It doesn't always have to be unusual locations that attract conference customers: Often enough, a location with a sense of tradition is simply convincing. An overview.


1. Design meetings in Bolzano: Hotel Greif and Parkhotel Laurin

Bolzano's best and most traditional hotels are the Design Hotel Greif and the Parkhotel Laurin. The former captivates with a history going back almost 500 years and an interior designed by artists, right next to it the Parkhotel Laurin offers the most modern Meeting-Rooms. All this at moderate prices.



The Hotel Greif is mentioned for the first time as an inn for the “Black Griffin”, but was previously known in Bolzano. During the first centuries of its existence, the house on Waltherplatz - i.e. just inside the city walls at that time - was owned by noble families who leased it Guide Only from 1719 it was managed directly by the respective owners. After a long series of owners and tenants, the house in the year 1816 went to Peter Staffler from Siffian am Ritten.

Since then, the inn and later the Hotel Greif have been in the possession of the Family Staffler, who had it completely restored from 1993 to 1999 and reopened it in January 2000 as a modern design hotel - designed by the Viennese architect Boris Podrecca.


Rooms designed by artists

The 33 rooms were designed by 33 contemporary artists from South Tyrol, Austria, Northern and Central Italy, Southern Germany and Japan. Each room has its own atmosphere. 2013 has been awarded the Excellence Award by Tripadvisor and is a member of the hotel association of design hotels.

Accessible to all guests are the rooms of the neighboring Parkhotel Laurin - the large private park, which also hosts events, as well as the pool, meeting rooms, the restaurant and the Laurin bar.


Park- and Meeting-Hotel Laurin

The Parkhotel Laurin was also built by the Staffler family in 1909 and is still owned by the family today. Soon after the opening, guests of the Austrian imperial family and a number of German princes were regular visitors to the Parkhotel Laurin. During the First World War, the house served as a base for the Austro-Hungarian High Command. The hotel was badly damaged during the Second World War and therefore only reopened in 1948.

Together with the Hotel Greif, it was also renovated by Bruno Podrecca in the 90s. In addition to the renovation of the rooms, a modern Technology equipped conference area, the bar has been restored with its original Bruno Goldschmitt frescoes from 1911 and the restaurant has been redesigned.



The Park Hotel Laurin is a member of the “Worldhotels” hotel group and has 100 rooms, including 8 single rooms and 7 suites, decorated in different styles. If necessary, seven more large suites can be created by connecting rooms: for Business-customers, families with children or with exclusive access to the roof terrace. In addition, two large "exclusive rooms" are offered, with a roof terrace or wellness offer.

The Laurin Suite @ Paradeis, an exclusive luxury suite on the Alois Lageder estate in the Margreid, which is around 20 Automins, is also available to guests from the end of March to the beginning of November.

The prices in both hotels start at comparatively cheap 102 or 111 Euro per night for a single or 115 or 125 Euro for a double room (for single occupancy), however for the more luxurious rooms prices are charged from 200 or 300 Euro.


Meeting rooms and equipment

The Laurin has 10 meeting rooms. The largest, the ballroom with a size of 290 m², can accommodate up to 210 people depending on the seating. There are also four salons for 10 to 40 people, a fireplace room for up to 60 people or one Spiegelhall for up to 40 people. Technical equipment is available or can be obtained on request.

The prices are comparatively moderate: for example, 240 euros per day are charged for the ladies’ salon, 120 euros for the 510 m² fountain room, and the smaller rooms between 95 and 140 euros. The prices include the desired chair and table arrangement, screen, flipchart, desk pads and water for the speakers. Plus another 21% Value-added tax pitched.


Restaurant and food

The restaurant Laurin with 40 seats, an impressive Art Nouveau salon in the original state, offers Italian and regional cuisine as well as an extensive wine list with regional and Italian plants. In addition to the breakfast, 12-14.30 clock and dinner are served in 19-22.30 Clock Restaurant.

The restaurant is closed on Sunday lunchtime. The additional SpiegelThe hall can be connected to the restaurant and offers a further 40 seats. From May to September, guests can dine in the hotel's park. The food in both hotels is of outstanding quality, the excellent breakfast in the Hotel Greif is worth mentioning.


2009 in the hotel park the summer lounge with a bar and stylish lounge furniture was built. Since the beginning of 2012 the fitness room equipped in the Art Nouveau garden house completes the hotel's services. Large, old glass windows provide a view of the park and give the guests the feeling of being immersed in the green.


2. Meeting with a Toscana feeling: Brisighella in Emilia Romagna


Toscana is a place of longing for many Germans. Quiet, inexpensive and above all unadulterated, but with quite similar flair, but it meetet in the neighboring Emilia Romagna.

