Many People would like to take a nap if they could – especially employees of Company, This habit, called power-napping, makes it even more productive, as evidenced by studies.

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Powernapping and sleeping as perennial topics

Sleep is a real long-running topic for many people, which can also be seen in the comments on Best of HR -® read again and again. This shows how many people suffer from sleep problems and are therefore forced to deal with this topic.

For a long time I've been thinking about where to go in the Office best time to take a nap. One of our readers then told how he handles it:

Where do our readers sleep?

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“Fortunately I have a single office and a folding bed in the closet. I am also active in science, so I hardly have any 'customer traffic'. The office is simply locked during the 'rest periods'. ”

Another reader reports how he went to the toilet for 15 minutes at noon to sleep. And otherwise my contribution about “sleeping in the office” received undivided approval.

In which companies are employees allowed to sleep?

The topic is extremely important. But are there companies where employees are really allowed to sleep during their lunch break? Apart, of course, from employees who can take a break at lunchtime in the home office as part of trust-based working hours. However, I know about myself that often enough you don't take advantage of this opportunity.

On the train of the New Work corporate culture, all kinds of spaces for activities outside of work are finding their way into offices. But sleep? So far, Google has only heard about the corresponding premises. Rather, there are stories of workers in the financial sector dropping dead from overwork.

Busyness show is more important than the work result

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Debt this is due to our work ethic, which values ​​industriousness and constant productivity over results. And so a nap is almost a sign of weakness, although as a result the work output actually increases. It would really be outspoken usefulto check with the supervisor whether a short nap will be allowed in the future.

In addition, most people fill up too little light during the day because they work “indoors” and sit in front of the computer. This leads to a so-called "social jet lag". The internal clock is out of step, which also disturbs a healthy sleep rhythm.

Power napping and nap: More than meaningful quirks

So to sleep at noon is not just a quirk that some do Executive would like to wipe off the table with “such nonsense”. Rather, scientific studies that I recently found by chance also show that such an afternoon nap actually makes you more productive.

The best time for a nap is proven between 13 and 15 clock. In the much cited performance curve, this is the first big hole in the daily routine: The nap should not take longer than 30 minutes, because you should not arrive in the deep sleep phase. In that case, after awakening, you would be anything but alert and capable.

Napping - that's what science says

A study of the University of Colorado Boulder among XNUMX- to XNUMX-year-old toddlers shows that without an afternoon nap, they had less joy, less interest, and even less problem-solving skills.

And researchers at University of Berkeley found that 60 to 90 minutes of afternoon sleep improved learning and memory. The reason is that the body goes through the entire sleep cycle including the REM phase in these 90 minutes. In this way, the short-term memory is "refreshed" and is better ready for new ones afterwards Tasks.

5 points: How does missing sleep affect your performance?

Tony Schwartz, Authors at Harvard Business Review blogs, shows various advantages of a short power nap during working hours in his article. These include, for example:

  1. physically relaxing
  2. improved perception
  3. increased motor skills
  4. faster reaction time
  5. higher alertness

In a study he highlighted, subjects were given the same task, some of whom were allowed to take a nap and others were not. The nappers scored clear better results. Pilots on long-haul flights had a 30% improvement in reaction time after a short 16-minute nap, while that of pilots without a nap decreased by 34% over the course of the flight. The indications are clear: the longer we work at a stretch, the more ours suffers Performance. An afternoon nap increases the performance significantly.

How long to sleep?

But even shorter bed times are already extremely helpful, as Gregor Gross, Managing Director of alpha-board Gmbh, observed some time ago. So Gregor stated:

“Long-haul pilots had a 30% improved response time after a short 16-minute sleep, while non-nap pilots had a 34% decrease in response over the course of the flight.”

However, you know for sure the feeling of going limp after half an hour or an hour of sleep feel: This has to do with the fact that you were woken up from a deeper sleep phase. Nevertheless, this sleep is also for that Brain relaxing.

5 tips for the ideal short sleep

However, if you want to avoid this unpleasant feeling, you should take a nap only 10 for 20 minutes - then he does not even come into the deep sleep phase and will wake up fresh and rested again. Therefore 5 tips for the ideal short sleep follow:

  1. Best between 13 and 15 clock
  2. Ideally in a special room (if not available: sign in front of the closed door)
  3. Switch off all technology: e-mail notification, telephone etc.
  4. Set the alarm to 30 minutes
  5. Close your eyes, but do not convulsively think about falling asleep, but simply breathe in and out deeply, thinking of something positive (ideally, nothing)

Convince the boss

With references to scientific findings and arguments, the boss might even be persuaded to approve a fold in the office:

After all, if you can work with twice as much creative power, your boss will also have something of it. And always remember: Science has already proved it!

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