You know the stressful situation after you've been on vacation for a few weeks and are suddenly thrown back into the office chaos. What can help: A representative to organize.

Organize a vacation replacement: Relaxed return from vacation [+checklists]

Good organization in advance prevents stress after the holiday

Three weeks of vacation, well rested and then this: Suddenly there are many again Tasks to do to keep up with the activities in the office. A crowded inbox, missed updates from project teams, important missed information with deadlines, and new work orders. In other words, the chaos will be back on day 1 after the holiday at the latest, the relaxation is gone.

What can you do? Simple answer: by organizing a stand-in for the job. However, this requires a lot Communication. In detail, the deputy can take on the following tasks, for example:

Prepare handover date and document

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In order to ensure a smooth vacation time, you should plan enough time a day or two beforehand to clarify everything important. To enable a smooth transition, a document with all important aspects of the open projects and steps. This ensures that all relevant Ask are answered and the deputy is fully aware of their responsibilities during their absence.

eMail-Grant permission

In the course of every holiday, the e-mail inbox gets full and full. Within a few days, a large number of items such as newsletters, payment runs, calendar invitations and reports from projects accumulate. It is therefore important that a proxy is given temporary access to the emails during the holidays. An employee told me:

When I returned I was pleased to find that my deputy had done a good job: I only had 9 unread emails waiting for me. Had it been 150 it would have been overwhelming. The emails that required action were clear marked in blue, and thanks to the information contained in the document, she was able to respond to a number of them. Newsletters and other informational emails were forwarded to the About folder, so I light could access them. Also, the inbox was left open where I left off before the holidays, and the two weeks of vacation remained unopened. This was a great help for the workflow.

Delivery date upon return

The handover date after the holiday is analogous to the handover date before the holiday with regard to the results. This appointment will cover all unresolved issues, latest events and pending orders. I have this Measures in three comprehensive Checklists for your convenience.

Checklist: before the holiday

Checklist: During your absence

Checklist after the holidays

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