The most successful brands of the Welt are so valuable because they offer reliability and People trust them. In addition to their practical use, they stand for a promise of quality and an attractive image. This automatism can Executives at work - if they make the brand core of their personality visible.

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Make the core of the personality visible

The core of a personality brand is often one Combination from professional, methodical and personal Competencies. Because sometimes these cannot be analyzed separately. As a rule, people who grew up in an international environment not only have the professional advantage of speaking several languages.

They also have intercultural competence, which many perceive as personal strength. But the focus of a brand can also be based on a special expertise: A person who has a very substantial factual knowledge and is always up to date, should emphasize this as a brand property.

Character strength as markers

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It is quite possible that others will also learn to trust it, according to the motto: If my colleague does not know the rule, it does not exist. Conversely, a character strength can also become a brand core. This is the case, for example, if someone can adjust himself to different mentalities even in tricky situations and act diplomatically.

Such a colleague is the ace in any difficult negotiation - provided others see this competence. How, then, is it possible to define a personality brand with radiance?

Find a slogan

By answering the some Ask to personal branding, you will track down the skills that will become your success factors in your job. If possible, involve friends in your deliberations. Discuss which brand core results from your answers, but also from the external assessment. Maybe there were surprising answers?

From all this information, you now develop your own slogan that sums up your essential unique selling points. Ideally, this is a close one message, which you can always activate internally to sharpen your awareness of your own brand. This visualization of your own successes and the brand properties that have made them possible already changes your presence.

Activate the radiance of the personality mark

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Others look at what you think about yourself. Even someone who has changed places within an industry can convince decision-makers, if he makes it clear that precisely these diverse insights give him an excellent knowledge of the sector.

It is worthwhile to ensure that others automatically connect you to your brand message. Therefore, always keep these core properties out. Accept topics that fit and identify opportunities to proactively proactively.

This is how a strong communicator can IT- Specialist for example Tasks at the interface to customers take over or suggest that colleagues should be trained in communication. Point out your expertise at a suitable point: "That's exactly my topic...", "As you know, I've been dealing with..." or "When it comes to xy, I'm happy to be ready again..." - with such You create formulations in the minds of others klare Connections between you and your brand message.

Take responsibility

You can take on more responsible tasks in your core area and thus gain more qualifications for the Future. In addition, your superiors and colleagues will reflect your brand characteristics when outsiders ask for a reference about you.

And if changing jobs becomes attractive, you should job interview can run examples on each of your brand attributes. Make it clear when and why you are using it successfully were and how you developed those qualities. Then your counterpart will also trust your brand – and you.

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