OPINION! Torsten Montag on the situation at the employment agencies: "There shouldn't be such great commercial dependencies"

Torsten Montag is a consultant, Internet-Entrepreneur and author of the book “Brainwashing Employment Agency: Unemployed People Accuse – 77 Harassment of the Employment Agency.”. In an interview, he reports on harassment of the unemployed – and how it could be done better.

Torsten Montag first completed one Vocational Training to become a tax clerk, after which he studied business administration with a focus on tax law. He has been a consultant since 2004 entrepreneur. Since then he has regularly advised founders who are unemployed and taught them how to deal with self-employment as their daily bread to earn can. Since 2012 he no longer advises, but has specialized in my online projects. About his book he started his own business Risks self-published by Books on Demand has already been reported by the Bild newspaper.

How did you get the idea for this book?

From my earlier consulting work, in which I witnessed numerous fates from Peoplewho came into contact with the employment agency. In particular, of course, I kept hearing about harassment and lots of crazy stories from Hartz IV recipients.

To collect them, I wrote this book!

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How do the red cards that readers of your book can perform?

The red card is more symbolic, it should work as follows - show your agent the red card if he / she:

  1. A particularly nonsensical action or decision has taken to your case.
  2. An extremely useless measure has been arranged.
  3. Naughty, mean or pejorative to you was.
  4. Somehow else to the 77 harassment fits in here in the book.
  5. Describe the chicane that gave your clerk the “red card” on unemployment allowance-2.de.
  6. Name the place and name of your employment office, I will create an outline map.

Were the information that the readers make on your site or in your book somehow controlled?

No, I can't get the information check, as the stories are published anonymously. On the other hand, I don't want that at all, because those who write here have experienced so much and write with such great anger in their stomachs that you can't think of something like that.

Do you also have contact with the other side, the employment agencies? How did you react?

So far the opposite side (neither politics nor the agency itself) has not yet reported to me or anyhow expressed.

Is not there a risk that those affected might take revenge on their employment agencies - and invent things, for example?

In principle, the danger is always there, not only on my website or in the book, but also via other media and ultimately also in direct correspondence with the authorities. If you, as an unemployed person, just want to annoy the employment agency, you have for sure enough possibilities to accommodate a made-up story.

I draw with the book and the link to the website akkerdubg that I publish not only a story or harassment, but permanently many with increasing tendency.

In this mass and this trend, a wrong story goes down statistically. So you can live with that then. It is not a matter of examining each individual story for the truth content, but of identifying the nationwide problem within the existing scope.

How much do you personally touch the fate of these people?

Sure you get a thick coat, as well as many of the clerks.

However, it still runs down my spine when the quarrels of the employment agency discriminate against children or discriminate against people, whether due to illness or disability, for which no one can do anything, and what I do not think of.

What do you want to achieve with the book?

First of all, I would like to give those affected the opportunity to Problems, harassment and ultimately their entire story to release the soul and psyche.

Because no one in the offices seems to have the time or the ability to listen anymore. Ultimately I would like with this Projects Auch awareness in order to persuade politicians and those responsible to recognize these problems and to deal with them.

Is so much polemic constructive? There are other approaches ...

Without anger and polemics, others have been trying to solve the problem for years, or to draw attention to the grievances, and we have yet to nibble on the results.

If you could: What would you change in the job agencies?

This question can not be answered with a few sentences. In the end, it is a large process consisting of many individual measures, which can also vary from region to region, which lead to an improvement of the situation and, of course, to the goal achievement.

Can you become more specific?

There should not be such great dependencies and commercial ties as is sometimes the case today. So that educational institution Money get to train and educate the unemployed, but those affected and students are not even asked about successes or goals.

Today, the impression often seems that the unemployed are only a means to an end in order to raise funds and to generate revenues for educational institutions or measures.

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