In the past, we have repeatedly presented exciting examples of creative applications - for example this sassy social media application. This week, two more cases fell in front of my feet, which were not only cheeky, but also showed skill. Therefore, 10 tips on what engaged Candidate should do differently.

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Application via Twitter - but please with background

One of the two examples is also a bit older, from 2015, and shows what you can do with social media, a portion Courage and can achieve a great deal of skill – Intercessio has blogged about it extensively.

Nina Mufleh really wanted to work at Airbnb and, after numerous failed application attempts, sent a tweet - but not only: In this tweet, she sent a link to a page on which she carefully analyzed why that was Companys should expand in the Middle East. In addition, she had apparently also networked with various Airbnb employees to promote the tweet.

Cold Play: A sign for a dream job?

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The second example is actually not a classic one Application, but a nice example of how to stand out from the crowd. But here, too, is ability and corresponding self-confidence asked:

The 19-year-old Ferdinand held up a sign at Coldplay in Munich, on which he asked “Let me play Everglow for you” and was promptly asked on the stage, where he also convinced thousands of fans and singers Chris Martin with his skills. Sign to your dream job - if only for a few minutes, but with a sustained media coverage.

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10 Tips for dedicated applications

What strikes me, however, is that many Boy People often think of particularly original applications when they think of creative social media applications, but often over Objective shoot out. Of course, such an application has to be conspicuous – but it shouldn’t negative stand out. We show how it works and where it often gets stuck.

  1. Industry and address must be right: Naughty in creative areas - in the conservative environment rather traditional applications are appropriate.
  2. Have the contact person in mind: The target group has to fit - this applies to marketing as well as to applications. It does not do any good to flare your fireworks at ideas, but if your target person does not have the power to hire you.
  3. Formal Correct: Creative or not: The application should contain no spelling mistakes, the salutation should be correct.
  4. The sound makes the music: Stay in the language formally correct: Avoid confidences or colloquial language, which is not creative but intrusive!
  5. Creative packaging: Many applications are sorted out right away: make sure that the application also looks positively out of the ordinary.
  6. Witticism wins: Creative is above all amusing - a person who laughs tears is already a good start!
  7. Show commitment: Show self-confidence and commitment - nobody wants a creative application that ends with “I hope for your support”.
  8. To convince by ability: Whoever trumps must deliver, is the motto. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, so companies are skeptical accordingly. If you show that you can do something, you have won.
  9. Private remains private: They can be creative, even provocative: their private life is not part of the application.
  10. No sex! Sex sells - but not in applications! Erotic allusions can be really embarrassing!

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