First impressions matter. And especially in Job the external impression is even more important because it has serious consequences! Our body language is not only effective, but also versatile: voice, posture, seat, gait, as well as facial expressions, gestures and a few other factors are included.

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The interlocutor intuitively believes the body

Imagine this: You sit behind the meeting table completely - and your image has to lose the first scratches. Is not it? Be the first.

Because your gesture reveals more than 1000 words. And a lot more when you talk and maybe even lügen. If the mouth says "yes" and the body "No” says, the interlocutor intuitively believes the body of the other person.

The power of body language

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Because body language is the more powerful, effective language. Paradoxically, most file it People by their words when they want to win someone over.

Successful people with rank and name in the Business tick differently and have long since discovered the power of ritualized gestures for themselves. While many still have to verbally assert themselves with difficulty, loudly and like a high school teacher, these role models consciously use signal gestures.

Body language has an impact on our status

What language our body speaks actually has an impact on ours Status in professional life. More than most believe. Of course, now you don't have to walk, stand and sit like a bodybuilder in order successfully to get started! Take a look at successful role models: their attitude is quite different. Far from the average attitude.

Take a close look at successful people: the fatal thing is that many people take their Effect is not even aware. They often wonder where their completely inaccurate image comes from in the first place. Although men also have so-called blind spots in appearance and effect, it affects them less Costs - But on the contrary. How come?

This is how men work

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Let's look at some typically male signals and their effects: Men ...

  1. are broad-legged (they stand firmly with their two legs)
  2. stand loosely ajar (they are casual, cool and confident)
  3. sit wide-legged and with wide elbows (they spread, are important)

This is how women look

Let us contrast the female body language and its effect: Women...

  1. are usually in the relief position: weight on one leg, one foot imagined, elbows close to the body (they look narrow and fragile)
  2. walk with small steps, arms close to the body (they are beautiful, but also a serious opponent ?!)
  3. often sit with legs wrapped around each other or around the chair leg (they seem unsure and cramped)

3 Tips - How To Achieve A Strong And Confident Impact

To be strong and confident act, it requires a strong and confident attitude. This is how you implement them:

  1. Make yourself aware of your posture - especially if you want to make a good impression or to assert yourself. Imagine wearing a crown on your head.
  2. Do not hide
  3. Show yourself: upright posture, body tension, deep breathing

3 Tips - How To Avoid Uncertainty

On the other hand, you should avoid uncertainty - and thus everything that makes you feel insecure.

  1. Is that what I want to say about myself? If not, what can I do, what can my hands do?
  2. Get used to the so-called "Marotten". For example, the hands when sitting between the knees or under a leg to pinch.
  3. Use your hands to underline what you say - not to dress up the clothes / hairstyle.

3 Tips - How to Train Your Performance

Prepare for important dates and performances by training your performance like an actor:

  1. Train Your Performance: Play Concrete Situations in Word Choice AND Attitude
  2. How are you? Stand with both legs in life!
  3. How do you go Successful men and women know that the “upright walk” suits me well!

3 Tips - Take care of your hands

Very important is the statement of your hands. These can support what you say - or not:

  1. Be aware of your hands, especially in important situations.
  2. What are you doing, where are you and what are you saying about me? Open hands signal, for example, "I am coming without weapons", "I have nothing to hide".
  3. The back of the hand shows, for example, "I need protection", "I reject", "I see it rather negatively".

3 Tips - Watch out for small gestures

  1. First test these underlining gestures in the Spiegel. Does it look artificial or unnatural?
  2. Carefully observe the reaction of the others to your signal gestures and look forward to the effect: small gesture, great effect.
  3. Hands away from face and hair Would you be appreciated, respected, loved or acknowledged and promoted? Send appropriate signals.

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