A look at ours Everyday life enough: We have become faster. Always available. more productive in work life. Perfect in private. Well timed so that everything always works. Time for reflection is not planned. But our life needs Sinn.

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The compulsion to be happy

Ecstatic faces, beaming Eyes, joy wherever you look. Happy people everywhere. Really? In the Advertising whole for sure! Tempting product presentations get us in the mood in the dark season with lots of bright lights. The promises for the best time of the year follow seamlessly.

Possibly non-existent holiday dreams are awakened and their fulfillment is promised at the same time. The guaranteed happiness in distant climes. It's your own fault if you don't get infected. The compulsion to be happy is hard to bear. Only a few can really escape the seemingly so joyful temptations of consumption. While others are forced to do so due to lack of funds. Or, for this very reason, buy joie de vivre on credit and then pay it off in installments. Also that people their lives lonely spending is not provided for in the "prescribed" and standardized happiness of prosperity.

Giving without meaning

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And of course we want to let our fellow human beings share in this happiness. We show it off and pass it on.

With carelessly bought unit gifts. Gifts that look like something more than they actually are. Pimped packaging distracts from the often meaningless content. Gifts that don't make sense, but gifts that you give because it's part of it. Because gifts – whatever – are the expression of love and recognition.

Joy in the special offer

For all generosity (sometimes a bit of cockiness), the whole thing should not cost too much, of course. A bargain does it too. No matter which festival is pending in the course of the year, the matching special offers are already lying in wait as a seducer. A ready-packed shower set, that always arrives.

And why should you go to the trouble of making a special flower arrangement to match the recipient Personality to select? After all, the discounter has ten roses packaged for 2,99 euros (guaranteed that they are produced in an environmentally friendly way and prepared with love by happy people?). But is that really the point of it all? Does this all make sense to us? How much more love there was in a meadow or garden bouquet from a child's hand!

What matters

Whether it's our own happiness or gifts, there has to be a purpose behind it. Why do we celebrate a perfect party with an elaborate, home-cooked menu? Why do we do something that takes time Money and nerves? Because it is expected of us? Because we think it's expected of us? It is often the (supposed) social constraints that result in such activities.

You feel obligated to do something. The pressure is correspondingly high. Of course, an enthusiastic host or passionate hobby cook is happy to share his passion with like-minded people, be they friends or the Family, split. That will then also succeed. Because the sense it makes for the host becomes palpable. A joint visit to the café can also be just as fulfilling. Stress-free, comfortable and with time for each other. Or an evening walk in the park, a visit to an exhibition, a football game. Or, or, or. The main thing is that it makes sense.

No sense to go

Sinn to go does not exist. Not as fast food, not as a complete package or all-round service. And certainly not as a special offer. Sense is grounded in ourselves. Often there is something dormant in us that wants to be awakened.

For that we have to listen to ourselves, to track what moves us. In order to recognize what gives meaning to our lives, it is indispensable to deal with oneself. Just before that, some people are afraid. It could indeed come to light that so many things in life so far, perhaps made little sense. Of course that hurts. But it can also free you from shaking off old-fashioned ballast and leaving it behind to focus on something new and valuable.

To find happiness: with heart and mind

This will hardly succeed with the mind alone, although the mind is necessary to recognize this. When it comes to the meaning, come the ratio emotions added. This means that the heart must also be involved.

A little passion, the burning for something, the joy of doing things. With such a source of strength, we don't need to motivate ourselves. the Motivation rather lies in ourselves, in the sense that we recognize in our actions. Each of us has the opportunity to focus on the essentials. To worry about what is important and what really matters in life. Not gifts and certainly not festively wrapped shower sets.

What really matters

What really counts are moments in life. People. Conversations. Adventures. Why don't we give time vouchers? But we really redeem them. Time is the most precious thing we can give someone. Deep conversations without the smartphone in the Hand. Cooking together without claiming perfection.

And tell your partner what you love, admire and enjoy each day. Such gifts go inward, whereas the shower gel rolls on the skin. So let us use our time to reflect on what is really going on in life, in a partnership, in the role of parent, friend, colleague and human being. Let's take the first small step.

Fill with SENSE every day

Thinking about your own life is not bound to any date. Each day is quite deliberate to track down thoughts. Reflecting on what's really in our lives and what we might want to change.

An Objective could be to experience every single day more consciously and with a little more meaning. Let us reflect on our life. We only have this.

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