Company like Google have been doing it for a long time: Healthy communication and leadership also means finding the way to “power together” together.

Lead Communicate Self-Love: Learning from Google

The key to better leadership

The standard of living of healthy communication and leadership, based on the ideas of the nonviolent Communication According to Marshall B. Rosenberg and her four steps, the key is:

The key to a transparent, trusting and innovative culture in companies, organizations, families and schools. You are in every difficult situation Everyday life useful.

The first step to the realization: the sincere self-clarification

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Based on nonviolent communication, healthy communication assumes that everything People do is based on an attempt to fulfill a need. Most people react in Conversation but not consciously out of this need, because they don't even have this connection clear at a hunt.

Even the feeling that the situation triggers with regard to their need is not realized by most. Rather, they react immediately, impulsively, partly as remote-controlled.

Why we often communicate unconsciously unclear

As long as we cannot clarify ourselves, we often communicate unconsciously and unclearly, which can be irritating to hurtful for others. Then we like to be ourselves insulted or angry, which separates us rather than connects us.

In the long run, unconscious communication leads to disturbed relationships. The self explanation is a simple one Method, which enables us to become aware of the chain from perception (our own, often imaginative head cinema) to the feeling and the need behind it to the concrete request. Then we can exactly Honestly and specifically address what is going on inside us without accusations and clarify what needs to be clarified.

Good solutions for the individual

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They enable lighter, more individual Solutions for individuals. Management considerations and decisions can thus be communicated much more transparently and comprehensibly.

Encouraging developments as well as unpopular ones Measures (dismissal, short-time work, separation, Crisis) are disclosed clearly and sensitively.

What makes us resilient

In a simplified form, it is always a matter of wanting to understand and to be understood instead of commanding and promoting obedience or counter-pressure. This is a waste of resources, weakens the organism and leads in nature to an early death.

Let's seize the opportunity as early as possible to deal consciously with our most valuable asset, ours Health, to maintain – that supports the resilience the individual.

The addressees perceive

The Objective is that the addressees perceive that the leaders want to include them and strive for a culture of trust with everything they do. This tool gives employees and managers more ease and the opportunity to stand up for themselves much more effectively.

In short: self-efficacy increases satisfaction. The changed attitude and language mean that teams and departments in a company pull together more easily instead of getting frustrated with unresolved conflicts.

Know and communicate goals

The following factors are necessary for a healthy leadership culture:

These conditions lead to an attitude that is open to other opinions and approaches.

Which makes Google and Co better

Companies like Google, BSO/Origin IT Consulting in the Netherlands, Patagonia, Gore, Morningstar in the USA or the Great Place to Work companies in Germany, but also the ESBZ School in Berlin are known for their extraordinary successes and innovative structures in cooperation I aufmerksam.

You want a conscious and responsible Business or offer educational opportunities and value a holistic approach, networking and equality for all. Those responsible know:

A culture of potential development

It's not about one decision between profit and efficiency versus man and his needs or values, but rather about a humanely successful way, about an integrated both-and, about efficiency, profit with, for and through the people.

This path produces special results. In striving for a culture of potential development in schools, partnerships and companies, the burn and bore-out rates for sure sink.

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