Usually you only notice afterwards, when you have already started the job, that something is in the Company wrong: incompetent, moody Executive, anxious employees, overall bad mood. But how can you recognize something like this beforehand?

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New job: from a fairytale castle to a wooden shack

For some people, the first day of work in a new job is like a cold shower. what in Job Interview still like a rose gold one Future-Fairytale castle, is then suddenly a miserable shack. This is often especially true for start-ups, which often still have to find themselves.

And the employee notices: it depends Companys Instead of dazzling future prospects, the red numbers and the great new job are anything but crisis-proof. Or you act as a new, cheaper emergency nail, because a few employees have been blown out beforehand. Most of the time you can't actually know that beforehand. Or maybe yes?

Employer branding reality check: What companies reveal about themselves on their websites

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The good news is that you can sometimes recognize bad employers in advance - by the way they present themselves, for example on the website. Because mostly companies reveal more about themselves than they would like in what they say. Hence some examples of statements on the website and what is really behind it.

PS: Of course, the examples presented here are fictitious, similarities with actually existing companies and people are purely coincidental. And of course the examples are ironically exaggerated and should not be taken very seriously.

Startups: high discrepancy between promise and reality

This discrepancy between promises and reality is particularly striking in start-ups: various salary lists here made me ponder over the earning opportunities in a start-up company.

Some time ago, in his blog Gruenderraum, Sebastian Matthes asked what employees in start-up companies are to earn. And received answers - which are of course not representative, but still interesting: On average, managing directors are 3.700 euros - as much as permanent doctors, biologists or software engineers, they lie with their salary little about carpenters, PR consultants and cartographers.

Why should you work in such a company?

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It takes a lot of idealism to work in a startup company, since salaries here are really not tempting. Or the lack of other perspectives. But maybe the prospect of more will lure you when things go better? Is it worth working in a start-up? And why do you actually want to work in a start-up? In my opinion, there are only two reasons to work in a startup:

  1. Idealism, because you think you can build something up and bring in your own ideas.
  2. Lack of other (better) alternatives.

Regarding point 1 it should be said: The hope that we can still help shape a young company is often clouded considerably by the boss. Because of the lack of experience, he is often uncertain - and is happy to pass this uncertainty on to his employees. That means, for example, that he controls a lot more than a confident, experienced boss - and the dream of freedom has burst. If you are interested in something like this, you should start your own company.

Because working in a start-up company as an employee (not as a boss, that's something different) comes with several disadvantages: In addition to the comparatively lower salaries, there is the insecurity Perspektive, because you don't know whether the company will continue to exist, as well as the whims of the inexperienced boss. Even idealism does not help here.

Why do companies lie to applicants?

With all the disadvantages, the question arises: why lügen Companys Candidate at all? The simple answer: In the competition for the best specialists and talents, employers need a high level of attractiveness. "Given the current IT- Due to a shortage of skilled workers, companies will have to work actively on their employer branding in 2020, i.e. on the way they are perceived as employers in the labor market," says Lucia Falkenberg, CPO (Chief People Officer) at eco - Verband der Internetwirtschaft e. V. and head of the eco competence group New Work.

7 tips for companies on how to do it better

For the beginning of the year, she lists 7 tips for companies on how to do better with employer branding.

1. Let your employees have their say

The best ambassadors of your own employer brand are the employees. Their recommendations are in the circle of friends authentic and thus the best advertising for a company. One recognition for the mediation of a new colleague makes additional Lustto recommend the employer. A tip: it's often the little things that employees talk about: Kita-Zshots, the weekly fruit basket, the company discount in the gym and the job ticket for local public transport, for example.

2. Offer further training

Offer opportunities for individual and personal development. Then you are particularly attractive to innovative, creative colleagues who want more than just working to rule. In addition, the whole company is getting better and better and does not lose touch with them needs of customers.

3. Go for diversity

diversity wins. Diversity not only helps to position oneself in the battle for skilled workers, but also offers an optimal breeding ground for diverse teams creativity and different experiences.

4. Live a new work work culture

Use the opportunities of digital collaboration and live a culture of flexible working hours and presence requirements. Continuously give clear and personal Feedback, which ensures long working relationships involving both sides satisfied are. Create an appreciative atmosphere. This costs you nothing, but is priceless for employees.

5. Live digital leadership

Digital leaders rely on values ​​like Trust, transparency and participation. They act as moderators and coaches of digital, locally distributed value creation networks. Give the employees the chance to actually work together, i.e. to take on responsibility. The growing dynamics and increasing complexity of digitalization Working world supervisors cannot manage alone anyway. Have confidence in the abilities of your colleagues, it pays off - you'll see.

6. Introduce yourself personally

Recruiting through job fairs or Jobs is successfully, but does not go far enough when looking for qualification profiles that are particularly in demand. Look for the direct one Contact to the applicant, via social media such as XING and LinkedIn or special events. Personal contact is, of course, part of the successful recruiting mix today.

7. Be authentic

Attractiveness cannot be forced. It is important for employers to be themselves. Feel free to emphasize what sets you apart from your competitors, but stick to the truth. Only if you actually meet the multiple criteria that Boy If talents form the basis of your career decision, you are credibly attractive as an employer.

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