Originality Off the Toscana tourism

There are still beautiful areas in Italy that are not overrun by crowds of tourists. The village Brisighella, for example, has only 7.700 inhabitants and is located on the railway line Faenza - Florence. In contrast to the only 40 KM distant Toscana, it still looks unadulterated, indeed almost sleepy.

The place, whose origins in the 12. Century, to offer a lot. For example very beautiful historical center with the center Piazza Carducci from the 18. Century.


Historic donkey trail

Or the picturesque Eselsweg, an archway from the 12. Century, over which one arrives through the steeply rising lane up to the Rocca Manfrediana. The fort was built in the 1310 and by the Venetians in the 16. Century completed.

From here you have a fantastic view of the surrounding hills of the Lamon Valley and can start a triple trip along three imposing chalk cliffs.


Outdoor activities on the gipsader

To be highlighted for outdoor activities is the Parco Regionale Vena del Gesso Romagnola (to the Romagnolische Gipsader), a nature reserve outside with limestone caves and grottoes. The region offers all kinds of activities such as guided hikes, Nordic walking, yoga, meditation, horse riding, golf, tennis, mountain biking, climbing and hiking.

In addition, cultural activities such as Italian courses or open-air concerts are possible. However, since it is not a typical tourist region, some advance notice is required to organize activities, especially for groups to organize.


Wine and olive activity

The real charm of the region is the visit to small wine and olive growers in the region, some of whom also offer accommodation, such as the Ca 'Pirota or the newer Ca di Mezzo not far from the center of Brisighella.

Brisighella is famous for its olive oil. An oil museum, which runs almost completely in the open, shows the production processes in the production of olive oil. For groups, wine and oil tastings and tours can be organized as well as cooking classes. Depending on the season, the team can also participate in the wine or olive harvest.


Quiet and good transport connections

The advantages of the region should be well balanced: On the one hand there is peace, originality and reasonable prices, but at the same time there is a lack of infrastructure for the guests accustomed to comfort. After all:

The proximity to Bologna with its airport and the connection to the railway line Faenza-Florence makes the accessibility almost better than in many Tuscan towns.


3 star hotel and thermal spa

However, in addition to many smaller pensions and agriturismi, is the only hotel, which can also accommodate large groups, an 3 star house, which looks a little old-fashioned from the outside. Hotel Meridian offers 54 double rooms, one night costs from 40 Euro.

Directly opposite, directly on the Lamone river, is the thermal bath, which has existed since the 19th century, with springs containing sulfur and iodized salt. It is open from May to October. Various spa treatments are also offered here. (By the way, the next three pictures show the Ca 'Pirota).


Meeting in the monastery

To be preferred is the "Istituto Emiliani delle Suomen Domenicane del SS", which is just outside. The Convent of the Domenican Sisters offers 180 sleeping places and a special atmosphere which is also open for events.

The sisters are technically equipped for such events and also take over the catering, which I unfortunately could not test. The price is determined individually by arrangement.


3. Meeting location in the Canadian Rockies: MICE in Banff National Park

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The Canadian Rocky Mountains are world famous. Therefore, the Banff National Park is a meeting place - bears, pumas and elks are virtually within walking distance. The price / performance ratio is not convincing.


National Park - meeting location with editions

Banff is the largest site within the Banff National Park in the Canadian province of Alberta. With 7.584 inhabitants. It is located at an altitude of 1399m on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, about 140 km west of Calgary on the Trans-Canada Highway.

The special location in the Banff National Park requires for the local hoteliers and Company However, there are a few conditions: On the one hand, no hotel should be out of line in terms of architecture and interior design, and others may often only use certain, often expensive, materials. That may explain a lot, including the price-performance ratio.


Nature and tranquility

Banff could be an exciting example of ecological tourism, but unfortunately it is very mass-touristy: coaches and souvenir shops characterize the cityscape. By nature and lonliness can hardly be felt or seen at first glance.

The impression may also be due to the fact that I was at the main time of the trip in early September. In Banff itself, you are only a few minutes away from the pure nature: for example, a walk to the picturesque Bow-Falls or directly to the small town of Tunnel Mountain.

If you want to walk a bit longer, you can go to Sulfur Mountain with the Banff Gondola, enjoy the great view - and go down to the Bow River - or go both ways. However, you should plan for a few hours, but hardly anyone will encounter you.


Evening Wildlife Safari

A disappointment, however, was the Evening Wildlife Safari hosted by the Brewster Company. Although we could admire a Vapiti-deer on the roadside, which was also not be disturbed by the traffic. Walking quietly to see one or the other animal, but in a group of 30 people is simply impossible.

