Most PeoplePeople who don't know me that well find it odd that I consider myself an introvert. That doesn't surprise me, because I didn't suspect it myself for a long time.


Introvert or Extrovert?

You must know that I'm purely an introFamily come: Both my parents and my brother are very quiet people. In comparison, I've always been much more open and outgoing. On the other hand, I've always felt comfortable with extroverts fast overwhelmed and then just wants to leave.

At the same time, I always asked myself why we in the family are so similar on the one hand needs and have characteristics, especially when it comes to the need for rest and reserve towards other people. On the other hand, I'm so different from the rest of the family, while my father and brother are so alike in many ways, and mine Mother is very different again.

What kind of personality are you?

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As part of my NLPVocational Training I got to know the model of personality types according to Dietmar Friedmann's "Psychography". Suddenly I was everything clear!

Friedmann distinguishes three areas of personality - knowledge, relationship and action. Everyone has a share of it, but a clear focus, which essentially determines his or her personality characteristics.

The 3 personality types

  1. The type of knowledge: He is particularly strong in thought and logic.
  2. The relationship type: He is particularly strong in feeling and perception.
  3. The type of action: He is particularly strong in becoming active.

Quiet people can be found in all three types. The personality typology gives you an explanation for why even gentle people are so different, although they are often thrown in a pot or get stamped, which often do not correspond to them.

Mnemonic: Quiet people are very different. That is why they are found in all three types.

Use strengths rather than compensate for weaknesses

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Each personality type has its own Power and challenges. They all have one thing in common: they usually strive in certain directions. Because we often strive for what we don't have - and far too seldom use what is already there.

But in doing so, we are sabotaging ourselves. The Art lies in combining both: what you bring with you from home and what you have newly conquered - the mixture really gets us ahead.

How to find your personality type

Important This personality model is of course a complex matter. That's why the descriptions of each type here are just a condensed outline of the main features. In addition, since each of us carries proportions of all types, you will probably find yourself in two or even three types again.

If you for sure want to find out what focus type you are, there is im Internet various free personality tests. Which personality type you are has a great influence on how you can live according to your personality and your visibility.

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