Many institutes are currently also advertising a degree in e-commerce or community management or social communication: Many terms and yet different things are behind them. However, all courses have one thing in common: they cost a lot Money.

Practical tips for choosing a social media study: lots of money for what?

High cost, harsh payment modes

It is hardly possible to find a (recognized) course with fees of less than 15.000 €. I have recently reported on the praiseworthy exception at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

The payment modes are rough: As a rule, the fees have to be paid to the university in four installments at the beginning of the semester (ie around 4.000 to 5.000 € / semester). In one case, the total contribution had to be paid even during the first six months of study.

Reduced risk for the providers

The books on the subject (advertising)

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However, this primarily reduces only one thing: That Risks the continuing education provider if you drop out of your studies. This "Problem” should not be imposed on the students, however, so that this bitter aftertaste is definitely in the decision making should find influence.

This observation raises the question of how best to do what and where studieren should be able to find a well-paid job after graduating (usually a Master of Science).

Social media, community management or e-commerce? The selection of the appropriate study should not be different from the selection of a Further Training: The underlying content must be compared against the background of the later activity.

How and where to study?

Who later in the strategic Planning from Marketing in and with social networks want to work should make sure that there is a relatively strong marketing component.

Who prefers to be active Communication would like to stand with the target group, should try to put a particularly large emphasis on communication strategies.

The study models offered are as individual as the individual courses on offer: from distance learning through dual studies to on-the-job training, there are offers for all forms available on the education market.

Short ways for newcomers

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In this respect, a degree is also an opportunity for working people to develop themselves and their own Career boost properly. Many courses are also suitable for lateral entrants, since many providers have shifted to the lack of qualification compensated by individual suitability.

So if you have a certain time (usually five years is the Rede) was proven to have worked in a related position, can enter a master’s program directly without having to pass the Abitur or previous studies. This has the advantage that you effectively have 3 years of time and the associated Costs saves.

The agony of choice

And then the question arises: What comes to me? In addition to the requirements of the individual institutes before admission to the studies, the direct contact with the providers is.

Many things can already be called by telephone, which gives an impression of the philosophy and attitude of the institute to its students.

The first impression counts

Especially due to evolving questions about administrative matters such as the final thesis, it is recommended to allow your own abdominal feeling to co-decide:

Anyone who is received very unfriendly at first contact should consider whether they want to take this risk when it comes to really important matters that may go beyond the (missing)Success of your own studies decide, goes.

Study with the job

The impression on the ground is, of course, less important in a distance learning course: Here one should simply see which lecturers lead the seminars and how far their own requirements are fulfilled.

If you are a professional, you should consider whether a study with long-term practice is really helpful. Perhaps there would be a long distance study with the same (predeterminable) workload more likely.

Important: A high practical relevance

What you should never forget: Social media is a fast-moving, practical and thus changing structure. An education of the same nature is, therefore, always a high practice reference.

If this is not guaranteed, the extent to which the current trends in the Web 2.0 are still relevant at the moment must be examined.

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