Many conference or seminar locations are technically perfectly equipped - but otherwise not very charming and original. The location of an event has a decisive influence on its Success at.

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Locations that you like to remember

Rather, it is more often the special charm of a location that particularly inspires us or that we like to think back to.

Or feel Are you particularly comfortable in the bare conference rooms of many hotels? Time to look for other locations. Six of them to you for Businessevents that I would not have thought of at all, I present them here.

1. Meeting in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

The French town of Besancon in Franche Comte is such a place with a special charm: once founded as a Gallic oppidum, the historic old town now accounts for a large part of its charm. Besancon is located in the northern Jura Mountains, surrounded by wooded hills on the Doubs River and is considered the greenest city in France. As unique Meeting-Location, 100 meters above the old town, the citadel of Besançon towers over the city: it is one of Vauban's masterpieces, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is a remarkable example of military architecture of the 17th century.

How to get there: Take the TGV via Strasbourg to the Besancon TGV station, then continue by train to the city.

2. Meeting in the Iron Age village

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In the Danish Lejre Experimental Center, one hour east of Copenhagen, a Stone Age, Iron Age and Viking village have been faithfully reconstructed for experimental archeology. A maximum of 30 guests can stay here, five beds are available per house - with straw beds and an outhouse. There are also meeting rooms for 30 people each - with screens, sound systems, projectors, screens, whiteboards, a kitchen - and group showers. Companies that come here usually have half a day's meetings or seminars and then do group activities such as archery, sailing or lighting a fire with a flint stone. Photos and information about the MICE location

Arrival: By direct flight to Copenhagen from Frankfurt with SAS or from Berlin with Airberlin, then continue by train to Roskilde.

3. Meeting in the safari camp

Severin Schulte, a medium-sized company from Sauerland, runs a safari camp in Kenya's Tsavo National Park. There is also an 80 square meter conference tent with variable seating for up to 30 people. The camp is not only unfenced for direct Contact to wild animals, but also offers free wireless LAN access. A video screen, beamer, flipchart and video/CD player are available in the conference tent. International news can be received in different languages ​​through DSTV. Photos and information about the MICE location

Arrival: Direct flights with Condor from Frankfurt to Nairobi and Mombasa, from here by scheduled flight with Safari Link or Mombasa Air Safaris. It is also possible to arrive by local bus from Mombasa or Nairobi or by car. Only the last part of the route is not called "African Massage" for nothing

4. Meeting between the volcanoes Eyjafjallajökull and Hekla

The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull paralyzed 2010 air traffic throughout Europe and the Hekla is the mythological entrance to hell. In the Hotel Laekur, a family-run farm in an idyllic landscape near the two Feuerspucker small groups can use the dining room for meetings. A projector is available. Unfortunately, the hotel with 13 double rooms only offers space for small groups. Nevertheless, come Company extra from Sweden. Photos and information about the MICE location

Arrival: By direct flight to Rekjavik - from Frankfurt with Icelandair or from Berlin with WOW air, then continue by bus to Hella.

5. Meeting in the footsteps of the gold rush

In the footsteps of the railway pioneers who opened up Canada's Wild West by rail, you can cross the Rocky Mountains on a total of five routes and not only admire the landscape: For meetings you can rent a lounge car for 30 people with conference tables, LCD Book screens and open bar additionally. Disadvantage: There is no DSL connection on board and others too Internet-Connections are rather difficult because of the mountains. Photos and information about the MICE location

Arrival: By direct flight from Frankfurt with Condor or AirCanada, both starting and finishing points of the Rocky Mountaineer.

6. Meeting in the Indian reservation

The Wendake Huron Reserve is a 15-minute drive from Quebec City, Canada. The Hurons run the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations there, which offers various meeting rooms for up to 150 people, including the reconstruction of an Indian nave with a fireplace. Groups can do various workshops and learn, for example, how to build a canoe. Photos and information about the MICE location

How to get there: Direct flight from Frankfurt to Montreal with AirCanada or Lufthansa, then with Viarail. to Quebec. US Airways flies via the Philadelphia detour from Frankfurt to Quebec City.

7. Meeting in the Gaeltacht

The Aran Islands in the far west of Ireland have 400 species of flora and a mere 800 inhabitants, whose native language is Irish. The quaint Kilmurvey House B&B, which is close to a Bronze Age fort, offers a meeting room for up to 40 people. Free WiFi and an extendable screen are available. Photos and information about the MICE location

Arrival: With Aer Lingus from various German cities to Dublin. From there by train or bus to Galway, from there transfer to the airport in front of Air Aran or to the Aran Island Ferries.

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