Cohesion in a community is incredibly important. Unfortunately do yourself Women often difficult with it, because it is not uncommon for the cat war to rule. It comes down to the power in one Team !

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Teamwork or outsiders?

I also remember that we were when Boy girls nor each other compliments about all sorts of things, selflessly and without worrying whether those compliments would end up costing us something or us something in the process verlieren would like.

Unfortunately, things are often different among women today. But as a young girl, I knew one thing for sure: I would one day face a really big one Audience stand and mine voice use in any way.

Be part of a community

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Unfortunately, I was not always part of a community, rather an outsider who was only allowed to play catch, jump rope and hide from time to time. The girls in our neighborhood, man, oh man, it was really a committed community.

On the one hand maybe because I have a very strict Mother who had only once allowed a friend to stay with me. On the other hand, I was actually more of an outsider in terms of type; someone who is always allowed to play when someone from the regular cast is missing.

The power of the team

Yes, I admired the other girls for their strength, theirs Courage and above all for their strong team spirit. If a young man was stupid enough to mess with them, they instinctively held hands, became one, and threatened to hit the poor guy: "Don't mess with us!" Whereupon everyone else joined in: “We don't have any Anxiety in front of you," and the whole gang then chorused, "Yeah! Don't mess with us!", "Come on!", and "We're not afraid of you!".

The sound of these voices was almost like a song with a particularly strong and penetrating text, specially composed for the purpose of letting the enemy feel that he was not better off with such a group.

Previous: A life without worries

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The Life of women has really changed in the past few decades. Looking back, we lived almost without worries at that time. Ok, my only real concern was probably coping with all my daily Tasks in the household such as washing dishes, ironing, cleaning, vacuuming and so on.

Maybe also in how I could keep my fingers off McDonald's delicious strawberry milkshake. Oh, how did I love strawberries or a double ice cream from “Dairy Queen” or - oh god, give me strength! Ok, so with a few exceptions, I was relatively unconcerned.

What are Cellulits?

For example, I never thought about the consequences of my chocolate and ice cream. I thought neither of calories nor of cellulitis. Hell, I did not even know how to spell these words!

Did I have the faintest idea that strawberries and chocolate-coated soft ice cream could grow my bum the size of a double-decker coach? No, and I didn't mind at all.

Only one thought was important

On my almost five-kilometer walk to the next branch of “Dairy Queen”, I usually wore my summer dress, which was flowered in all the colors of the rainbow, and had braided my hair into two braids.

Every few meters I checked, while the water in my mouth was already running, whether my 25 cents were still in the little sewn-on bag of my dress. I let the coins glide through my fingers or held them tight, so that they could not disappear through any small holes in their pockets.

Today: What happened?

I had only one important thought in mind Head: Hopefully a completely new ice cream seller had been hired there, where you could quite for sure it could be that due to lack of experience he could not yet estimate the quantities and I would therefore get more ice cream than usual.

Excuse me, but whenever I think of chocolate, my thoughts wander a little. Let's go back to my admiration for the community of women from back then. Here is my question to you now, the one question that I keep asking myself, which I call the “famous women's question”:

My inner revolution

You women out there in the Welt, what happened to us? When did we lose that spirit within us that kept us together? When did we start comparing and judging ourselves solely on our cellulite?

When did we stop really enjoying an ice cream? And when - for heaven's sake - did we start with the nonsense of guilting over chocolate feel?

Zickenkrieg or cohesion?

Over time, this question became my mantra, turned into an inner one Revolution, my inner revolution. I work with women, I try everything to respect these women, but of course I always fall flat on my face with all this female competition among themselves.

So I decided to go out, search, ask, feel, and finally understand: What do we do today but thirty or forty years ago?

What needs to change?

Ok, think I'm crazy, but something seems to be whispering to my subconscious: "It's not all the way it is going at the moment!" That's why I'm standing here now and starting my journey to ask as many women as possible what we should change.

Is there any way to change this process at all? Is it really a cat war or is it just a fad that we should buy from the media? Do we all have to have the same shoes, use the same lipstick and wear a size 34?

Society’s image of women is changing

Of course, this image is also strongly influenced by women's magazines. But we can also learn to celebrate and give each other strength, whether in Job, among mothers, girlfriends and sisters, whether young or mature, single or newly in love. And appropriately, there are also women's magazines that follow this trend towards selfness and Self love participate – like that soulfactors women blog. The image of women has long been subject to social change.

Or this sits Behavior far deeper in us women than we suspect, and do we need to look at this phenomenon from different angles? I would love to sit down with each and every one of you and talk about womanhood, cohesion and competition over a delicious cup of tea or coffee.

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