A good reputation has never been more important than it is today, because potential employers can click on a button Internet find out everything about us. But how do you be active online and at the same time keep the Executive from the neck?

14 tips for the perfect online reputation for applications: Attention, boss is reading too!

The balancing act between online activities, reputation and work-life balance

By day Welt is becoming more and more global and networked, it is becoming more and more important to have a good one Online- to have reputation. But how can we improve our onlinePersonality manage while maintaining a healthy Work-Life-Balance maintain?

A good reputation is as good as your word. A good reputation can open doors for you and open up opportunities that the average person will never have - or slam them. The thing with the good reputation hides than many risks – especially online. At the same time, good reputation management also opens up many opportunities.

The good reputation - it's actually about trust

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Let's briefly consider what reputation is all about. Back to the basics, so to speak: A good reputation gives people a feeling of trust and security and helps you, your or your career Company to advance. However, a bad reputation can do the opposite: it can growth and progress and leave you without any chance.

However, things get particularly tricky in the age of the Internet: Because HR managers and the boss and spe will certainly Candidate put it through its paces on the internet. Sure, there are in Germany Privacy, which is also taken very seriously, at least in theory. In practice, behind closed doors Hand, but no boss takes care of it - nobody needs to know.

Beware of embarrassments online - and what you can do about it

No doubt social media has the power to make or break you into a professionally successful person. And if you think your boss isn't through your facebook-Feed scrolls, then you are terribly mistaken.

It is difficult to have a good reputation, but it is even more difficult to have a good reputation online. Everyone can see your social media accounts and the internet as a whole. This can be especially frustrating when you make a mistake or do something embarrassing. But no worry! Here are some tips on how to improve your online reputation and have a better internet experience.

Having the right online reputation means power

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Your online reputation is how others perceive you. It's the first thing people notice about you. And that can be a powerful tool for professional Success or professional failure.

If you're seen in a negative light, you can get fired, friends verlieren or get an unhappy spouse. But if you are seen in a positive light, you can create new ones customers, more Money and get promotions.

The thing about defamatory temptation

Almost everyone is on social media these days, and it's hard not to succumb to the temptation to post something inappropriate every now and then. But there are ways to maintain an impeccable reputation online that will help you get that dream job or promotion. The following eight tips will help you stay relevant and keep your boss happy:

It's not always easy to maintain a good image online when there are so many people trying to put you down. But with these 14 tips for the perfect online reputation, you can keep your social media profile spotless and still Fun have on the internet!

14 Tips for Your Online Reputation

Here are 15 tips for building a good reputation online that can help keep your boss off your back while maintaining your digital presence:

  1. Start by Googling your name. After all, you need to know how things are going on the internet. And then follow these steps:
  2. Check with Google or a relevant reputation provider whether a user is already online with your “good name”. The keyword is: identity theft on the Internet.
  3. Secure your name online - with a homepage that bears your name http://www.Ihrname.de (.com, .net, .eu etc.).
  4. Create an account on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more you control your own presence, the less others will.
  5. Make sure your profile is up to date and contains correct information.
  6. Keep your posts professional and appropriate for the public.
  7. Use social media for networking and self-expression. Both are equally important.
  8. Turn off notifications for all social media accounts when you're not working or checking. Take breaks. You can also switch between the devices.
  9. Social networks like Xing, Facebook and Co. are good - homepages and blogs are better. Studies show that the best and most effective image cultivation on the net is carried out with an own internet presence (homepage / blog). Decisive advantage: All personal information, pictures, videos, etc. are stored here in a central location on the Internet - and you are your own editor-in-chief. It is up to you what is published / found on the internet and what is not. So, set up your own internet presence to take control of your online image. It's faster than you think. Now you only need a few clicks to get to your own homepage or blog.
  10. Make Sure You Can Be Found - The Professionals Call It Search Engine Optimization. Companies spend a lot of money on this. Private individuals already achieve very good results with web construction kits or ready-made blog systems. Here the basic structure is already optimized for search engines. If you want to get even more out of it, you can have your site tested by or other providers for free.
  11. Search engines love blogs - the more often you update your Internet presence or write new entries in connection with your name, the more likely your page will end up at the top of the search results.
  12. Two minutes a day is enough - inquire about your online image as often as you do your private one eMailGet s. If you have set up a “personal Internet messaging service”, this is done automatically anyway, since Google alerts you via eMail informed about publications on the net.
  13. Avoid the "ostrich policy". Take action if you notice that content is circulating on the Internet that is harmful to you. Those who do nothing and do not communicate leave the field to others.
  14. If your image problem gets out of hand and you can no longer cope with it as an individual, don't be afraid to turn to professionals. There are so-called reputation defenders who take care of your problem. They will help you restore your online reputation.

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