And even our little bus was rather poorly equipped to see something: the windows could not open, and worse, sometimes you could not even look out, because they were not cleaned. Probably depends the success of such a tour but also very much on the luck and the respective driver.


Meeting hotels

In the midst of these nature experiences, Banff Caribou Properties Ltd. Various hotels with meeting locations: The Inns of Banff, The Ptarmigan Inn, The Rocky Mountain Resort, The Caribou Lodge, The Fox Hotel and Suites and - without overnight accommodation - the Downtown Keg Steakhouse and the Wild Bill's.

All in all, 1.000 guests can be accommodated in this way. For meetings, there is a lot more space available in the various hotels with their wide range of facilities:


Accommodates up to 1000 guests

So the Wild Bills reaches out to 550 folks, The Rocky Mountain Resort offers rooms up to 190 folks. Of the hotels, however, I have only taken a closer look at the four-star Fox Hotel and Suites and the Banff Caribou Lodge.

The comparatively cheaper Fox has 116 rooms and a small board meeting room. It is the newest hotel in Banff. However, the rooms are all grouped with an entrance and window around the inner courtyard with an outside staircase. From Privacy can not Rede be, personally it made me feel more like I was in a motel. A double room costs 199 dollars and more in the high season.


Breakfast - included or exclusive

In contrast to the other hotels, the continental breakfast is included here, but the quality is also appropriate: sticky toast, cottage cheese, fruit from the can and waffles, which you can make yourself from ready-made dough fresh from the dispenser. However, the latter is standard in Western Canada. Also yoghurt and a modest muesliselection is available. There is also simple, concentrated orange juice.

If you like it rustic however, the Fox, where it instead of a restaurant a rustic pub, was quite pleased. And it also has an absolute highlight to offer: On the ground floor is the grotto-designed hot pool with open skylight.



The Caribou Lodge, a few hundred meters further, is the flagship of the hotel group: it has 184 rooms, 6 suites with jacuzzi and is clear more luxuriously equipped. The Red Earth Spa with hot pool and small steam sauna is well-known and can also be used by guests of other hotels.

A room costs 199 dollars in the high season per night, in the low season 129 dollars. For groups from 5 persons there is a discount. The suites can cost up to 400 dollars. Breakfast buffet and WLAN are extra, in the hotel is also a steakhouse.


Meeting and seminar rooms

The hotel has two meeting rooms: The Woodlands Meeting Room is 6 by 10 meters and can accommodate up to 60 people depending on the seating, the small Tundra Meeting Room measures 6 times 5,5 meters and holds up to 30 persons.

Each room is equipped with lighting and a simple soundSystem equipped, WLAN must be booked as an option in the rooms and in the meeting rooms. There are screens in the meeting rooms. an external Company takes care of the beamer, laptops, light and sound system on behalf of the hotel. The prices are individually negotiable, it said on request.


Advance booking recommended

Depending on the season, it is advisable to ask for half a year in advance. The main business hours are September and May to June. Especially in the winter, there are special prices in the hotel.

The companies come from all over Canada, especially from the closer regions such as Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatchewan, sometimes even American entrepreneurs, white food coordinator Kristen Proctor report. On request, the hotel will also gladly contact organizers for excursions on the spot.

Banff0104. MICE in the Danish castle hotel: meeting between castle spirits


There is a unique MICE location in the Danish West Zealand: the Dragsholm castle built around 1200. In historic cities, meetings, seminars and conferences can be held here - including castle ghosts. Only the WLAN capitulates from the thick walls.

Location and rooms

The location is located directly on the Lammefjord in the Danish region Odsherred, surrounded by a small forest and a stylish castle park. It also functions as a museum.

The hotel has 34 double rooms for a total of 69 persons. One night costs 270 Euro in the simple and 350 Euro in the luxury category.


Meeting rooms

However, the hotel is also used for conferences and social gatherings. It has meeting rooms of all sizes and variations: from the "Festaal" to the dining room, to the cozy fireplace room for smaller groups. The prices are individually arranged on request.

As the hotel requires much more conference space than sleeping places, additional rooms can be rented in the 5 kilometers away from the golf hotel - bus transfer included.


Utilization and equipment

For large-scale events with several hundred participants, the rooms are still a little too crowded, especially since the rooms, due to the medieval construction, are a little interlaced.

The hotel provides the usual equipment for meetings: beamer, screens and Internet. The internet connection is basically good, but not in all rooms, which is due to the thick walls: I didn't have an internet connection in my room, for example.


The history of the castle

The castle was rebuilt several times by the Bishop of Roskilde. It was in his history accommodation of the Danish kings and some upscale families.

