You will get good decisions if you proceed in a targeted and comprehensible manner. Even if it later turns out to be a better one decision would have been: In this way you can understand and justify the decision-making process.

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1. What should be decided?

Often we start without knowing exactly where we are going. Take the time to find out about it clear to become what actually has to be decided - even if the question is apparently already clear.

Example: Purchase or lease

While Frauke Niebl was looking through the offers, one came to her Idea: For the Company it would be cheaper to lease the machine. Their job was to get a replacement for the outdated machine. She automatically assumed that the purchase of a new machine would be involved. Now there are completely new ones Ask: Should the machine be bought or leased? Does it have to be new or does a used one work? Which manufacturers are suitable?

Upcoming questions

The intensive examination of the decision problem raises completely different questions in the example, which lead to different results. Always clarify first at what level Problem must be decided. The following applies:

2. What are your goals?

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Every decision serves to make certain Set to reach. These goals can vary greatly from person to person. Are several goals being pursued at the same time? Then it can happen that the goals are mutually exclusive.

Example: Software solution

Tobias Reiter has opted for the cheapest logistics software. After all, it contains all the required ones Features and is mature. What he missed is that his Employees refuse to work with the new software: “Much too complicated to use. We're sticking with the old software, even if it can't do as much!"

Do not hide facts

In our consulting practice, we often experience the fact that decisions are made under the exclusion of existing facts. Tobias Reiter has simply overlooked the fact that the best and most favorable software is of no avail when the employees reject it.

Instead of ›Which software offers the best Costs-benefit ratio?‹ the question should have been: ›Which software best supports us in our work?‹ Write down the goals you are pursuing with your decision. Identify secondary and primary goals and focus on the latter!

Checklist: The following questions will help you to find your goals:

3. Which decision-making options do you have?

The more options you have, the better the decision will be. Avoid committing yourself to a decision too early or thinking in the black and white category. Collect everything that you can find in the alternative solutions Sinn comes. Avoid evaluating individual aspects at this stage.

4. Decide yourself!

Once you have all the options, consider which one best fits your goals and needs. Most of the time the decision is made now light, because one option turns out to be the best. Does the rating not result in a clear favourite? Then you have no choice but to question facts and intuition again and to yourself decide.

As a leader, you are the decision maker.

Accept that every decision you make involves risk. A careful examination of the background and goals can do that Risks reduce but never eliminate. Zero risk would mean not making a decision. Just as you reduce the risk of a traffic accident to zero just by staying at home.

5. Check the target

Analyze your decisions in hindsight. With an honest reflection, you have the opportunity to improve your decision-making ability.


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