The most important motivating factor in a company: The Employees must be keen on the matter. Who is responsible for? Now we could say: have to see for yourself how he motivates himself. Also in the company. But that is only partially true. After all, what are conductors for, in business reality too Executives called?

Ability to work in a team & motivation: managers as conductors

Do you know your orchestra as a conductor?

The head of a philharmonic orchestra must know every instrument. He does not necessarily have to master the instruments himself, but he has to understand how it is to play a particular instrument. He should feel what the composer wanted to do with his listeners.

But he also needs to know how to use the existing instruments together to complement each other and produce harmonic music. Above all, he has to know his orchestral members exactly and understand who can play well and how and where to use.

Do you know your manager as a manager?

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If he knows exactly who masters which instrument perfectly, the performance limits of his orchestra members are also his clear and he will not put them in the wrong place. The consideration here is interesting: the conductor turns this around Audience his back to fully concentrate on his ensemble. Is that also the case in companies, Richard de Hoop asks himself...

Applied to a company, this means: The head of the Company or the department should each employee and their potential, its Power and really know weaknesses. Only then can he put together and deploy teams optimally. He must have precise knowledge of the individual talents and limitations of each employee.

Instruments symbolize the character of the employees

Otherwise he puts them in the wrong place. In a real orchestra, no conductor worthy of the name would think of that Ideato suddenly give the part of a harp to the piano. Due to its design and nature, the piano is simply not suitable for producing the ethereal harp tones. Then it can do whatever it wants.

To define people's characters and to show their range, I use eight different instruments: violin, guitar, piano, horn, harp, trumpet, drum, bass. How do they all fit together, in which Combination, what can you do, alone and in the Team? What if there is too much of one or too little of the other?

Who am I, and if so, how many?

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We are not just an instrument. Normally, each human being has one main instrument representing the main character traits and two other instruments, more or less pronounced.

Why is that important? Because, the secondary instruments show the nuances in the existing in each person and employee Personality, which, depending on the nature of the first and stronger instrument, make it softer or stronger. All two or three instruments together result in the entire personality picture. For illustration I give the example drum here:

Drumming is good - but not only

The drum is a born pacemaker. In a staccato manner, the drums advance the employees, communicating dynamically. They drive, “faster, faster” is their motto. drums act like bosses. Always. Even if they aren't. That's just her way of being and doing. They are very useful in a team as they move projects forward.

Some are afraid of them because hardly anyone is at this rate. If, in addition to these qualities, which are inherently positive for a company, a drum-worker carries the softer features of the social, compassionate violin, the hard drum properties are somewhat lessened.

Drum with a shot of violin

This drum employee or Executive will be determined and demanding in the matter, but gentle enough not to be in front of everyone Head to poke or in Anxiety and to frighten. If a drum does not have the violin attributes itself, it is advisable to assign him or her another associate with violin attributes.

That's how it is Balance restored. Another example is the serious bass.

So that the bass doesn't get too deep ...

Basses are serious, very serious. And very disciplined. Bass employees are practical. They come at her Workplace accept, get down to work without long talk, don't make jokes and don't let anything distract you.

That's important for them Discipline in the team. However, these composed and serious people need a bubbly, enthusiastic counterpart to really successfully to be. The trumpet is ideal for this.

…. he needs a trumpet around him

A bass with trumpet characteristics as a second instrument can sometimes change a bit feel, as if two souls were beating in his chest, but in general this is a very healthy and positive Mixture of discipline and enthusiasm that can take such a person far.

If the bass is more a pure bass, the presence of a trumpet member in the team is a blessing for him or her. The two of them will sometimes get irritated, but always perfect. When these two combine their qualities and accept each other, they can celebrate many successes together. And this is the case with all other instrument combinations.

The right mix makes it

If the teams in the company are mixed accordingly, Harmony, joy at work, successful, coherent teams and the important ones beaming Eyes given soon. I advise the conductors or executives to note that the teams have to be set up differently depending on the current goals of a company.

Should it be about massive sales increases or projects fast coming to a close are drum-heavy teams for sure advantageous. At Change I advise processes or restructuring to also include the softer tones and instruments.

But executives who play all the pieces will always instinctively recognize which instruments are to be used.

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