The best idea is useless if a start-up fails to win over investors. We'll show you how to create your idea in 5 steps successfully pitch!

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5 Steps to successful pitch

You will surely know that the best idea has no real value if you don't manage to convince investors of your start-up investment. It will never come to market and it will never be publicized unless you have sponsors to support you ideas put into action.

Today I'm going to give you 5 easy ones steps show how you will hopefully soon and easily be able to convince investors of your ideas and thus achieve a solid start-up investment.

It doesn't matter whether this is your first time persuading a team of investors or whether you have already dealt with them several times. Both types will benefit sufficiently from this post.

1. Burn

Perhaps the simplest element you can use to convince others of your ideas is your own fire. That you are behind 100% your idea is both the simplest and the least requirement for successful persuasion within a start-up investment.

In my Eyes there is nothing more impractical than Peoplewho don't really stand behind their ideas and are passionate about you because, in the end, you're just stealing my precious lifetime as an investor if I have to listen to them. And that should definitely not happen in front of your investors!

Only those who are convinced of their idea and thus also of themselves and their project will succeed in evoking similar feelings in their investors. As with speakers Audience, your investors are Spiegelpicture of your own emotions.

Nobody will like to be Money throw it out the window, and certainly not your investors. And therefore you should feel this through your own enthusiasm that you can entrust your money with a comfortable feeling.

Surely you will know the image that a stone leaves behind when it is thrown onto a calm water surface, right? Correct, it will beat waves that will move over the entire surface of the water over time. This is also the case with a good idea from you, which is presented in the right way to your sponsors.

2. I know something you do not know

Another basic building block in this 5 level model, which should be taken for granted, is your own background knowledge. If you want to convince investors, then it is necessary that you know the market. Anyone who makes a start-up investment wants to know how their idea is likely to arrive on the market.

For quite speaking among us, it is not purposeful to be a person who tries to convince someone else without a concrete idea or idea of ​​his own intentions. You'll want to deal with that, of course!

If I have a creative idea that seems worth pursuing, I'm eager to explore it. For this purpose, the entire Internet searched to see whether the same or similar ideas had already been presented.

Try to keep an eye on your potential competition, especially if you have chosen a topic that is already well-stocked. After all, your investors want to know from you what you are doing differently from just the others.

3. Stand out from the crowd

You will surely know it for yourself the longer you stay on the Welt is and the more you have seen so far, the more difficult it is to experience things that excite you or even fascinate you at best.

Ultimately, however, you want your idea to get others to look at you I aufmerksam and are interested in your start-up investment. What's the best way to do this? Basically you have two ways on which you your Objective relatively light reachable:

Either you're trying to convince investors of an idea that's stunningly innovative, or you're reinventing an idea that others have had before you Perspektive and a new drive. Both variants will ensure that you step out of the shadows of others and that you come to the fore.

Keep in mind: It is always the most elegant way not to step in the footsteps of someone else (because you leave behind, as you know, no traces), but leave your own.

But not only your own idea is decisive, it is also about how it is sold to the investors. And the focus is on you and your ability Advertising to do on your own.

So in this case, be creative and dare. Be it a striking appearance (i.e. a corresponding style of clothing) that makes you stand out from the crowd or a confident and charismatic one Appear.

4. Show that the investment is worth it

Whether you want to improve an already existing idea and you suggest it to your investors or if you enter a new territory with your idea, it is always important that your investors are convinced that their investment will be profitable.

No man will have money to give away unless he wants to for charitable purposes Organization to donate something.

Specifically, that means: You have to yourself and your idea merchandise. Through a good preparation of your idea and an excellent preparation for the Presentation in front of your financiers, you have all eventualities covered.

The only thing that can happen to you (that's what I call a general life-risk in this profession), that although you are 100% behind your idea, 110% prepared and 120% informed about the market and its gaps, your investors yours Idea for a start-up investment is not like.

You will have to reckon with this, as tastes are different. But with these tips, you will still have to be lucky to 330.

5. I am the right person for you

Imagine the following situation: You want to take your lady-in-waiting by storm, what are you doing best? Right. You give everything you can and everything you have.

In this way you should imagine that your investors also want to be convinced of you. They want to know why they are investing their hard-earned money in you and your idea invest should and not in the hundreds of thousands of others Candidatewho also have good ideas.

Like that too Ms. Your heart, investors note fast, if behind your words there is only hot air and even if you do not play with open cards. No matter how well you've followed the steps above, you'll find that no one can prepare for everything.

Despite thorough and intensive research, you will not be able to predict the market (you would have to go to the Future can see). So since you can't know how the market will develop after you get a start-up investment, you won't be all that probing either Ask your investors can answer.

So don't be ashamed to admit that you can't answer all of the questions. You are not a clairvoyant, after all, and it bears witness to enough sovereignty admit this too. Investors not only want you to have an idea that captivates them, but also to be honest about what you intend to do with their money.

Even if it is hardly possible nowadays, every investor does not just want his money for sure, but also sustained to invest. As long as you can evoke that feeling in your investors, even with the help of an honest answer or two, you have it Trust Your backers won.

For example, this could look like this: “I have no idea how the market will develop in the next five years. I can only hope for the best with my idea XY and do my best and because of the current one circumstances XY, I also have good reason to be hopeful."


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The most important thing is: Present yourself and your ideas to the investors useful, convince yourself and your skills. Of course, I could continue the list forever, but this is a first step: It's up to you and not so much the idea. I invest in people.

Above all, stay motivated!

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