Leading is not just about motivating. Leading also means driving. Despite all understanding for the interests of the Employees have Executives bear with being unpopular for once.

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Acting as part-human

It is especially in the role of the driver that it is pleasant not to feel as a whole human being, but to act out of this single role, so to speak, as a part-man. This protects you against all too personal attacks.

After all, it is your role in which you have a specific task to perform, just as it is the role of the employees, the expectations of the Company to be met, provided they are realistic and reasonable.

How does the good contact with the employees remain?

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The question remains how you despite impeller-Roll in good Contact stay with your employees? This is where the theory of the inner team comes in handy. Roughly formulated, Schulz von Thun assumes that we do not consist of a single, unified person, but on the contrary of many small individual parts.

If you are the exercise If you participated in the previous tip, you know what this is all about: at worst an inner conflict - at best a strong inner football team with your ego as the coach.

The inside team

The idea of ​​the Inner Team gives us the opportunity to think about who should be present in addition to your driver Criticism and Feedback to make it more tolerable.

This part - let's call it the talent scout - could have the task of finding one of the Features of Teammanagement system, a System to establish successful teams, to find out:

Often, expectations that an employee can not or can not fulfill at all due to his or her personality structure lead to disappointments and criticism. As a rule, however, even the most unreliable employee has a talent for at least one of the roles mentioned above.

Example: Unmotivated or unsafe

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In the team meetings, it is repeatedly pointed out that Mr. Meier contributes so little to the discussion. The first hypothesis in the room is, without being said, that he is unmotivated. It also happens that he then does not implement decisions as planned. Get the whole picture first clearthat Mr. Meier merely one Problem with discussions involving over three stakeholders. It's hard for him Opinions to express and above all to defend like the others.

A look at the rest of everyday working life shows that Mr. Meier is an excellent Developer is who prefers to develop and improve products in the back room. For his ideas better into the team, his manager decides to provide him with a benevolent, understanding counterpart in Mr. Müller. Mr. Meier now has the task of bringing Mr. Müller up to date on his developments before the team meetings, so that they can find their way into the team.

The visionary

For executives, two roles of the team management system have a special one Significance: controller and visionary.

As a visionary, you have the task of upholding the vision and constantly promoting new ideas. The what and why describes what is to be achieved normatively and usually remains in place until it is achieved. The how describes the way. Only here does the real thing begin creativity the employee. The way can change. He can get longer. There can be hurdles. Or the means of transport change.

The controller

A checker must put his finger in the wound. He has to take it that no one likes him. Between the task of being a supervisor at the service of the company and the empathy for employee interests is, as often, a narrow degree.

Both must be present if you want to be credible and motivating at the same time as a manager. We will see later how important trust is. But every now and then it is necessary Control, so as not to be arbitrary. If you should thereby the employee interests from the Eye If you lose them, you lose your connection to them and with that, you lose access to them Motivation.

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