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Sophia von Rundstedt introduces Company with 300 employees and has two children. An interview about old role models, organizational skills, the wrong one Behavior of bosses and the right one decision.

Sophia von Rundstedt heads the family business of Rundstedt as CEO and sole managing director since 2011. She initially worked as a lawyer for corporate and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions as well as private equity transactions in an international law firm. 2003, she joined the company as a customer advisor, where she was, among other things, branch manager in Frankfurt and a member of the management team of her father, Eberhard von Rundstedt, before taking over the presidency.

Frau von Rundstedt, recently an employee was dismissed in an agency, right after returning from six months parental leave. Is this now a step forward that it also meets men or does it rather show how retrogressive companies are?

This shows above all that both sides have not communicated sufficiently in advance.

What could have been bettered by communication?

Then would have Executive and Employees can make an informed decision together. When it comes to parental leave and how long you take it, everyone, man or woman, has to ask themselves: What is important to me? And what are the consequences of my decision?

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Is it important for me, for example, to be with my child around the clock in the first year? So important, that I take for the job of missing the connection professionally?

You have to understand companies that they can not simply give up their employees. A lot can happen in a year as well. It is called to weigh together and find suitable models.

Is not that something idealistic? Most women would never admit their children's wishes to the boss.

Yes, unfortunately the topic is still a big taboo. Debt This is also due to the rigid laws that allow little flexibility. For example, employers are not allowed to ask about the topic at all for reasons of discrimination, but it is important to be flexible together Solutions a DAK Bungalow.

I always think of a friend who worked in the legal department of a pharmaceutical company. When she was parental in the fourth month, her boss announced. This gave them the opportunity to take over this leadership position.

So she sat down with her superiors and found the following solution: On three days she was already around 14 clock, but was then in the evening between 18 and 22 clock again at work and attainable. On the other two days, her husband took care of the child.

Part time was not possible?

Studies have shown that part-time work is often a career trap. You can only make it to the top with above-average commitment.

However offer leading position greater flexibility again and you can coordinate your appointments better. Only in DAX boards is it different again.

Speaking of DAX companies: Are you for or against the women's quota?

Absolutely for it. There also has to be some social change and we need female role models in key positions.

I even go a step further: there should not only be a quota for members of the supervisory board, but also for the boards, which directly control the companies.

According to a current US-Studie female careers often fail because of bosses and role models ...

There is the beautiful and unfortunately appropriate saying: employees come to companies, but they leave bosses.

In fact, managers should actively care about how they Power of their employees, this is often neglected.

Conversely, however, the employee is also asked, his strengths and Set to express actively. Without wanting to repeat myself: constant dialogue is important. And the Courageto look for a new job if the general conditions are no longer right.

You yourself have two children and run a company with 300 employees - how do you get that under a hat?

This is primarily a question of Organization: My travel activities are limited to Germany, for example, and I stick to the rule of not being away more than two nights a week. Since my partner also runs a company, we have to find compromises here.

We had a good experience with a day-care center, in addition we had an 450-Euro-force for the household and Aupair-girls. That means, of course, trust and work. And you also have to make cuts in your household.

Not every spouse is willing to compromise ...

Of course this is a constant balancing act and especially as a woman you have to convince your partner again and again. This has been a constant struggle for me since 10 years.

And the pendulum is never quite in the middle, but depending on the life phase times in one or the other direction more. If, however, a partner is not willing to compromise, one should consider as woman or as a man, to what extent the relationship carries.

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70 percent of your employees are female. Are not pregnancies a cost factor for companies?

Of course, it costs a bit more if female employees fail due to pregnancies. But one must not forget the advantage: by taking care of its employees, one binds them all the more to the company.

When an employee tells me about a pregnancy, we get together and find a solution. Of course you have to reckon with the fact that it does not work perfectly, for example, with the Kita place, then you have to adjust.

Childcare is also not cheap. Can only managers manage children?

It always depends on who we are talking about. Female academics in particular should set their long-term goals in the Eye keep: It may be that in the first few years that salary even eaten up by childcare. But the re-entry into the Job shall clear harder the later it happens.

In addition, over time the Costs for childcare sink, at the same time you come with the Career ahead and earn more Money – staying on the ball professionally pays off and it is therefore not true that only female managers can afford children: you always have to calculate this in the long term.

Is Rabenmutter a swear word for you?

Of course, I also know such prejudices personally. You need a thick skin. I am in Network Working Moms eV with many great women - and we laugh together at such sayings. If my profession makes me happy, it also radiates to children and partners.

The Problem is much more that women want to be perfect in everything: as lovers, Mother, wife and job – and that just doesn't work. It is much more important that on the whole everything in Balance is, even if something goes wrong here and there.

Role models and networks where you can exchange tips on all aspects of life with like-minded people help. That is often underestimated. In any case, I believe that a paradigm shift is taking place: none of the 30-year-olds I know want to stop to work when the offspring are there.

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