management does not let go without comment.

In his well-read book “The New TimeAge” he calls for more prudence and foresight in the discussion about the impending aging of the German population.

Against the age-panic-thing

His antidote to the gloomy prophecies: viable models for Economy, politics and society, in which the terms “old”, and “Future” harmonize wonderfully.

In which pensioners are not only recipients of public funds and services, but also actively help shape the country. “The best years are yet to come,” says Seiwert, those of the 40-year-old now “and those of our society”.

The dark sides of demographic change

His guide to aging is divided into two parts: In the first part, he analyzes the reasons for the progressive aging of society. Longer life expectancy due to better infrastructure, medical care and Education are discussed as well as the reasons for the declining birth rate.

Seiwert does not succumb to the error that is pending Problems like downplaying the holes in the pension funds or the “war of the generations”.

Grufty Horror Picture Show

He takes the fears of those affected seriously (“Grufty Horror Picture Show”), also reports from personal experiences and does not save biting humor: “In 2050 wealthy Namibians will set up sponsorships for needy German pensioners.”

To avert the horror scenarios, the elders must first tackle themselves - before frailty begins. The author describes this in the second part of the book. Wanting to work and being able to work beyond the retirement age is the personal and social responsibility of each individual.

Reconcile a generational contract

Seiwert speaks of the “integral life model” that uses life experience from the past decades as a “door opener for social positions and offices”. Old people find meaningful and also highly endowed occupations if they get involved, play out their advantages.

The economy sees Seiwert in the mandatoryto set the course for this - for example with new working time models, mixed-age teams and more part-time jobs. The possibilities for this have long existed. It just has to get into the minds of all those responsible: "Pro-aging instead of anti-aging: getting old is a goal that is beautiful and worth striving for."

With the Tiger strategy to be more successful

With “The Tieger Strategy”, Seiwert reveals his 5 principles of success: Accompany the fearful Tiger Ravi, who gradually learns (and you with him) what is important if he wants to become a strong and feared “master hunter”.

"The Tigers-Strategy” is Lothar Seiwert's most personal book to date. As in the bear strategy, Seiwert uses the form of a fable - and makes the topic "becoming successful" particularly vivid. Awaken the tiger in you! The time management pope also shows exactly how this works: For the first time, he presents the principles of success that have made him successful himself.

5 key principles to success

They are 5 key principles, which he has made both with himself and with other successful persons:

Get out of the comfort zone

In essence, there are two messages that Seiwert gives us.

  1. The first is: “If you don't ensure your own success, you don't deserve it - the strength is in you!”
  2. And the second, perhaps more important one: "Those who venture into the jungle are rewarded with prey."

So: Get out of your comfort zone, take your destiny into your own hands Hand!

Papiertiger or still Powertiger?

Nice: As in the bear strategy, there is again a self-test to determine the location. Find out whether you belong to the "paper tigers", the "cuddly tigers" or "power tigers".

This also applies to his next book “Time is Life, Life is Time”: Lothar Seiwert, the ex-time management pope, has turned into a life advisor. His new book contains the most important information about self-discovery and self-organization. Best compressed the current Background and the most useful exercises and tests. A useful book!

A big promise

Seiwert tackles the topic from two sides and brings together basically two full-fledged books in one. The first book is: How do I find life (and as a part of it, the job) that fits my abilities and inclinations?

A big promise, but one that the professional Seiwert keeps very well. By bringing up what has rank and name. It offers a short version of the Reiss Profile test, the “Chara” test and many more Ask and exercises that help to classify and systematize personal skills and preferences.

If you do not stress yourself, no one will stress you

This is not new. But rarely so compact and well-structured in a book gathered. Lothar Seiwert curates the best of many years of experience here with a sure hand. His motto is: dealing with stress is not determined by the stressors, but by everyone

In the second part, the “about Head” is printed so that you have to turn the book over and read it from the back (a superfluous gag that the great book actually doesn't need), Seiwert is then close to “his” topic again.

Between superfluous jokes and real life philosophy

But, of course, it is no longer about classical time management, but about life-philosophical questions in dealing with time. Well here, too, the many tried and tested tests (with a few questions you can doubtless find out whether you belong to the (night) owls or to the early birds.

Actually harmless. But if you have a job as a night owl, where he has to leave early, he will never be happy. Very extensive and well also the analysis of the stressors.

For all those who are facing a reorientation

Whereby Seiwert no longer differentiates between eustress and distress. He is only interested in the type of “coping”, ie dealing with stress. Because, according to Seiwert, you can learn not to be stressed out by stress.

“Time is life, life is time” is a book that everyone who reads that they are on the wrong track (or on the hamster wheel or on the train to nowhere) will read at a profit.

Methods to find answers to the important questions

Who is in the subject of time and self-management and - coaching firm, will indeed discover a lot of known, but still be surprised by the density and quality of the tests and exercises presented here.

The whole thing is very well structured, very clearly written and graphically prepared in such a way that the most important things get stuck even when reading quickly. Above all, however, Seiwert asks all the essential questions that arise People put that in front of one Reorientation stand. And he delivers Methods and exercises with which he enables his readers to find answers to these questions.

Conclusion: Unrestrained approach and thousands of pages of knowledge

Seiwert takes a relaxed approach to the topics of “self-organization”, “time management” and “mindfulness”. It does Funto read his books and is extremely motivating - that applies to housewives as well as to managers in large companies.

Above all, his “101 Zeitnah” is the 5-minute book for better self-organization. Briefly formulated and lovingly illustrated, Seiwert brings to the point how you can better organize your job and your life with small tricks. To give away or read for yourself.

His book on aging is exciting: Unequivocally, Seiwert demands a social renewal that no longer sees aging as a blemish. His future models are absolutely convincing. But before that, there must be social change in mind, especially in the minds of the elderly themselves. The book could make an important contribution.

"The Tieger Strategy" is a nice book to read yourself and give as a gift. Seiwert shows what is important if you want to make more of your life. A clear reading tip for everyone who Courage have to take their destiny into their own hands.

His last book in the list consists of 300 pages of compressed knowledge. A lot of wisdom, a lot of experience and a lot of expert knowledge have flowed into this book. “Time is life, life is time. Solving problems over time” is therefore recommended to everyone who is ready for new ones ways are. You will be guided with this book to explore new terrain (inside and outside).

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