We all know it: When employees from different departments work in one Projects working together is usually difficult. Reason: entrenched routines and bad information management. how is it better

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Problems of teamwork

Dr. Cornelia Topf has on best of HR - Berufebilder.de® yes already about Mixed Leadership written. Well, quite like that optimistic Unfortunately, like her, I don't see mixed teams working together.

Because: often an optimal Teamwork existing ingrained routines of cooperation. And when the project members can finally pull themselves together to work together, there are a lot of communication barriers.

Like Jekyll and Hyde

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In the project work, the employee is asked to behave like Jekyll and Hyde - which, as we know, can not work.

  1. Jekyll is the individual human being who strives to get along with his project colleagues rather than being labeled as socially cold and selfish.
  2. On the other side is Hyde. He is driven and vehemently by the affiliation to a certain department their requirements 1: 1 implement in the project.

In this Konflikt between Jekyll and Hyde, the project worker must perform a balancing act that allows him to do both needs to meet.

Balancing between the self-image and the determination of others

This balancing act between self-image and “outside determination” becomes a potential for willingness to change at Jekyll in the course of the project work. As is well known, Jekyll only confronts Hyde as a split off part of himself.

In the course of the project, Jekyll learns that his needs can be considered socially workable by (smaller) behavioral adjustments by Hyde.

By entering the other participants, Jekyll can get his self-image, and is not depreciated as selfish and socially inactive in the project. Therefore, the prejudice is that an employee is not capable of project work.

The boss pays the bonus, not the project leader

While that is Problemthat Hyde's well-being is more important to Jekyll than his own in the long run. And Hyde feels good when the Esteem from Manager comes from the department and not from the project manager, because the bonus is also paid by the department.

Successful project communication and knowledge sharing requires that Hyde be Behavior attuned to the group without letting Jekyll “burn” in the process.

Hyde is ostracized - standards arise

However, since all project employees tend to experience the same Jekyll and Hyde problem, the project group mutually ostracizes Hyde's behavior over the long term. A productive working atmosphere can develop in the project groups Psychology the experts call this the standardization phase.

Project-specific standards trust create are developed. In the long run, this ideally leads to a qualitatively improved exchange of information.

trust is important

The understanding of what is said is unaffected by this."Reset” of the other project members. Because if the “knowledge” stocks deviate too much – one could also say the languages ​​that the individual employees speak are too far apart from each other – the communicated “knowledge” is lost.

In reality, the development of social norms to result-oriented behavior in projects is a "Feedback Loop ”with knowledge integration. The sharing of knowledge and information depends on the individual project members trusting each other.

The next step

This trust arises, among other things, from a behavior which promotes the project's objective. The next step is to clarify what knowledge integration is in the context of the project and how it actually goes.

Only one question needs to be answered before this explanation of knowledge integration, and there are many answers to this question that are partially mutually exclusive: what is knowledge?

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