Regardless of whether it’s a podcast, seminar or webinar – in the end we always have to do our “homework” ourselves in order to move forward Things to Learn to really benefit and learn new things. This works very simply and effectively with a learning diary.

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Learning works best with a plan

Our personal learning success depends on many different factors. An external trainer or Trainingthat in a Companys comes, can give valuable impulses and provide information.

But then we have to do our homework ourselves in order to benefit as much as possible from the experts. This works best when we have a plan or a learning diary that ensures that we are structured and always with a clear one Objective in Eyes getting started.

Reflection helps with the right decision

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The magic words for use are: awareness, reflection and taking your time. If a topic has been defined in which we must or, even better, want to develop further, then it takes a little time Preparation.

Because although we are in Germany in the land of Projects– and planning heroes live, decisions for learning are often made far too vaguely.

Write a learning diary in 5 steps

But if we are well prepared, a learning diary can help us to become routine and Structure help That's how it's done:

  1. Define why you want to accomplish the task and what you gain from it.
  2. Ask yourself how much time you can realistically invest daily and what small steps you want to take.
  3. Define your goals and ask yourself what exactly you want to master by when.
  4. Define stages, intermediate goals and the time for an interim balance.
  5. Check your current status in the topic and get started.

With this preparation you have already given your topic time and space. Then it can go. You can either create your own diary draw up, but with a little research you can also find free templates at Internet, which you can start with.

Of course, a little daily routine is also part of using the learning diary in the long term successfully to work.

Define routines - 5 point checklist

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So write your own personal success stories every day, which will drive you to stay on the ball with a positive feeling. Ask yourself these questions:

For better learning: keep track of your own life

In fact, once you know what you want to learn, you need to find out when and how to learn most effectively and best.

A log of your own daily routine will help you. When you keep a record of your own life and your moods for a week, you'll end up learning what your optimal learning time is.

Log lead in 5 steps

It's not rocket science to approach yourself first focus. Only the environment has to be convinced to respect their own learning time. It helps to keep a log in 5 steps:

  1. The protocol begins with getting up and ends with bedtime.
  2. Regularly the respective emotional situation is registered.
  3. Before the lunch break, after work and before going to bed, let us briefly review how the respective emotional state and concentration were.
  4. At the end, the best phases are marked and linked together like a fever curve.
  5. Done is your protocol.

Tactics of the small steps

Much more important than big ones steps are the small but regular activities and repetitions for long-term learning success. You contribute to the learning success, so that positive experiences become possible.

When we meet frequently clear make which development steps we want to concentrate on and what specifically needs to be done now, we can book the majority of the learning success on our credit side. We still need a little patience until regular use becomes a habit - an average of 90 days.

Learning in companies requires attention and freedom

I would like to meet entrepreneurs who often have a keen interest in the Further education ihrer Employees Finally, I would like to give one more tip: It is not enough to simply hold a learning diary in front of the employees and hope that rapid progress will be made.

Employees need the opportunity, the learning success the necessary one awareness to give and, above all, the time to do so. Executives, who want to support their employees in their further development, show interest, accompany the learning process and stay on the ball.

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