Even ten years after that Study I take care of it Contact to former classmates, keep in touch with them. I found that most of them felt the same as me. They have Companys changed, new Tasks and get positions. Only today feel she is paid appropriately.


Work new thinking

That gave me something to think about. It must be possible that "Concept work”, to question and break up encrusted structures and processes. We're not isolated cases. Many representatives of the younger generation feel the same way. We are used to it (and the very young ones even more so) with mobile phones and laptops to organize.

And we do have enough Discipline and bite to do our chores. When I was a student, no more than one percent of students had a laptop. When I lecture at universities today, at most one percent of all students there does NOT have a laptop with them.

Working time is lifetime

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For me “working time = lifetime” means. I just don't see why I have to do my time until the end of the day when I've finished work.

Why am I not allowed to enjoy the time that I have "worked" through speed, precision and corresponding results?

Even (prematurely) achieved daily goals are successes! But that's not all. The Boy Generation is also interested in self-realization and meaningful work. Sure, that was older People Even so, but maybe they didn't dare to communicate it publicly.

The meaning of the work

Compared to older employees, the younger generation questions this much more often Sinn her work. She wants to understand what and, above all, why and for what she is doing something, often asks about the background, wants to take responsibility and have a say in decisions.

Watch the young people a little more closely. You will find that many of them are very dedicated. You develop your own ideas, pack them in concepts or words, want to bring them into projects or processes.

They want to make experiences, develop themselves professionally and grow personally. But when something grows, growth pains are the cause. This means that each of us makes mistakes regardless of developmental phases. This is completely normal. Therefore an environment must be created in which mistakes may be made.

Mistakes promote development ...

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... if we learn from it. This also applies to sport. Boxing becomes whole clear differentiated between training and competition. Many techniques are tried out during training, but they do not always work (right away) in the application as we imagined in theory. We make mistakes and the feedback often hurts.

Perhaps it brings us the realization that this Technology is not right for you. We learn through reflection, but also through pain. In competition, on the other hand, the boxer only uses techniques that work. Mistakes are not appropriate here! Taken as a whole, it is a promising learning process.

And that is exactly what must be possible in a company. Mistakes must be allowed to be made. Only then can he Employees evolve and get better. The prerequisite is, however, that these errors only have limited consequences and not the whole Objective endanger. From the boxer's point of view, he must not be knocked out in every fight. This is too damaging to the substance and diminishes it Motivation.

Work in harmony with the biorhythm

The young generation wants to do it themselves decide, when and where she gets her work done. It needs fixed framework conditions within which it can move freely. The older generation was different; tasks were often simply processed without complaining or asking. The why, what for and also the how were of no interest.

This leads to a question that I would like to ask you: Can you concentrate on eight hours at a time? Not me! We are people and (thank God) no machines! We have a biorhythm with high and low phases, which can be positively influenced by more movement, healthy nutrition and relaxation phases.

Be flexible!

Every book on time management has it productto work in harmony with the biorhythm. There is no doubt that it makes sense to complete complex tasks when we can concentrate well. In order for this to succeed, the environment also makes a decisive contribution. So why not do your work at home - in the home office or outside in the fresh air - when you can concentrate much better here?

I know many people who change their place of work on a regular basis. They work in the garden, in the car or in the hotel lobby. Why not? A new environment gives fresh incentives, stimulates imagination and creativity

So be flexible and work "with soft bandages". Of course, this way of working requires a high degree of mutual trust. But we are Honestly: If there is no trust, it is generally difficult to perform well; the Workplace plays only a minor role.


Recruiting young people is a good approach to thinking about work, Guide and thinking about collaboration. But be careful: what has worked well for 30 years does not necessarily have to apply for the next 30 years.

The boys may be better able to deal with information, but they lack something that the older ones have: professional and life experience. If both complement each other, something larger can result, according to Aristotle's quote: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

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