job interviews kind of like a cat and mouse game: Candidate only want to present their good side if possible, HR want to learn as much as possible about job seekers - and sometimes develop an amazing one creativity.

job interview

Interview questions - a top topic

There is no doubt that the topic of “questions during an interview” is booming, and we notice that again and again in the number of hits on relevant topics. Not only that numerous application guides want to prepare for tricky questions in job interviews, our cooperation partner Glassdoor has now collected the toughest questions from German job interviews in its community for the second time.

For this, 2.400 was used to examine and evaluate questions from discussion meetings, which were published last year by applicants from Germany at Glassdoor.

Questions from bizarre to meaningful

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There are also some oddities in the top 10: For example, the question of your own Personality matching candy bar. However, the majority of the top 10 are related to the job and are somewhat understandable – even if the answer to the question “What did you learn last week” is no less difficult.

One thing is clear: nowadays, job seekers have to Job Interview be prepared for anything. HR managers ask complex questions to test applicants' critical thinking skills and to challenge their creativity and spontaneous problem-solving skills.

What matters for applicants

The following applies to applicants: It is less important to provide the right answer, which usually does not exist anyway. Rather, they should demonstrate their problem-solving skills and show how they can find the right one step by step Solution prepare. In short: it depends on how you approach such questions.

From this point of view, the countless preparatory application guides and tips on which for sure This article should also be heard and seen here: It's not about learning as many questions as possible by heart and then having the appropriate answers ready - even if some people certainly want this.

The Top 10 of the Whimsical Questions

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In fact, the best way for applicants to prepare for interviews is to let the questions inspire their creativity. In this sense: a lot Success in the interview.

  1. “How many Deutsche Post mailboxes are on the streets of Germany?” - Provided to PwC to an applicant as a senior consultant (Frankfurt am Main).
  2. "What did you learn last week?" - Provided at trivago to an applicant as a software engineer (Düsseldorf).
  3. “How many Smarties can fit in a VW bus?” - Provided to Zeb to an applicant in the area of ​​strategy and organization (Munich).
  4. “You get on the elevator and the CEO is in the elevator. What would you say to him to leave a lasting impression? ” - Presented at Vodafone to an applicant for the Discover trainee program (Düsseldorf).
  5. “How many cappuccinos are sold in Manhattan every day?” - Placed at Accenture to an applicant as a strategy consultant (Kronberg im Taunus).
  6. “If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it as an entrepreneur?” - Presented to an applicant for the Leadership Development Program (Munich) at Burger King.
  7. "What was the biggest failure in your life and how did you deal with it?" - Submitted to an applicant for the Functional Trainee Program (Herzogenaurach) at the adidas Group.
  8. “If you would like to furnish all apartments in NRW with parquet, how much wood would have to be cut down in the Black Forest?” - Placed at ThyssenKrupp to an applicant as a manager (Essen).
  9. "If the chocolate bar" Mars "were a person, what would it be like?" - Submitted to an applicant in the area of ​​Market Research (Munich) by Happy Thinking People.
  10. “How spontaneous are you? Sell ​​me this biscuit. ” - Placed at Döhler to an applicant as a manager (Darmstadt).

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