enthusiastic Employees are the basis, a crucial basis to be considered Companys not only to announce the service idea, but to live it. So the following applies: First employee enthusiasm and then customer enthusiasm!

3 myths about customer enthusiasm: The employee as a guarantee of success

From now on the employee is king!

Still applies in Business the established rule: The Customer is king! And that's how he often behaves: condescending, know-it-all and without regard for losses. It is time that this fair game and slave existence came to an end and that the tide turned.

And with good reason. Because only employees who are valued and recognized by the company feel and get the best possible support, the king customer confident counter Only when employees see themselves as kings can they share this feeling with the customers pass on.

Working together is the key to service success

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Good teams control themselves and react more flexibly to changing requirements and extreme situations. And there are always plenty of those in customer contact. In many companies means Team however still often: Toll Ein Anderer Meight!

That’s not how customer enthusiasm develops! Because it is always the sum of different services and people. No goods without buyers, no clean premises without cleaning services, without Recruiter no new employees ... the list could be continued indefinitely.

Good Teamwork creates flexibility and it needs it to inspire customers. The better the individual employees work together, the more the manager's planning and control effort is reduced. Size Set can only be achieved together, because a good team is stronger than the sum of its members.

Three myths about customer and employee enthusiasm

Companies that manage to sensitize employees to the topic of service convey more joy in sales and dealing with customers. With personal Expertise employees can always do to a customer for sure, charming and easy to appear as a matter of course.

At the same time, employees develop an eye for more Esteem towards the customer and, as a result, more pleasure in service. The circle closes and with it, difficult situations such as price negotiations or complaints become easier.

The 3 myths of customer delight

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In this context, there are three exciting myths about customer and employee enthusiasm:

Myth #1: Mistakes are bad!

When dealing with customers, we cannot afford to make any mistakes! Really? Why not? Mistakes are part of life! How else do we learn to walk if we can't fall? Only with a positive error culture will an employee dare to act and to decide, For Executives the motto is therefore: let go!

If you are pilloried for every mistake in a company or team, then there are only insecure employees and they can NEVER ensure customer enthusiasm. They are far too dependent, insecure and ultimately incapable for that.

In addition, one can and will positive error culture contribute to keeping good employees in the company. So please always focus on the things that are going well and those that aren't. This is particularly important for reviews and feedback from customers, for example.

Myth #2: Complaints are bad, or at least bad

Of course, no one likes being confronted with a complaint. Spontaneous stress reactions to this are the reason for most service disasters. It doesn't have to be like that.

Just as the customer is not king, the customer is not always right. However, he has one right: to express his concerns, to complain if something does not fit and to complain about a defective product or service.

Danger looms when no one feels responsible for it – for the customer, by the way, worse than any bossiness. It would be just as fatal to make a promise that you know you can't keep anyway. Or even to contradict the dissatisfied customer. If the customer complains, calm is the order of the day.

Listening, showing interest and expressing regret has brought almost every angry customer to reason. The fact is: Angry customers are always a source of further development from which both companies and employees can grow. Experience is a value in itself. Here it is good to take Control to have. But only here!

Myth #3: Trust is good, control is better

We all know it, exaggerated control by executives because they may be insecure themselves. 'Straightjackets' put on employees and restricting their decisions.

Unnecessary specifications force employees into the role of henchmen without having to or being allowed to think for themselves. That's not how customers get excited! Too many standards - without coordination - only provide limited security. In reality, they are absolutely counterproductive. The service suffers as much as the service staff themselves.

Trust is like that light – provided you also have it for yourself. The greater the self-confidence, the easier it is for managers and bosses to trust their employees. In connection with control and trust, it is shown again and again in companies: When decisions have to be made, employees would make the same decisions 70 percent of the time, better in 20 percent (because they are closer to the customer) and only 10 percent worse than their bosses. So control is good, but trust is better!

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