The prophets of digitization never tire, the paradise of the new Working world to propagate. But for many employees, this is ineffective theoretical propaganda, which tends to increase skepticism about digitization. This article shows how employees can be prepared for the world of work 4.0 and how fears can be reduced.

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5 Steps: Enter your employees

The active involvement of employees and the honest signaling of interest in their opinions are particularly important in digitalization.

Whoever is asked, who can talk, who is involved in changes, feels taken seriously, also takes part in the changes in digitalization in the world of work 4.0, accepts them much more strongly and is more willing to take responsibility for a successful Change process.

1. Clear objectives and background information

The Communication In change projects in general, it is often incomplete, not appropriate for the target group and, especially in digitization processes, difficult to understand because it is often too technological and too platitudinous.

suffer from it Trust and confidence. Explanatory information, reasons for goals and Strategies and an overview of special activities Significance

2. Fears and concerns

Loss of work, the overcoming of flexibility, alienation from work, overloading at the pace of changeover - precisely in the process of digitization uncertainties and fears are manifold.

Only those who integrate the employees into the process, overcome the fears and concerns of digitization, discuss their suggestions and concerns, and explain the benefits of digitization for them personally can prepare employees for the work environment 4.0.

3. Inclusion of multipliers

So-called multipliers can often help, too Change called agents. These are employees who respect Expertise and enjoy trust and fundamentally evaluate the changes brought about by digitization positively.

Change Agent must fulfill high requirements: Beyond the technical acceptance of the employees, to assess professional connections, to deal with conflicts and communicate in a goal-oriented and empathic manner.

4. Perspectives and provide security

In order to achieve this, there are many concrete options for measures, Methods and themes. They range from educational work, raising awareness and joint initiatives to the use of suitable new forms of learning:

5. Communication and social skills of managers

The willingness and willingness of the employees to travel to the workplace 4.0 depends on the nature and scope of the changes. These are often very decisive and profound in the digitization, but also difficult to estimate.

The skepticism of many employees is correspondingly high. But risks, failures, reorganizations and more should also be taken into account Honestly be communicated, because openness about Problems always contributes to building trust.

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