Applicant interviews are perfectly prepared and planned these days – guideline, Checklists and a lot of advice literature. Love Candidate, Just dare to be imperfect and see what happens!

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Applicants who are too perfect

"With me you gain a team-oriented, always highly motivated employee" says the applicant. “I keep a cool head in stressful situations Head. Already in mine Study I was able to acquire extensive knowledge."

This has been going on for 15 minutes. No, it's not because of the first rays of spring sun that warm my head that I want to fall asleep comfortably.

Talks on the same level that bring further

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I'm sitting in one Job Interview and I'm bored. "That's a very important point you're making in your question." parries the candidate again nicely and perfectly. Too perfect for my taste. your answers act trained and memorized. She talks a lot and yet doesn't say anything - and that's unfortunately not least due to our questions.

"Ms. Schneider” I interrupt and consciously risk breaking. "What would happen if you took a year off from your current job?"

Able to break up the conversation

For the first time she looks at me and has no answer. “Hm” thinks about it. "Um, nothing I think." My colleagues look puzzled but interested. You too were dissatisfied and bored, you will tell me later. Now they nod encouraging me to continue.

"You have described in detail what framework conditions you need in order, as you say, to be able to work professionally." Now she takes a sip from the water glass in front of her. Sensing that something unprepared is coming, she reaches for a pad and pen.

"I am the fairy godmother"

"I am the fairy godmother." I continue in a friendly, calm and determined manner. I realize that now I have your full Attention have. I can literally see the applicant putting herself into a work mode. “Imagine you have the job. It's 9.00:XNUMX am on Monday morning. You come to your height-adjustable desk, sit down on your ergonomic office chair and your Mac Air is installed in front of you. You are now Head of Sales Department. What are you doing?"

It takes a few minutes - but then something interesting unravels Conversation leads over Sales strategies, the best headsets and whether you can use SCRUM as well Method in a sale Team can establish. At the end, the applicant will thank you for the interview. You will find it on "eye level” has taken place and realize that the job is not right for her. But she has a friend who she will recommend the job to.

What to do with people instead of checking off

All the career guides, guides and HR-Blogs that suggest to us that there is something new every day with posts like “the 7 most important questions for a job interview”. Does that really help us? Sometimes I don't know anymore whether this is still a conversation or already a hearing. some Candidate seems to have taken the word application training too literally and has probably gone to an application boot camp.

We have checklists, question lists and prepared processes. We have automated, standardized, digitized, documented and optimized. What makes a good one HR because over? Didn't I even want “What with People" make? Now I'm increasingly ticking lists of prepared questions and answers when I should be listening. I mean really listening and not waiting for the candidate to catch their breath and it's finally time to move on to the next question.

Advice without advice

Exaggerated, completely exaggerated? May be. That same evening I dusted a book and started reading it all over again. “Advice without advice” by Sonja Radatz. A long time ago it had inspired me a lot:

It is worthwhile to stand next to yourself every now and then, pause, reactivate what seems to have been forgotten and break the rut. Circular questions are now back in my repertoire and the fairy question has become my favorite question.

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