You you also part of the overworked Society, despite home office? Stress is already considered hip today. Who none Lust here are five simple tips for general well-being.

Anti-stress training for the chronically overworked: 5 tips for more resilience

Modern man - a victim of the overworked society?

Have you also become a victim of the stressed society and do you also count among the permanently overemployed? Are you constantly on the move and around the clock for God and them Welt reachable? Especially now, at a time when the boundaries between Workplace and home getting blurry feel themselves many People extremely stressed due to the new circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many working people, home office means that the workload is often fulfilled outside of the contractually agreed working hours: E-mails are answered and calls are taken without interruption, even at times that we should use for leisure activities or take care of our families. All the good advice from health experts doesn't fit our daily lives at all at the moment.

Permanent availability - a blessing and a curse at the same time

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At first glance, this permanent availability seems to be exemplary for the employer, but it also has a stale aftertaste. Because instead of increasing productivity increase, the “over-busy society” can also do the exact opposite. In a recently published Harvard Business Review report found that excessive work readiness, on-call duty and availability causes enormous stress on the people involved and distracts from our real goals. In some cases this can even lead to a Burnout .

What steps is there anything you can do to escape from this trap when it is you who have been afflicted by "over-busy society"? Being busy doesn't mean you have to be effective at work.

5 tips against stress and excessive demands

The following recommendations have been developed by various experts so that you may be less busy and available, but more effective and more successful.

1. Enjoy every single day of your vacation

It may sound really ridiculous at times, but many of us are no longer even able to take all of the vacation entitlements we are entitled to. Unfortunately, in many cases this has already become a reality. Employee surveys show that the average UK worker consumes only 62% of their annual vacation entitlement, with four in ten adults taking less than half of that.

But that's not all: Of those who use their vacation entitlement in full, around a quarter of those people still check their e-mails regularly Anxiety, not being job compliant.

With a little personal Planning and Organization However, it is possible to avoid many of these activities completely while on vacation. In this article we present you with four guidelines that vacationing employees should definitely follow in order to be able to overcome the vacation culture that has already crept in.

2. Stop checking your phone all the time

The phone rings, buzzes, beeps or vibrates and we pick it up immediately. An automatism that has already passed into our blood. Most notifications, however, are unimportant, mostly announcements from addictive social media from distant friends. Even if we only spend a few seconds looking at the mobile phone, this process can lead to subsequent actions that were not actually planned by you. A recent report estimated that we spend about three hours and 15 minutes on and in front of our phones every day, and much of that is determined to be nonessential and unnecessary things.

However, increased use of the telephone can also lead to other behavioral problems, for example anxiety states have been observed in some people and posture changes as a result of excessively long use of our smartphones. In some cases, it was even found that the respiratory performance of various hard-core users was influenced, because poor posture and an irregular oxygen supply to the brain lead to stress. Therefore, the longer we scroll, the worse we feel.

In order to provide a quick remedy, all types of notifications should be deactivated on your mobile phones. Because most of the things we do on our phones are not good for our health. We are usually magically drawn to social media, addicting games, and alarming news. It stands to reason that if we really only allow the most important notifications, we don't look at our cell phones so often and do unproductive things.

If you have difficulty performing these self-protection measures yourself, there are many tools that can help you with this. It may sound ironic, but there are apps out there that can keep you from using other apps. If you can reduce your phone usage by as little as 25%, you will soon see how much more extra time you have gained and how much less you will feel "busy".

3. Check your e-mails only twice a day

Part of our addiction to these mobile devices is their ability to keep us constantly updated with news and other content, and thus ours awareness to win. Because of this, many of us constantly update our social media feeds to stay current and see the latest posts anytime, anywhere. We feel a brief moment of joy, but it soon becomes stale.

E-mails are another driving force behind our dependence on mobile devices; we constantly check the inbox for new messages. Our self-imposed attitude to work forces us to check our e-mails several times a day, even if the probability that a new important message has arrived is low. In addition, we reply to unimportant e-mails and overlook the actual importance of other information.

Let's aim to only check our email twice a day. Many experts swear by this rule and can use it to be more productive the rest of the time Tasks focus. And you always stay up to date. Some personal development experts even posit that you shouldn't check your email in the morning, and give seven reasons why you should wait until after lunch to do it.

One is for sure: The less time we spend combing through unimportant emails, the less stressed and busy we'll be, and the more time we'll have for what matters most.

4. Practice mindfulness

Many people get the buzzword “meditation” wrong Eyes: Isn't that just what hippies do? And doesn't this take a lot of time when nothing is actually done?

Exactly the opposite is the case, because in view of the ever-increasing demands of a busy working life, which affects more and more people worldwide, millions of people consider meditation as a fixed point for daily relaxation.

The exercise Mindfulness is a popular form of meditation that only takes a few minutes and can be done easily in a comfortable chair or in your own bed. Take a deep breath and focus on your surroundings: hear the sounds, look closely at your surroundings and absorb the smells that surround you.

According to the current expert opinion, stress can be reduced in a very short time without much action. So if you're torn back and forth and don't know which is left or right, take a few minutes and practice mindfulness meditation.

5. Learn to say "no"

“Overemployment” is often a direct result of what is known as the “yes-man culture”. We don't want to disappoint other people, let them down or appear uncooperative. That's why we always agree to help with other tasks or to take on unproductive work that could actually be done by other people.

But turning down an assignment or request doesn't always have to be offensive. If you effectively No say, this can even increase your reputation with the people around you, because you are the one who appears focused and efficient. Even so can Respect be worked out.

Take this advice seriously and try to stick to it. And after a while, you will see how these changes did you good. You will find that you have made more time for yourself and your loved ones, and as you follow these tips above, you will find that "constant readiness" doesn't necessarily have to dominate your life after all.

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