Innovations can only come about if People in Companys think and act differently, but all in one Team work together. This is exactly what diversity management is for. How does it look in Germany?

diversity management

Only no DC connection

Imagine they are coming to a party. You want to talk to someone, talk to a young man standing next to you. His name is Thomas. And he begins to tell about his model railway. They are not interested in model railways, but listen politely.

After a few minutes it gets dull because Thomas makes no move to ask what you are doing and what interests you. With the words "I'm going to get another beer" you steal away. You meet another young man at the fridge. His name is also funny, Thomas. And when you ask him what he prefers to spend his time with, he starts talking about model trains. Creepy, isn't it?

Innovation alone is the result of diversity

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what is in privacy halfway practically avoidable, can for companies to Problem become: A lot of people, all thinking in the same direction. At first glance, you might think that's a great thing. Everyone has common themes and views, understand each other, talk to each other.

The problem with this: A company is not a closed one System, but moves in markets. It must be sensitive to the changes in its environment, in society, for technological developments.

Status quo in German companies

That's exactly why companies do this Concept implement diversity management. However, and this is one of the results of a current study that we carried out by Ernst and Young together with the corporate initiative “Diversity Charter”: Two thirds of companies in Germany have not yet done anything in terms of diversity management!

Let's see what the rest of the third is doing. In general, companies are concerned with making things more flexible Working world. And with 29 percent, flexible working hours are the most common. The background is clear. Most of all, one thinks of becoming more family-friendly and a bigger one Work-Life-Balance to enable. And many HR managers tell you in confidence that they would like more Women in the company. A good start, but not enough.

Our blind spots

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After all, diversity management is not just about women. There are other groups that have so far often fallen through the cracks when it comes to hiring or promotions, such as the elderly or people with disabilities. And there are groups who encounter prejudice in the work environment because of their way of life or life models. Think of people who have a different sexual identity or Orientation have. Just put yourself in the position of a gay manager who is invited to a high-profile event and the invitation card says: “You are welcome to bring your wife with you”. Bull's eye - what do I do now?

At this point, maybe a little trip to my favorite topic “Unconscious Bias”. It's about subconscious prejudices that we all have. For example, that men who are interested in model trains are stuffy and uninspired. Everyone can find various examples with a little thought. We gain some of these prejudices from the media, others because we have once experienced something with someone and because of some characteristics we automatically put other people in the same drawer. There will always be.

Business is team sports

But companies are about day-to-day teamwork. And it is also about decisions with economic consequences. And that's exactly where we don't need prejudice, because it's our Behavior and affect our decisions. After all, we all know that company Money to earn and therefore have to make decisions that benefit them.

The decision for Diversity Management itself is one of those. In our study, 67 percent of the companies confirmed that heterogeneity brings concrete advantages for the company. This also includes a larger part of the companies that have not yet done anything. 76 percent think very practically and say they want to make better use of human resources. At the same time, 75 percent say they want their employees to be open and able to learn Organization to ensure. And attractiveness as an employer also plays a role for 71 percent satisfaction of your own Employees.

A strategic decision for innovation

So there are a lot of practical reasons for diversity management. But the most important one is of a strategic nature and has to do with an insight that companies like mine can back up with internal figures: Mixed teams are simply more successful. A single employee can hardly solve a task in the modern working world alone. The challenges are complex, you need different things Background, different skills and experiences.

Business is team sport. The result and also the job only become good when others play along. And so diversity management is actually about creating a completely new view of collaboration. With Esteem for each and every individual. And with reflection and self-knowledge that you can't know everything yourself and only in the open Communication can learn something new with others.

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