The challenge is to create a mechanism that openly supports the autonomy of the innovation teams. A good remedy for this is the innovation sandbox.

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Why an innovation sandbox?

I recommend Company the establishment of an innovation sandbox, the applications and implications of the new Innovation "fenced in" but not restricting the working methods of the innovation team.

This paves the way to a sustainable innovation culture that will continue to threaten the existence of companies in the long term feel, is viable.

7 Tips for Introducing an Innovation Sandbox

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How does setting up such an innovation sandbox now work really well in everyday business? 7 tips at a glance:

  1. Each team is given the opportunity to experiment with split-run tests that only affect the sandbox elements of the product or service (if they consist of several modules) or clearly defined customer segments and territories (for a new product).
  2. Monitoring and control of the entire experiment should be the responsibility of a single team.
  3. No experiment should exceed the estimated timeframe (usually a few weeks for simple functional experiments and longer timers for disruptive innovations).
  4. No experiment should affect more than the number of customers (usually expressed as a percentage of the total company's main customer base).
  5. Each experiment should be evaluated on the basis of a single standardized report with five to ten (no longer) action-oriented parameters.
  6. Each team working in the sandbox and each product developed in it should use the same success parameters.
  7. Each team should be responsible during the experiment to track the key figures and customer responses (support requests, forum posts, etc.) and break this down if a disaster threatens.

How to “build” an innovation sandbox

But how does a company come to an innovation sandbox? At first, the sandbox can be small.

The scope can be measured by the products that the company offers. A OnlineService may limit them to specific pages or user flow (the “Visitor Guide”).

The sandbox as a learning process

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In retail, you could introduce them only in certain stores or geographic areas. Companies that want to bring a completely new product to market could use the shielded space around customers create in certain segments.

Unlike one Concept- or market test, customers are considered real in the sandbox, which means the innovation team should try to build a long-term relationship with them. After all, the participants in the experiments could include early adopters who were mentoring them long before the milestones in the learning process were reached.

The function of the team leader

Whenever possible, innovation teams should be cross-functional and unified clear have a recognizable team leader. The Team should be authorized to develop, market and use products or product features in the sandbox without prior approval.

It should be committed over Success or failure of the sandbox activities, using the action-oriented metrics and innovation track record as a standard. This approach can be beneficial even for teams that have never worked cross-functionally.

First innovations

The first changes, for example in the price structure, often do not require great technical effort, but smooth coordination between different departments, such as construction, Marketing, Customer service.

Such teams are more productive, as the long-term performance is measured by the ability to create customer benefit and not just work. Real experiments can thus be easily attributed to successes or failures because the parameters either approach the ideal line or do not move from the spot.

See if innovation is important

Either way, teams can immediately see if their assumptions about customer behavior were correct. By always using the same, uniform parameters, they spread the Customer gradually throughout the company.

Since the reports on the progress of the innovation team are based on the innovation balance (as described in the second part of the book), anyone can decrypt them anyway and derive the lessons contained therein on the power of action-oriented characteristics.

Prevent sabotage

This effect should not be underestimated. Even if some want to outmaneuver the innovation team, they need to be more involved with the parameters and learning milestones. The sandbox also promotes fast iterations.

When Employees have the opportunity to immerse yourself in one from start to finish Projects contribute, the work is done in small steps and the assessment is clear and not long in coming, they benefit from the feedback. They have the chance to act promptly and purposefully when they fail to move the numbers.

The power of small batch sizes

Consequently, they tend to get to optimum faster Solution to communicate, even if their ideas initially of little use. Here, too, the power of small batch sizes manifests itself.

Experts from the functional areas rooted in the waterfall or stage gate development process (with many fixed milestones) have been calibrated to work with extremely large batch or batch sizes.

Small experiments with great success

As a result, self-igniting ideas are stifled under the weight of wasted activities. By reducing batch sizes, the sandbox allows teams to make mistakes that don't die Welt cost, and learn from it faster.

As we shall see, these small initial experiments can show whether a team has developed a functioning business model that can be reintroduced into the parent organization.

Conclusion: Innovation Sandbox - a useful tool

It turns out, therefore, that Innovation Sandbox, properly applied, actually encourages the joy of experimentation and innovation of employees.

But of course you also have to adhere to the most important Regulate, such as the parameter for measuring success. Only then are the results really meaningful.

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