In Germany there is a real shortage of skilled workers in many areas. This is particularly serious in the area of ​​nursing. What solutions are there?

Job profile! Nursing specialist: Through training against the shortage of skilled workers

Important facts about professional training as a nursing specialist

Above all, the fact that we are getting older - and as a result the demand for nursing professionals is increasing - ensures that the profession of nurses is discussed again and again. Much has been done with the new general nursing training to increase the attractiveness of this profession increase. We show how to become a nurse, what requirements you need and how the Everyday life designed by a nurse.

Previously, you had to register at the beginning of nursing training decide: It was crucial for them whether they wanted to work in nursing, pediatric nursing or geriatric care Vocational Training. This has changed since the Nursing Professions Act, which has been in force since January 1, 2020. The three individual job descriptions were merged into a general nursing education. This enables trainees to get a taste of the three different areas in the first two years of their apprenticeship and then to determine which direction interests them the most. In addition, you acquire an EU-wide recognized degree, so you can later work in other EU countries if you wish.

How long does nursing training take?

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Total lasts training to become a nurse or to become a nursing specialist three years. It takes place both at school and in various facilities where trainees can gain practical experience. After the first two years of training you can decide: Do you want to continue on the general path and acquire a degree as a nursing specialist? Or do you want to specialize in one area?

The admission requirement for the training is at least a high school diploma. Anyone who has completed secondary school can first be trained to become a nursing assistant and then complete a shortened training course to become a nursing specialist.

How does the vocational training work?

The new training as a nursing specialist is free of charge, there will no longer be school fees. Instead, the trainees receive appropriate remuneration. According to the collective agreement for trainees in the public service care (TVAöD care), this is salary EUR 1 per month in the first year of training, EUR 1.191 in the second and EUR 1.252 in the third, each gross. In addition, the three-year training course is very practice-oriented.

About half of the training period is spent in a hospital or nursing facility. In this way you get to know the real everyday care routine and acquire skills to cope with it. Another advantage: there is the prospect of being taken on as a specialist by the respective training institution after graduation.

Dual vocational training at a glance

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How exactly does the training work? Here is an overview of the different levels of training.

This is what the first year of training looks like

This is what the second year of training looks like

This is what the third year of training looks like

What are the fields of activity of trained nursing staff?

Trained nurses can work in a variety of fields. If you want to specialize in the field of elderly care, retirement homes or residential complexes that offer assisted living are among the potential employers. They help old people there People in personal hygiene, eating and administering medication. In addition, they are available to advise on various appointments. In addition to permanent care facilities, outpatient care services can also be used as locations.

In general nursing or pediatric nursing, you work either in the hospital or in outpatient care. Patients are looked after here, for example by changing bandages or giving infusions. Assisting the doctor and managing patient files are just as important. Accounting and administrative work such as ordering medicines or materials are part of the job Agenda. Therefore, computer skills are also required.

Nursing professionals need these personal skills

A high social Expertise is a basic requirement for all nursing activities. Because you are confronted with sick people and people in need of help every day, you need a strong psyche. Patience and empathy are also required, and you should also be able to work under pressure. Because older people and people in need of care need a lot of help as well Motivation and in many cases also a conversation partner.

Both Teamwork as well as independent work characterize a good nursing specialist. As a nurse or geriatric nurse, you usually have to work in shifts. Overtime is also not uncommon, as is working on weekends or public holidays.

Career in nursing - that's how it works

Nursing professionals have the best prerequisites for further training in various areas. Digitization in care could for example be an area to specialize in. But also one Further Training to become a specialist in health and social work is possible. In addition, there areCourses in the fields of care planning, palliative care or kinaesthetics.

In-service training opportunities are particularly popular and help Background acquired or deepened in various specialist areas. For example, the fields of oncological care, intensive care, emergency medicine or psychiatry are possible. You can also apply for an academic Study decide.

That is why the nursing profession is so important

As the link between patient, doctor, therapist and relatives, the nursing specialist plays an important role. After all, as a carer you are not only an important contact person for the person in need of care, but also for their relatives. Empathy, sensitivity and a sense of responsibility are therefore required.

Nursing professions still have a rather bad image. The lack of staff in the Pcare will become even more severe in the future, many experts are convinced of that. This is the conclusion reached by an analysis by management consultancy PwC. According to this, an important reason is the poor image of the nursing professions: low wages, overtime and excessive demands seem to be the order of the day in many places. Better pay and the increased use of digital technologies are all the more important for the experts in order to make work in the healthcare system easier.

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