There are world-famous college dropouts like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell and René Obermann who show: For Success A college degree is not required. Tips on how to find a job without.


Too many jumps and deviations in the CV are usually harmful

The above examples are all well-known, successful and managing directors of global companies, CEOs, visionaries - without a university degree. But the question of whether this is really needed is not that easy to answer. Take a closer look:

Who would you hire? The Candidate with a 1A Curriculum vitae? Graduated from a renowned university, first job at a prestigious one Companys, after two years project manager, after three years manager. Or the applicant who has changed majors three times only to apply for one Vocational Training zu decide and every two years thereafter Workplace has changed?


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Most hiring managers and managing directors value a compelling CV. For what reason? Many successful entrepreneurs have them University left early and without a degree – and still Career made. Do you really need a perfect, stringent CV to be successful?

Still, a straightforward CV means purposefulness; It shows that the candidate can pick up topics, penetrate them and bring them to a successful conclusion in a reasonable amount of time. Above all, such a curriculum vitae also suggests that the applicant really cares about his or her topic.

Self-confident attitude

If there are gaps or minor discrepancies in your CV, expect critical questions in the job interview. Here are some practical tips on how to react cleverly and convince the HR manager:

  1. If your curriculum vitae has several short professional positions, you will already be able to explain the respective interrelations in the written CV and explain them in an authentic conversation.
  2. If you have changed your subject, it is important that your potential employer can understand your motivation. Put yourself in his position: what would convince you?
  3. Do not avoid sensitive topics: You want to change the employer, for example during the probationary period? Avoid blaming and explain objectively what you dislike about the current position. But also make mistakes on your part if you have not communicated expectations sufficiently.

Find his calling

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The crucial point: Anyone can be successful and have a career – as long as they choose the Job decides that inspires him and also corresponds to his actual talents.

Can you imagine Bill Gates as a lawyer? Or Michael Dell as a doctor? Hardly, because their abilities, their interests lie in other areas than the fields of study they had chosen. However, recognizing this is the real challenge, whether before or during the career decision Reorientation.

Here are some tips:

Convince with self-efficacy and authenticity

If you are aware of your self-efficacy and take responsibility for your life, you will too authentic comment on non-ideal stages of his CV - and be able to convince.

After all, real life experience also means to have confessed to some or other wrongdoing.

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