From the castle with military Significance developed the system to today's baroque palace. In 1930 modern sanitary facilities were installed in the castle. Since 1939 Dragsholm has belonged to the Bøttger family, who had the castle converted into a hotel.


Locksmith included

In the castle there are cellar rooms originally intended for prisoners. Towards the end of the 16. The jarl of Bothwell was imprisoned here. He stayed locked in 5 years in the cellar rooms, until he finally died 1578 apparently spiritually. His mind is now to appear every night, in a horse-drawn carriage, at the court of the castle.

In addition, 1912 was rebuilt on a female skeleton, which was wallowed in the walls. Celestine is believed to be walled in there by her own parents, because she was an immoral link to a staff member. Now she should haunt every night in the castle.


The restaurant

A stylish break in the otherwise very historic house is the modern, also quite small restaurant dar. However, it is highly recommended: Claus Henriksen, chef at Castle Dragsholm, was previously Sous-Executive in the Michelin-awarded restaurant Noma in Copenhagen.

He focuses on the Nordic food culture and local ingredients and food and focuses on the so-called Vom-Feld-auf-den-Tisch philosophy (Jord-til-bord-filosofi). For this purpose, he collaborates with the ranger Jørgen Stoltz, who collects edible plants such as wild garlic, seaweed, catfish, sea kohl, salt marten or beach platter in the forests and meadows of Dragsholm and on the Baltic Sea. As fresh as food is, Henriksen also demonstrated us very vividly by placing a pig's head on the table for decoration.


Activities Tissø

As the hotel does not have too much to offer, two locations are well worth the 45 minutes by car: The newly opened Visitorcentre Fugledegård in the Nature Park Åmosen offers in picturesque surroundings on Lake Tissø, one of Denmark's largest lakes , a small Viking museum as well as the possibility to visit archaeological excavations and birds.

So far the offer is mainly aimed at leisure tourists and students. Systematic excavations have been made there since 1995, having previously been found with remarkable specimens - such as 1977, a large golden neck ring with a diameter of approx. 31 cm, which is now in the National Museum in Copenhagen.

Best of HR –®

Activities Trellebourg

Trelleborg, to the west of Slagelse, is the best preserved Viking Age fortification. It was built by Sven Gabelbart in 981 and excavated between 1934 and 1942. It was originally built on a promontory that jutted out into an inaccessible swamp. Circa 1300 People lived here.

In excavations more than 1.500 Viking relics were found. Trelleborg is World Heritage Site of Unesco. More than 40.000 people visit each year the various Viking events, markets and other activities, including numerous activities for groups.

Best of HR –®5. MICE location at the port of Rekjavik: Between traditional and modern

to Iceland

The Icelandair Marina Hotel is a very nice, modern yet cozy three and a half star hotel on the harbor of Rekjavik. And a great MICE location - would not it be a small space problem.

Traditional and modern furniture at the same time

The marina is distinguished by its unusual, cozy and modern facilities. There is a fireplace in the lobby, a library, original wooden sculptures, lots of small, cozy, niche armchairs and launches. And above the bar hangs the meat that is prepared in the evening.

to Iceland

The 108 Standard Rooms and 4 Deluxe Double Rooms are modern and freshly furnished. A room costs per night from about 80 Euro per person. Breakfast costs extra.

to Iceland

Equipment with original extras

Original are the rooms with bunk beds, which remind a little of a youth hostel. Here, meeting participants will gladly accommodate their families. Wi-Fi is available but only at an additional cost. For groups, individual prices can be requested.

to Iceland

The presentation space is designed like a cinema and offers 26 seats. The room looks great with its colorful armchairs, but for larger groups or even interactive meetings it is unfortunately completely unsuitable.

to Iceland

Dining room as a meeting room with time restrictions

In addition, the dining room can be booked between approximately 11 and 17 as a meeting room. Although it offers space for 60-70 people, but has no doors, so that a group is never quite under itself. The price is negotiating.

to Iceland

A great Idea at the hotels of the Icelandair group: In the evening, a storyteller comes in historical costume and recites traditional Icelandic sagas and stories.

to Iceland

Good food at the nearby harbor of Rekjavik

Good food with a nice view of the harbor can also be found in the nearby restaurant Kopar. The owners Asta and Ylfa completely rebuilt the former sushi restauant and only opened a few weeks ago.

to Iceland

Asta takes care of the service, Ylfa mixes traditional and modern elements while cooking, as far as local and healthy food is concerned. This mix also runs through the decor - and there is a story for everyone: the staircase, for example, has Ylfa's grandfather, a blacksmith, handcrafted tables and chairs come from old apartment resolutions.

to Iceland


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