Today's Working world sometimes places extreme demands on the People. We react. with stress tests, with burnout avoidance strategies and a large number of sometimes very effective, but mostly conventional approaches. But unusual times also call for unusual ones Measures.

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4 unusual tips for dealing with stress

What is our first reaction when we find ourselves in a situation that is asking too much of us? Right, we curse. In fact, it is an extremely liberating process. That's because in our Society there is a ban on swearing – it just isn't the “fine English” way of throwing foul words around in the presence of others, especially in the professional environment.

The following Article therefore deals with literally “animal” (but not necessarily animal) relaxing things that may not be the first (and also not the second) in the Sinn come when you think about stress avoidance and relaxation, but certainly when a lot of other measures have failed, can still help a lot.

1. Release pressure

But that's exactly what you should do when the mountain of stress is higher than your own Head grows. You don't have to do it in the presence of others, not even right on Workplace. But you should give your frustration words in a timely manner. Because with that we cross the taboo threshold of swearing and that alone relaxes the mind. Whether you choose classic curses or get creative with it is completely secondary.

The main thing is that you can really rudely say anything and everything that has brought you into the current stressful situation Opinions fiddle. Incidentally, the next “evolutionary stage” of this relaxation exercise is no less unusual, but should be chosen in secluded places due to its volume. It's called cry therapy and that Name is literally program, The scream, the roar, the scream, the stress of the soul, the effect is even more lasting than the cursing.

2. Animals

The work is on the desk in front of you. On the left sits the colleague, you can not be so bad, on the right is only the wall. Such a situation is known to most workers. It is so stressful, because we are almost trapped in our position, as in a prison cell. There is no way to see at this moment anything else than negative.

This is where the dog in the workplace comes into play. There is no right to have an animal in the Office keep, it's not even very common in Germany. But Of all the advantages that the office quadruple offers, perhaps the most serious is that just looking at the dog is enough to make our Brain release the hormone oxytocin with a calming effect. Because oxytocin, which is also known as the “cuddle hormone”, ensures both Women as well as men for a soothing feeling. The pulse slows down a bit, the stress hormone cortisol is inhibited and even one's own social behavior is improved - and the working atmosphere even improves because all colleagues who see the dog have improved social behavior.

In short: An office dog is not just a nice gesture from management to the owner, but is actually a strong stress-reducing factor that benefits all employees - because the oxytocin release occurs independently of the relationship to the animal and increases even if it doesn't just stop at looks, but you scratch the dog. Just a few minutes are enough to noticeably reduce the stress level.

3. Physical activity

The fact that sport stress can be dismantled is now well-known and is used by many professionals as standard. The round about the block, the weight-stepping in the studio, is part of the life of a lot of people today - if you can trust the statisticians, there are about half of all Germans who break down stress on this sporting path. However, what is far less known is the fact that sport is also quite even become a stress-trigger, even in the Burnout can drift.

However, this disadvantage is not known from another, no less movement-intensive activity, chopping wood. It's easy: you put a piece of wood on a chopping block and split it with the ax until either the wood or your own battery is empty. Although this ability is not one of the typical soft skills of German office workers, it can also be compared light learn.

But what makes wood chops with us? There are several things. They are all surprisingly also elementary building blocks of stress management:

  1. At the top level, it is a sporty-strenuous exercise. Only then are stress hormones really effectively broken down.
  2. On the next level, it is a very uniform operation: wood on it, ax high, ax down, bend. As a result, woodchucking becomes a meditative component, since other relaxation exercises such as yoga also benefit from the uniformity of the procedures.
  3. On the lowest level, woodchuck is not an activity that blocks our brain. At the same time, however, it is not so intuitive that we do not have to think about it at all - unlike running. The brain is busy just enough not to think about the job.

Then you have to consider that chopping wood also takes up a whole series of muscle parts of the upper body and upper extremities - just the right thing to fight all the office-induced zippers. In contrast to practically every “normal” sport, this also creates something productive, namely a lot of firewood.

4. floating

This last point should initially cause many a raised eyebrow. Because it's about sensory deprivation - a common practice in the field of so-called "white torture", i.e. such that leaves no physical traces. In the process, people are deprived of all stimuli: Eyes connected, filters in front of mouth and nose so that no odors can get through, thick earmuffs. The consequences are thought disorders, concentration difficulties, hallucinations, personality changes.

What's more, what's actually torture over long periods of time because our brains can not cope with the total absence of stimuli, and therefore are rightly outlawed internationally, is at shorter intervals a recognized therapy in the form of “floating”, When floating, you get into a bathtub, which can be sealed with a lid. The water is heated to 35 ° C so that it corresponds exactly to our body temperature and the subject does not feel excessive warmth or cold. In addition, the water is also strongly salted, so that there is sufficient buoyancy.

If you are lying in the floating tub, you will not only be floating on the water, but you will not get any noise or light from outside. Here, the same mechanisms that torturers use in a persuasive manner over several days work: In the first few hours, the deprivation of irritation provides for an extreme form of depth relaxation. Neither the mind has to process sensory impressions, nor does our body have to exert itself to maintain the temperature. The hovering also relieves the spine, which is also conducive to combating typical office problems.

Even if you do not want to buy a floating tub (costs about 4.000 Euro), the effect can imitate at home:

  1. The bathroom is heated to pleasant warm temperatures
  2. Fill the bath with water, taking care that the temperature is around 35 ° C (with a thermometer)
  3. For example, dissolve 1.000 to 2.000 g ordinary saline in the water
  4. Insert waterproof earplugs (diving supplies)
  5. Place in the tub, turn off the bathroom light and close your eyes

The effect works the better, the bigger the tub is, so that one does not hit the edges anywhere. However, the procedure should not be continued for more than an hour.

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